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virgie's life in Brisbane Australia

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my noisy weekend

September 29th 2007 6:02 pm
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it is football finals at the moment and my ears hurt.
My autie Jo's second favourite team won their grand final after 44 years,daddy watches his football final today and mummy's team plays tonight,not a final.My ears are hurting cause each one is sooo excited about their team they scream loudly usually i just go outside,but it is sooo hot i just want to stay in the cool of the house,can't humans let us dogs lie around in peace.


poor virgie

September 28th 2007 2:58 am
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Virgie went to Auntie Jo's and Grandma Ethel's today for a visit while his mummy did some errands and nearly got into hot water.When i go and visit i usually follow Grandma Ethel around like a little shadow and she usually sees me and makes sure I'm not in her way (she has a balance problem and uses a walking stick when she goes out but is alright around her home)any way today she didn't see me and luckily she didn't fall so i was in the woofhouse for a little while.Later on she was looking in the refrigerator for something and i decided to snoop in her fridge also and she nearly locked me in the fridge.I honestly was helping her find what she was looking forward,the outside temperature today was close to 90 degrees so the fridge would have been nice and cold,but i really don't like being locked in so i would have been unhappy to be locked in.
I have such an exciting time when i visit so beware if you ask me to visit and cannot find me anywhere just try your fridge.


carlos is getting better

September 21st 2007 3:31 am
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my cat brother is getting better and the rodent exterminators are pay 1/2 the vet bill.the poison is Ditrac Blox with the active constituent Broadifacoum and it travels twice through the system.he is getting so much better he tried to swipe me today this time i didn't do anything.


Advice bulletin from Virgie

September 14th 2007 3:14 pm
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Hi Guys and Girls this comes as an advice bulletin .
Last week my mummy and daddy had their house mouse exterminated as we also have had some mice problems even though Carlos (the dreaded cat)prowls around all the time.
The exteriminators said their poison was pet friendly and with mummy being pregnant also human friendly,anyway she decided to take me,daddy and herself out for the day anyway,Carlos visits his girlfriends during the day and always comes home late anyway so he was safe.
Anyway Carlos decided during the week to locate these dead mice and give them to mummy for a present,well he decided he would eat some of them and then give her.Well she was almost sick,not good for a present i thought.anyway after that he started acting strangly.Anyway mummy thought he looked unwell and consulted daddy who said not to really worry.Anyway someone suggested the mice ate the poison,the cat ate the mice etc,so she rang the mice people again they reassured her it was still okay,anyway she taught us both to the vet and guess what,he was poisioned so she rang the mice people and hopefully they will pay the vet's bill.So now he has to be kept inside or if he goes out Mummy and daddy have to watch him.
So my advice never belief rodent exterminators even if they say their products are pet friendly.


my eventful day

August 30th 2007 3:40 am
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Well today started off just a normal sleepy day for me,little did I know what would eventuate.
As some of you maybe aware my mummy and daddy are expecting their first human baby in november well thatnearly was August.
Mummy got up this morning feeling unwell,by this time daddy had gone to work and she just thought baby had kicked a lot last night so maybe a bit of sleep deprivation was kicking in.She took me for a walk met my other doggy friend as was still unwell .Thought she better ring her baby doctor to see if this was normal,well he/she suggested no she better get to the hospital real quick,no Auntie Jo or Grandma Ethel to help she called daddy home from work,well he raced home(luckily doesn't work very far away) and took her to the hospital.wELL i was one confused little doggie,my cat brother was nowhere to be seen(he goes out and visits all his girlfriends during the day and noone to help me understand.
Luckily it was nothing to serious,baby had moved themself around to the brech position and that was the cause of the discomfort,what a silly baby,daddy stayed home the rest of the day.Grandma Ethel doesn't know as she would only worry and I am a very relieved little puppy cog.


i have been tagged

August 29th 2007 1:57 am
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Today I was tagged by my new frien Tagged!d maxmillion winston.
so if i tagged you,you should be reading this.
ok the rules are:-
1.each player starts with seven random facts about themselves.dogs need to post in their diary the rules and 7 pawsome facts.then choose 7 to tag and list their names.don't forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your diary or,sen them a fun rosette announcing they have been tagged!
Virgie facts:
1.We live in Australia.
2.I enjoy woofing on dogster to all my friends.
3.I have a girlfriend called Fifi.
4.My mummy is going to have her first human baby in November.
5.I love playing and going to visit Auntie Jo my dogster secretary and telling her what mischief i have got into.
6.I am well behaved most of the time.
7.I hate geting my paws or any part of my furry body wet.
2.The 3 Little chi's
3. babby jessie
5. tia


I know all cat lovers may not find it funny but I am sure- the dogs will.

August 24th 2007 3:19 pm
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As you all know I have a brother ,Carlos who is a cat and well he isn't on Catster,because my secretary Auntie Jo has enough to do by doing my secrtetarial duties let alone his as well.
Backgroud first, Carlos was also a cat that came from nowhere and,he is affectionatley called by daddy as the"Pizza hut cat"as he found him and he was rummaging around some empty pizza boxes near the lane way to his home,there was no me or mummy at this stage looking and appearing starved,lost and hungry,Daddy adopted him .Now you have to remember since then the cat is now getting two reasonable meals a day,goes out for walks and tries to scavange more food(mummy had to put on his collar,do not feed this cat) and although not fat or overweight is always meowing for more food.My eating habits are a little strange at first I used to like cat food,well I have seen sense and don't any more,the vet told mummy(cause I was not eating at the time it would be ok but only small amounts and not all the time).Well yesterday Carlos kept mewoing for more food saw some of my biscuits and scoffed(ate all in one swallow) the left overs,later that morning he snuggled up to mummy and started behaving strangly like he was going to be sick,well you guessed he was,but not outside all over mummy and seeing as she is pregnant guess who else was nealy unwell also.
I think this is funny cause I am always in the woofhouse for eating stuff or trying to eat stuff I shouldn't and this time that dreaed cat did.
Poor mummy and I would say poor Carlos,but as I have said I thought it was funny for someone else to be in the woofhouse.


i'm not called cheekee for nothing

August 19th 2007 1:05 am
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Today I was in the woofhouse again. I have added a photo of mutley on my page i wish I could have added to this diary entry as it would be very proper.
My mummy bought some chocolate (well actually carmel) Bears they are like freddo frogs,but in the shape of a koala the inside has goey yummy soft caramel just what some humans and doggies with sweet teeth really love for Auntie Jo and Grandma Ethel well I found them and guess what I took them and hid them while she was out with daddy. When she came home she was frantic on where were they and me looking really innocent pleaded that I did not know.After a few harsh words I came clean and showed her,one was in the ironing basket and the other in her clothes wardrobe they both had my teeth marks all over them,luckily i didn't swallow any of the chocolate but my teeth marks were enough,so mummy had to buy two more and I was banished to another part of the house.
After all this excitement died down I tried to woof down some nutella which is a hazelnut chocolate spread that children and sweet fangs like me just love,for children they put it on the bread and butter or just straight out of the bottle.Mummy has now vowed that all chocolate will be banned or kept out of my eating range and if she does buys any for Auntie Jo and Grandma Ethel she will take it over immediately.


Today with Auntie Jo and Grandma Ethel

August 17th 2007 3:36 am
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Today i was visiting Auntie Jo and Grandma Ethel while mummy went out.Well I thought I kept a low profile as I really wasn't myself as Daddy last night tried to put my Advantix on the scruff of my neck and got my shoulder instead so instead of one bath yesterday (as mummy complained I smelled) I ended up having two and had the sulks with dad the rest of the night and even refused to say goodbye to him when he went to work.So when Mummy took me over for a visit I was still sooky and sulky and when I am like that I prefer to be by myself.When Auntie Jo came home from some errands we played for a little while and then she banished me for a little while outside because I kept breaking wind and apparently it was rather smelly,I don't know what they were talking about, I with the better smelling ability could not smell anything and with my mummy gone out nobody to console me.When Mummy came home Grandma Ethel asked her to stay for lunch which was fine with me and when they were finished they sat and talked and talked so I asked mummy to nurse me for a bit(i was still feeling a little sooky) which she agreed to and then I tried to climb on the dining room table,luckily no food,so guess what happended,We soon had to make a hasty retreat home where Mummy told me I was naughty boy and not to do that again.
The rest of the day was uneventful,but hopefully tomorrow will be better,which I know it will be.


today i went on a picnic

August 15th 2007 3:14 am
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today was a public holiday and my daddy was home so he took my mummy and me on a picnic to the closest off leash park,this also has picnic tables to sit and eat.
I had a great day running around to my heart's content and although my mummy could not chase me my daddy tried and I just tired him out so when we came home everyone felt like a nap,it was great to have time with them together and even though I am looking forwrd to the delivery of my human baby brother or sister I enjoy just our time together also with no cat getting jealous and trying to swipe me.
I hope you guys understand what I mean by public holiday(not trying to be smart it just while I was talking to another puppy yesterday my australian wording got him a little confused).Anyway tomorrow daddy is back at work,Auntie Jo begins a new job and it is just me and mummy.Grandma Ethel has her cleaning lady visit so I stay at home as I don't like the noise of the vacum cleaner and we visit in the afternoon.

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