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A day in the life of a Princess

I saw Grandpa

October 1st 2007 6:54 pm
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My mom surprised me today. She got up this morning and we did the regular drag me out of my warm bed to go out thing and then she took off driving and after a bit she started talking to us like she always does and she told me I was going to get to see my GRANDPA TODAY!!! I really love to see my grandpa. I just love to sit in his chair with him and cuddle, his brat holly tries to be mean to me though cause she doesn't want to share. He doesn't let her though. Mom made me take a bath when we got there. I hate getting baths! Water in my nose and I just look terrible until I am good and dry. I don't care if it does make me smell good. (well actually I do, but I don't want her to know that). Anyway, I had a wonderful day sitting with grandpa. But then we had to go back to our truck. One of these days, I think I am just going to tell mom I want to stay for a week or 2 and get out of the truck. I love my mom and I would miss her, but it would be nice to stay with grandma and grandpa for a while too. I think she would let me. She loves me and spoils me.

Bye for now

The Princess


It's just another Wednesday

August 8th 2007 4:08 pm
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Well we have been traveling again. (surprise!) So I have just been hanging out on my dash bed. I got to go see my Grandma and Grandpa this last weekend and I really loved that. I just adore my Grandpa. He lets me sit in his chair with him, but his girl Holly is kind of a snot and she growls at me. She is just so insecure! She does scare me though. I am not much of a fighter. Grandpa protects me though. It is always fun when I am there. I can go run around the yard and go in and out of the house as many times as I want ( as many times as I can get them to open the door for) And there are birds and squirrels to chase. I may be small but I can run pretty fast when I want to. Anyway, mom has stopped the truck for the night so it's time for my night time run.


Monday July 23, 2007

July 23rd 2007 6:56 pm
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what a day, mom made me get up at 6:30am just to cause she thought I would need to go out. Oh well, went back to sleep in my throne on the dash afterwards.
Got a little warm up there so I made the boy who is with us (mom calls him her grandson) come and get me and put me on the bed where I could lay on my other pillow and be cooler and sleep some more.

Then when we parked for the night, she did it again. Made me get up and go outside. The grass was horrible and stiff. And there were these 2 other dogs out there, they wanted me to play....really...I don't think so, I walked over to mom and made her pick me up!! Much better.

Then her and the boy went out for a while and the came back with strawberry ice cream.. Yum Yum Yum.... and she thought she would actually get some!!! NoT!!

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