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Blue Eyed Sweetheart

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I'm Way Better

January 12th 2008 7:00 am
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Yay, I'm feeling much better, about 98% of my old self. Raffles is the only one who isn't thrilled.

The Doc put me on a strict digestive low fat diet. Actually it's not so bad, and I get water again. I was so thirsty and Mom and Dad wouldn't let me drink, doctor's orders. So no more meat juice on my kibble and I probably won't have real treats forever. My treats now are more of my kibble. But I feel good now and everyone is still fussing over me so I'm a happy girl. You know how Mom always treats us fairly - the 3 Musketeer thing - which means Raffles and Callie don't get juice and treats either unless it's something really healthy. We are all going to get in really good shape. Mom feels bad and thinks she may have had some hand in my getting pancreatitis with my diet.

I need more exercise to keep me healthy. I run around in the back yard, but I no longer have anyone to play with on a regular basis. Mom has a bad knee and she's kind of a klutz so she can't walk me especially in the winter. But she said when the snow melts she'd figure out a way to get me out for walks.

I'm just sleeping on Mom's chair, keeping an eye on her - life is good.





January 9th 2008 8:12 pm
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I'm a sad girl. I've been sick for a few days and spent 2 days at the vet and have worried Mom and Dad. The Doc says I have something called pancreatitis. I kept throwing up and lost some blood. I think I'm on the way to recovery. It's tough as I can't have very much water and no food for two days. I'll be on a new diet tomorrow. My treat days will be few and far between. Has anyone else gone through this. I need a little encouragement.

Thanks guys. Dad says my tail was wagging a bit today and he thinks I may be on the road to recovery.

I don't even have enough strength to annoy Raffles. I'm just so tired.

I'll keep you posted.


P.S. Mom and Dad have been fussing over me - Raffles and Callie are so jealous.


I need a sled to pull

December 26th 2007 11:34 am
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I asked Santa for a sled to pull or a new boyfriend, anything to keep me from being so bored. Santa must not have gotten my letter. Mom gave me an old sock that she tied into knots and we played tug with it. That was fun, but I need to run and jump and play. My boyfriend George has been gone over a month now. I'm a very sad girl. Mom plays with me when she comes home but she works long hours and it's dark and cold by the time she comes home. We play ball for a bit then she's in the house for the night. I go in a lot, but with this fur coat and my Dad cranking up the heat I can't stay in too long. I love the winter, because I'm born for this weather, coming from Siberia. And I hate this weather, because the days are so short the parents aren't outside with me. What's a girl to do. At least I have the squirrels and birds to keep me company during the day.

Mom feels bad that she can't take me for walks. She has a bad knee and she's kind of a klutz to be honest, so we don't want her walking in the winter.

I'll just have to keep hoping that we get new neighbors and they'll have a handsome boy dog my size for me to play with. A girl can dream.



I Love This Weather

November 29th 2007 7:05 pm
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It's finally my kind of weather. With my big coat I'm very comfortable. Mom worries about me and wants me to stay inside, but I love this weather. It's too warm inside for me.

It was 5 degrees this morning and we might get snow this weekend. I stay in my kennel during the day while Mom and Dad are at work. Dad made me a great dog house and I have a lot of straw and blankets and pillows. Mom says now that I'm older I need a soft place to lay.

The brown-eyed children are wimps. They stay in during the day and Raffles who is too macho to wear his sweater runs outside to do his business and runs right back in. Wimp.

When it gets really cold Mom makes me stay in during the day. Raffles loves that (not).

My boyfriend moved away. I sure wish I had a sled to pull or some kids to play with. It's hard having all this energy with old parents. Maybe I should build a snowman to play with this year.

Uh oh. I think I heard the neighbors, gotta run.



Another Great Day

October 28th 2007 9:28 am
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Dad thinks it's cold out today, but I see that hasn't stopped him from golfing. It was a brisk 28 degrees this morning. My kind of weather. I love it. Dad and Uncle Barry went golfing again. They say it should be in the 50s this afternoon. I'm just hanging out in the backyard enjoying the day. The sun feels good on my old bones. I love watching the birds eat and squirrels scamper around. It relaxes me. Of course when Callie comes out I have to pretend to chase the squirrels. It's a great life.



What a Beautiful Day

September 29th 2007 10:45 am
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What a gorgeous morning. It was about 60 and windy. I love laying on the porch with one leg up and the wind ruffling my fur. Mom thinks I look silly but it cools off my tummy. I get so warm. I've got the day all planned. Lay on the porch for awhile, check out dirt pile #1. Lay in my kennel for awhile, check out the kitchen in case Mom is handing out treats. Check out dirt pile #3. Lay by the back door just in case treats are calling me. Help Mom bring in the groceries. Watch the squirrels eat their peanuts in the yard. I never chase them, they are so fun to watch. They keep me from being bored. Wait for Dad to come home from golfing. Watch the birds in the yard. You catch the drift, just a nice relaxing day. I love it. Mom says this is what she plans on doing when she retires. Mom is so silly. Does she think I will let her play in my dirt piles. Silly girl.



I Smell Trouble Brewing

September 11th 2007 7:46 pm
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We are having a cool spell. Yay. I love this weather. Of course I have to go in the house once in awhile just to make sure Callie and Raffles aren't up to mischief or getting treats. But, I love to stay outside. I was built for this weather. Snow come on down.

I think I heard my name mentioned by Mom and Dad. It could have been the wind, but I think they said appointment on Saturday. That is very bad. That means I'm going to the vet. Mom has us all signed up on the Banfield Health Plan. That means we have to go to the vet twice a year for an exam and we're not even sick. We stay there for four hours. Sometimes I think she takes us there just so it will be quiet in the house for awhile. Oh, I suppose I can bite the bullet and go. Mom just wants to make sure I'm okay. I just hate going there. I'll have to ride in the "CAR". I love to be in the car, I just don't like to be in it when it moves. I've gone to drastic measures to make sure they don't take me. I'll just say that the car doesn't smell to fresh when we get home. It's my way of getting even. Oh well, maybe I'll meet some cute boy dogs this time.

I'll let you know how I survive.



I Love Parties

August 31st 2007 7:34 pm
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I love when Cleo's Mom and Dad (who live upstairs) have friends over. They hang out on the balcony upstairs. I make sure I position myself in the yard so they can see how gorgeous I am. I figured out how to look so adorable that they want to throw me treats. If that doesn't work, I sing. Sometimes they come downstairs to use the grill and hang out and I get to mingle with them. I love that. I'm a people dog. Once in a while I snag a soda and one time I grabbed a beer. Boy did I get in trouble for that, but I sure did sleep well. Mom says I'm too young for beer. Did I mention that Cleo's Dad is a chef? Yummy stuff.

Yay the weekend is coming up. Mom usually cooks on the weekend so I make sure I hang out near the kitchen so I can be her official taste tester. It's funny but sometimes I need to taste it about three times so I can give her an accurate review. Unfortunately Callie and Raffles horn in too, but Mom's usually generous. Callie said we're running out of dog treats, so I hope Mom remembers to buy peanut butter and wheat germ tomorrow so she can make homemade treats. She makes them in different shapes. The hearts are my favorite because it reminds me of how much Mom loves us.

Uh oh, I've got to get back to my post. My nose just picked up a whiff of something upstairs. Time to look adorable again.



I'm Still Clean

August 18th 2007 8:11 pm
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You won't believe it, Mom doesn't. I'm still clean. Mom gave me a bath last weekend, and I looked so beautiful I decided to try to stay clean. So it must be working because Dad hasn't called me Stinky since my bath.

Big excitement this morning. My Grandma and Grandpa from Montana came in to town and stayed for the whole morning. We only see them about once a year, but I remember that Grandma thinks I'm gorgeous with my big blue eyes. Mom always makes french toast when they come into town. And of course we are included. It was yummmmmmmmmmmmy.

It rained most of the day. I hung out in my kennel on my blankets. It was a good sleeping day.

I suppose I should congratulate Raffles on being dairy of the day last week. He was very excited. He gets me in more trouble, but I still like the little guy. I'm so much bigger than the little peanut that he barks to compensate and then we both get in trouble. Brothers!!!!!


Mom Gave Me A Bath - Argh!

August 12th 2007 2:02 pm
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I told you guys she said the B word earlier this week. I knew she had this evil plot hatched. At least this year I knew what was going on when she took all my straw, and blankets and pillows (yes I have it rough) and my doghouse out of the kennel. I watched her from afar. She put the pool , towels, shampoo, hose and buckets of warm water in the kennel. Callie and Raffles were out there by the kennel and I told myself "do not go back there she wants to give you a bath". Then she was diabolical. She gave Callie and Raffles "Chicken Jerky", my most favorite food in the whole world. I couldn't control myself, I ran inside my kennel, because that is where Mom gives me treats right before she leaves for work. I ate my treat and then looked up and knew I was in trouble. Mom had locked both of us in the kennel with bungee cords. I was doomed. And to make matters worse Callie and Raffles were sitting in the hosta garden watching me like it was a show or something.

My kennel is over 10 feet long and as soon as Mom took off my collar I got as far from her as I could be. Can you imagine she thought I would get in the pool and calmly sit and be bathed. Oh no, if she was going to torture me I would make her run around. First she put something that smelled like apple on me and then another something that smelled liked oatmeal. Was she going to eat me? I got Mom wet too, that made me feel better. Finally the ordeal was over. She not only bathed me, but also brushed me. Then she toweled me down. I actually liked that part (don't tell her). She finally let me out. I ran back and forth across the yard from dirt pile to dirt pile. Okay she won, but I wasn't going to be clean for long. I sat in the dirt, she knew I would and didn't scold me. My tail is so fluffy. I can't wait for my boyfriend George to see me. I have to admit I do smell better. Daddy came home from golfing and said he couldn't call me stinky anymore - at least for today.

Mom washed out my kennel and put in new straw. She washed my blanket and pillows. I have a couch with real cushions for visitors. I haven't been back in my kennel since my ordeal, as I don't trust Mom right now. She might have something else up her sleeve. I'll go check it out when she's not looking. Well after all that you know I need a nap.


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