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Blue Eyed Sweetheart

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I Was Right About The Quigley Thing

December 28th 2008 7:37 pm
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Well my friends. I unfortunately was right about the Quigley thing. It's a puppy. What was Mom thinking? Two months ago Priscilla came into our lives and it was a little dicey at first but once she and I started walking together, we became better friends.

Now that it's so cold and slippery out we haven't been able to walk together and Priscilla is getting grouchy with me again. I'll be glad when it gets warmer and we can become friends again.

I hope Priscilla and the puppy (Quigley) don't gang up on me. I'm an old girl Mom. Couldn't you have gotten Priscilla a bird?

But at least the spark is back in Mom's eye and she's happy to have the two brown-eyed children need her. I love the outdoors anyway so they're not bothering me much. I come in sometimes to check on things but I have to keep my eye on Priscilla, she thinks the whole house is her kennel so she's very protective and now with the puppy to boot, I'll have to watch my butt.

I love all my new Husky friends. There were 44 of us Husky's on the Christmas card list. Mom put them all up on the refrigerator. What handsome pups. My uncle and aunt came over for Christmas and had to look at each card. My uncle's first dog was a Husky and they are into big white dogs. They are amazing folks. They have soft hearts for critters in need.

Well back to rubbing my face in the snow. I love this weather.



Husky Heaven

December 12th 2008 7:54 pm
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I think I'm in Husky Heaven. Mom got me to join this really cool group of Husky's to exchange Christmas cards. I've already received three and I'm helping Mom lick the envelopes of the ones I'm sending out. Some even have photos of these handsome pups. Mom is decorating the refrigerator with all my cards. Priscilla got a card too, but I have more than her, not that I'm showing off - yes I am.

Mom does worry about me. It's been cold outside but I don't like to sleep in the house. I have all this fur, I keep nice and toasty outside. I just like to come in once in awhile to see if I'm missing anything. This is my weather. But Mom still worrries. Her way of thinking is that all dogs should be in the house safe when she's not there to watch over them. Mom I'm 12, I'm a big girl, chill.

Priscilla told me Mom is getting her a Quigley for Christmas. I'm not liking the sound of this. I have a sneaking suspicion I know what a Quigley is. Chewtoy and I will have to compare notes. He lives inside and absorbs everything, he should be able to clue me in.

Speaking of Chewtoy - Mom says he had better do his job tonight. She saw a mouse in the house. Yes a mouse. You can tell it's getting cold. There's just a sliver of space under the door from the basement and Mom thinks he came from outside and then down in Dad's hobbit hole. Priscilla got the scent but Mom says we should leave it up to the expert. Your days are numbered Mr. Mouse. Quick run downstairs and go back outside. The Chewmeister is on the job.



Happy Thanksgiving

November 27th 2008 7:45 pm
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We'd like to wish all of our friends on Dogster a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mom said this is the day we should give thanks for all our blessing. These are some of the things I am thankful for.

1. I'm thankful for crisp mornings. Mom took Cylla and I for a walk this morning. A cold morning always makes the smells that much more tantalizing.

2. I'm thankful that I have Cylla as my new sister.

3. I'm thankful that Mom joined Dogster.

4. I'm thankful that Callie and Raffles are happy and together up at the Bridge.

5. I'm thankful that we have such good people in our lives.

6. I'm thankful that Mom has a way with kibble.

7. I'm thankful that Mom will be home for the whole weekend.

8. I'm thankful that I am loved.

Life is good.



Nicco Tagged Me

November 20th 2008 7:51 pm
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My bud Nicco tagged me so now I have to say 7 things about myself.
I know with the holiday approaching everyone is so busy, so I won't tag anyone right now.

Hmmm. This might be tough.

1. I like beer (and if Mom finds out how I'm getting those cans, there is gonna be heck to pay)

2. I try to steal my Daddy's cigarette butts (again Mom spoils my fun)

3. I'm not a squirrel chaser - they could come and curl up with me - I'd love that.

4. I love people, especially strangers.

5. Don't tell anyone but Priscilla is starting to grow on me.

6. Mom is probably the best thing that ever happened to me - since she connected with us, I've had a great life.

7. I'm sticking to my story - the opossum and I were just friends, trying to keep warm on a cold night.

Now you know a little bit more about me. Sorry I'm so boring.



My World Is Upside Down

November 2nd 2008 6:22 am
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I was having a great day yesterday. Dad and I were having a walk and down the street we saw Mommy. I was so excited, but when we got close enough I saw that Mommy had something attached to her arm. It was black and white and Mommy said it's name was Priscilla (Cylla). It wasn't too happy to see me either. We kept our distance and went for a walk and then horror of horrors Mommy brought it into the yard with her and told me this was my new sister Cylla. I was hoping it was a bad dream, but when I woke up this morning she was still there.

She's actually a very pretty girl, she reminds me of Raffles. Cylla has had a roller coaster life so I'm going to forgive her for being snotty with me yesterday. We just have to get used to each other. Once she sees how loveable I am she'll come around and I'm sure we'll be great friends. Mommy says she's a very sweet cuddly girl but she's not used to other dogs, so I'll have to win her over with my charm.

It sure is good to see the light back in Mommy's eyes again and if Cylla can do that, I will put up with the little scamp.



I Didn't Get My Walk

October 29th 2008 11:58 am
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I sure hope Mom gets over her cold soon. She hasn't been able to walk me all week and the Dad is not as reliable as Mom. Also he takes me the same way each day - boring Dad. Mom mixes it up so I always get new smells. Plus, Dad wimps out after ten minutes. Mom and I go for 30 minutes. I'll have to give her extra kisses to get her well soon and back on track.

I think something is going on - Mom keeps talking about puppies. Hmmmm. Chewtoy and I are worried.



I'm in A-1 Shape

October 2nd 2008 10:48 am
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Okay, why didn't anyone tell me I was was going to the vet - why because I would have hid under the rose bush and no one would have ever been able to get me.

Dad had the day off so he took me to the Vet on Tuesday for my 6 month physical. I was prodded and poked in embarrassing places I can't even tell you about.

But they also gushed over me and told me how beautiful I was. That I can lap up forever. I love people. Mom was so proud of me. I lost 3 pounds, I'm down to a svelte 65 pounds, well maybe not so svelte, but with me taking Mom for daily walks we'll both be trimmer in no time.

The vet said that my teeth were remarkable for my age. Mom said he doesn't realize my goat like tendencies to steal cans and chew them. Mom always grabs them as soon as she sees me steal one. Those dregs in the bottom of the can are so yummy, but Mom's afraid I'll cut my mouth. Spoil sport.

The vet also said that I was in really good health for my age. Well it was like getting all A's on my report card. I was so proud. But as Raffles would say, "don't get the big head". Mom was very happy to hear that I was so healthy. I do have some arthritis in my hips and knees, but she already knew that and is giving me special food to make them feel better. She takes pretty good care of me.

Dad took me for a walk after he picked me up - and that was just a perfect ending for the day. I was plumb tuckered out and I slept inside on Mom's chair for the remainder of the night.



So Much Has Happened - Things Are Different

September 29th 2008 6:56 pm
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Well I can't believe that I haven't written in my diary for over a month. It's been a sad couple of months. Callie was not able to overcome her sudden illness and Mommy had to send her to the Rainbow Bridge on August 18th. She's now reunited with our brother Raffles. Boy will that duo cause trouble up there. So it's very quiet here - too quiet.

So Chewtoy and I are trying the best we can to fill Mom's spare time. I take Mom for a walk every day. We both are getting into shape. I'm not really an indoor dog, I get way toowarm but every once in awhile I come in and zone out on Mom's chair and try to do the cuddly thing. But face it I'm a Husky, that's just not my thing. I'm aloof like the cat. So as much as Chewie and I love being the only critters in Mom's life, we know she needs more. Face it, I'm too big to be a lap dog. I love to lay outside in my dirt piles and watch my friends the squirrels. I never chase them. Dad says they could run over my foot and I wouldn't even blink. Chewie tries to be more dog like but he's just not a cuddler and he loves to sleep in his box on the table.

So I think it's time for Mom to find someone to fill Callie and Raffles shoes - a hard act to follow.

Callie and Raffles have already agreed and they're looking down from the Bridge to see if they can spot the right furry face for Mommy.

When I sleep outside and see 2 bright stars shining together over the house, I know it's Callie and Raffles watching over us.

Well I'm off to lala land. I wonder where Mom will take me for a walk tomorrow. I love the weekends - we go to different areas, new smells.



Callie is Sick

August 16th 2008 6:22 pm
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It's very sad at our house. Callie is very sick. We are hoping for a miracle. If things don't turn around this weekend with a new medicine, Mom may have to book her passage on the train to the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm staying out of the house so I don't get in the way. Her muscles and nerves are not talking to each other, so Mommy has to carry her, she can't even stand.

We have our paws crossed that the meds will help tonight.



Mom Loves Every Darn Bit Of Me

July 10th 2008 7:18 am
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Mom took Callie and I for a walk this morning. It's always a trial for Mom getting our harnesses on us because we get so darn excited we can't sit still. So after 10 minutes Mom finally got us all set. We went out the gate to the alley and just rounded the garage and we were faced with trouble, big time. That cagey Rottweiler that lives right across the alley from us was four houses down and saw us and started advancing. This guy lets himself out of the gate and back in. They have a big old tire on the gate and they probably think he can't get out but he does. He might be a big old pussycat, Mom doesn't know but when he started picking up speed toward us Mom turned us around and headed back to our gate, which she had locked. We didn't know what was happening. What kind of walk was that Mom. We didn't even get out of the driveway. Well Mom got us in there just in the nick of time. She waited a bit and saw him take his sorry butt back into his yard. Then we continued our walk. Callie and I were mighty confused, but we had a nice walk. We didn't tug at all for Mom. We know she's an old broad and don't want her to get winded.

Well now I know that Mom really loves me, every darn bit of me, because I couldn't wait till we got home to pooty, so I did the deed in the alley and Mom picked it up. She loves me so much that she wants every little bit of me. I think that's a bit weird, but love does that to people. Go figure.

Now Callie and I are all pooped out (no pun intended). Mom is going over to Grandma's this afternoon so we can get in a nice afternoon nap.

What a glorious day.


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