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The Day And The Life Of Buddy The Grrrreat

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My new main pic...

April 27th 2010 7:08 pm
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Really mom? Balancing a flower on my head so you can take pictures? WHY? I like the second picture..The cherry trees behind me are nice..I also love the fact THAT THERE ARE NO FLOWERS ON MY HEAD!!! momma is CWAZZZYYY!

Buddy Skuzz


What the Heck!?

April 8th 2010 9:27 am
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Um...ok, mother earth or whoever controls weather..whats the big idea?? I was enjoying the nice spring weather and you dump snow on us?! Uhh, okay. Moody much? BOL!



My page is to girly...

April 7th 2010 11:17 pm
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Dear mom,

I'm a dude. My page is purple and flowery. What the heck were you thinkin?! I love you but your crazy.



"Click" "click" "click" "click"

April 2nd 2010 6:52 pm
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Ahoy there dogsters! Its Skuzzbucket here!

Recently all I've been hearing is this anoyin clicking sound! It only happens when mom has this black box in her hand that has this wierd nose on it. She putts it up to her face and it clickes a bunch of times. Then mom runs over to the pooter and goes "Awwww" "Gaaallll" and "damn, it didn't turn out!"

What the heck is wrong with my mom now!?

Woof at ya later!
Buddy Skuzz



November 17th 2009 1:28 pm
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Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Its' been 3 years, Buddy! Wow, I remember the day I went to look at you like it was yesterday. I remember leaving the house, shaking with excitment. When we finally got there, I dove from the car and ran inside the small rescue. It was a nice place. The lobby was a small room with things like collars, dog bowls, dog treats and food for sale all around. I went up to the counter and said I was here to look at a dog, his name is Buddy. She new at once I was talking about you. Obvously you'd left your immpresion on her, too. The lady led us to a back room that had comfy chairs and lots of toys in it. She told us we could wait there while she got Buddy. I was so excited! You came in the room with your tale going fifty miles an hour, and ran right up to me. You sat at my feet and looked at me with your huge brown eyes that simply melted my heart. I knew right there that you had me rapped around your paws. I sat on the floor and you covered me in doggy kisses. Your tail smacking the wall, sounding much like a jack hammer.

I went home that night with a plan in my head. I had to convince my mom that you were the right dog for us. I spent the next week or so oogling at you picture on petfinder. You were so beutiful, even though your picture was blurry. On a Friday, I got home from school and walked up our long country driveway. When I got inside my mom said she wanted to have a "talk" with me. I said "Oh, boy..." and sat down. she said she wanted to talk about me getting a dog..thats you, Buddy.. Mom said "OK I've had alot of time to think this over, and I believe that Buddy is a good match for our family. We are going to drive down tonight and pick him up. I was so happy that I busted out in tears, Buddy. I met you all of one time, and I already loved you so much.

That night I remember the car ride being way longer than it was the first time. It felt like we were driving to the center of the Earth or something!

When we finally made our way to the shelter I just could not contain myself any more. I again dove fro the car and into the building. I proudly told the lady at the desk that I was here to adopt Buddy. She went to go get him while my mom filled out paperwork. When you came out, you were so full of excitment! I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be more excited than I was, but you were Buddy. The lady held you while I tried to put your new collar on, but you kept rolling all over the floor asking for a belly rub..making it very hard to get a collar on you. Silly Boy!

Once your collar was on, I took you outside to run around and pee before the long car ride back home. You dragged me out of the rescue like someone had goosed you. When my mom was done with all the paperwork we all piled into our red Chevy, Blazer and started the ride home. You sat next to me in the back seat, and I got a good wiff of your "purfume." Wow, you smelled really bad, I mean REALLY bad. So, we decided to crack the windows, and you decided you wanted to climb out the sun roof!

When we got home, it was really late, so I gave you some dinner, a quike bath, and brushed out your matted fur. Yikes, it was a mess. I got your hair smelling nice, and we headed upstairs for the night. You were pretty confused as you'd never been in a house before. Yet you never had and accident. Somehow you just knew to bark at the door, and I would let you out. Smartie pants.....

That night, we fell asleep on the floor together. Its been the same eversince. Except you come up on my little twin bed now. Yeah.. all seventy - five pounds of, ya!

Three years later, and were still best friends. Its like having a gaint black and while, slobbering magnet stuck to your leg. I couldn't have asked for more, Buddy. Everyday people say that your so lucky to have me. No, its the other way around. I'm lucky to have you. You make my world complete. Your the sugar in my coffie, the milk in my cearal, your the fireworks on fourth of July, the cheese on my cracker, the cream in an Oreo. Without you life would be boring. Could you imagine having a fourth of July party without fireworks? Eating a creamless oreo? And, lets be honest crackers are great but without cheese its just a cracker, when you have cheese and crackers its almost like a meal! Without you, Bud, life would not be worth living in life. You give me a reason, little man. I love you!

I can't wait to spent many more years with you. Happy seventh birthday!


Dear, Buddy

August 9th 2009 10:58 am
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Oh, boy Buddy what do I start?! First, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being there, when others were not. Thank you for seeing threw my stupidity and loving my no less.

I love you big guy! You came to me when life seemed pointless. You showed me that life could be fun! I guess we needed each other. You needed a home so badly, but I got sooo much more in reaturn. I got a best Buddy, and angel covered in fur!

I love the way you lay your head on my lap when I'm sad. I love the way you get excited about dinner and prance around like a gazzele. I love they way I can let you off leash and not worry. I love the way your always eager to learn new things. I love the way you smell in the sunshine. I love how you follew me around everywere, even though I get embarrased about you watching me in the bathroom. I love the way you lay in the bathroom while I shower, and cram your head in the curtain to check on me. I love how you have wild unruly curly ear hair. I love how you let me hold you in my lap and cuddle with you. I love the way you lokk at me with you lovely bid brown eyes. I love the way you lilt you head at me when I say "Walk?" Buddy, I love everything about you!



No hiking for me :(

August 5th 2009 8:08 am
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Pups I'm so sad. Momma, Grandma, and the loud one and all going hiking with Smokey, but there leaving me home! Ahhgg the nerve!

Aparently this is because Smokey is a handful. Oh, and our car is to small for the both of us.

Momma says I will get to go soon. I hope so. I want to play in the water to!!

With Love,



May 10th 2009 11:37 am
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Buddy was abused and misstreated eversince puppyhood. His first owner loved his but had allergies, so she stuck him in the backyard as a puppy, were he spent a years of his life. Buddy became fearfull or poeple and bit his owner. His owner took him to a shelter hoping he would luck out and find poeple who wanted an anti socail, fearful aggressive dog. There he spent time looked up in a small cage and really forged stong bonds with his dedicated care takers. He was adopded out to a few poeple there and always returned. When my mom said I could finally get the dog I always wanted I jumped on petfinder I saw his sweet face and a week later I was at the shelter looking at him. I new he was the dog by the way he looked at me when I came up to the cage. He seemed to scream "I'll be you best friend forever." He seemed to know I wouldn't hurt him. He trusted me. I was already in love. The next friday I went and picked him up with my mom. He was sooo excited his whole body shoke. Buddy was a perfect angel in the car. Though he smelled strongly feces and urine. When we got home I could tell he was scared. He spent most of the evening curled up by the back dor shaking. I felt bad for him. That night I led him up to my small bedroom were we both fell asleep curled up together on the floor. It was the begining of a friendship that will last a lifetime. Today Buddy still has a few fear aggression issues that we work on ever single day. He only gets better. He is my baby boy and my best friend in the world. Even though my classmates at school think its wierd.


All this white!

December 9th 2008 11:44 am
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Today when I woke up and went outside there was 10" of SNOW!! Last year I got to play in the snow and it was so much fun! Uncle Eric made a snow fort outside and I want to jump on it sooo badly.

Mom took me outside to play around and I found little birdies in a bush, so I chased them from one bush to another bush! It was alot of fun.

Grandma thinks I'm a weenie because I get cold realy fast and don't like to poo in the snow (it touches my butt!) Not everyone can be as weird as my brother Smokey who wishes he could sleep in the yard!

I'm so happy to have my mom home with me today.


The Dogster Rap!!!

August 10th 2008 8:26 pm
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Yo, yo, yo..

D - O - G
woof woof!!
S - T - E - R
Ster it up, dog ster it up!

What is it? is it???


Ya, we go muskrats flyin'n
Muskrats muskrats!
dog farts dog farts
yo stinka, stinkaaaa

What is it??
What is it??
Spell it!
D - O - G.......S - T - E - R!


Theres the dogster (dogster) dog in all his dogsterey glory! Woof woof *pound dog!*

HQ maki'n forums nice'n clean
yo yeah yo yoy oy yo!

Ya, I like dogster....

Mom though of this in the shower...........

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