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Blue Eyed Sweetheart

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I Never Thought I'd be Happy to See Raffles

January 28th 2010 10:50 am
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I'm at the Bridge and what a wonderful place it is. The sun is shining, all the pups are so happy and friendly. It's neither too hot nor too cool. I think I'm going to like it here. I sure was nervous on the train, I didn't know what was going on. My special angel guide Molly was so nice to me. Once we arrived at the bridge she stayed with me through orientation and when it was over said she had a nice surprise for me. She told me to go through the door to the garden and I would be fine. I was very apprehensive but did as she said and as soon as I walked in pups were cheering for me. And right in front center was my brother Raffles and sister Callie. We didn't always get along at home but the Bridge has mellowed Raffles and he was so excited to see me. He gave me the biggest hug. They quickly came over and introduced me to this huge crowd of furry faces. In no time I was meeting all these great pups. They had a huge party for me. It was amazing. Raffles and Callie have this huge group of friends and this beautiful cottage in a valley and their very own dictation business "Flying Paws". Raffles said he would let me get settled and then I would be part of the business. They just added a new wing to the house as so many of us are now at the Bridge. I have my own room. It faces the North and at night I can hear the Huskies howl up there. Some day I will trek North and check out my Siberian brothers and sisters. For now I am content to live with Callie and Raffles.

They have showed me how to check in on Mom and Dad. That was difficult the first time. They are having a very hard time adjusting to my being gone. After thirteen years a special bond develops.

Raffles is going to help me send a missive to Quigley. He has been having the run of my kennel, and the little squirt peed in there. Can you imagine. I'm gone a few days and he's making it his own. Mom thinks he just wants to go in the soft straw rather than the cold snow with his delicate butt, but Raffles and I know better. He's trying to make it his own. I've got my eye on you Quigley. You could have at least waited a week.

So many pups have sent me gifts and sent me notes. I'm so touched. It will take me awhile to respond to everyone, but thanks so much for your concern about me and my family.

Hey Dexter, I met Kenny - he is fast. I'll have to keep my eye on him.

More later, Raffles and Callie are taking me down to the Lake. I haven't been swimming for years.

Hey I saw that Chewtoy was diary of the day yesterday - good job Chewie.
Don't be sad Mom - I'm going to be okay.



I'm On My Way To The Rainbow Bridge

January 22nd 2010 6:30 pm
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Well my friends, I gave it the good fight, but my old body just wore out. I just turned 13, and for a Husky that's a good run. My back legs stopped working and they think I may have had a stroke. Mom and Dad were devastated for me to leave bu they knew it was the best choice for me.

So the last thing I remember was being at the vet with Mom and Dad, it must have been raining in there because Mom and Dad's faces were all wet. My favorite Doctor, Dr. Anderson was there and all my friends from Banfield. I got hugs and kisses and lots of scritches and cookies. Mom gave me a kiss and said to just relax and take a nap. The next thing I knew I was on this very comfy train with lots of cool drinks and snacks. There are a lot of dogs with me and some dogs with wings. They tell me they are dog angels and will tell us all about where we are and where we're going. My special angel is Molly. She said not to be afraid and when I get off the train I will be met by my sister Callie and brother Raffles and a bunch of friends just waiting to see me. My legs are working again, I can run and jump and I'm no pain. I'm me again. Angel Molly says we will be there soon. She's going to explain everything before we get there.

I miss Mom and Dad. But Molly says don't worry. I'll be with Callie and Raffles soon and they will show me how I can check in on Mom and Dad.

Thanks Mom and Dad. Don't be sad, you gave me a wonderful life. Molly says I'll be with you again one day.

Love you Maleka


Back Legs Still Not Working

January 17th 2010 4:39 pm
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I'm so embarrassed Mom and Dad still have to move me with the towel otherwise I can only drag myself. Mom said to think of myself as I'm the Queen of Sheba and my two attentive slaves carry me everywhere.

So the pain pills did not help me walk. Mom talked to the doctor today and they started me on prednizone. Mom's nervous about the side effects, but we'll just have to take it one day at a time and hope for the best.

The Bostonians knew before Mom and Dad that something was amiss. They've been sniffing at my backside all week. They are smart little pups.

So I'm in this drug induced stupor, and the silver lining is that Mom is getting me special treats. Oh yeah. I can handle that. I'm hanging in there, looking as gorgeous as always.



January is not a good month

January 16th 2010 8:01 am
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I'm 13 now and my legs just aren't cooperating. Mom says I have deteriorated this week and they took me to the doctor yesterday. I could hardly make my back legs work and I kept collapsing. So off I went to the Vet. It was awful. They took a lot of tests and some xrays. The bright spot was that the people that work there are so nice to me. One guy kept coming back when he wasn't busy to give me pets and scritches. I enjoyed that.

The Dr. showed Mom and Dad the xrays. Something about my hip displaysia getting worse and a possible compressed disk and something about my spine. They sent me home with pain pills saying that should help. Mom wanted me to stay in last night but I wasn't having it, so she was up every 3 hours coming out to check on me. My legs still aren't behaving but I try to move a little every now and then. My goal is to make it to the sunny spot this morning. Mom tried to help move me but I told her to back off, I want to do this on my own. Mom's worried because I'm not eating much either. I think if I just chill out in the sun I'll feel better. I'm not giving up yet.



December is my favorite month

December 18th 2009 2:52 pm
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I 'm having the best month. Us Huskies love this weather. Mom gets worried that I'll get cold outside, but then she looks out and I'll be laying in a snowbank with my legs open because I'm so warm.

Some days I'd like to go in just to see what's going on, but the scary Priscilla is in there and she's not always nice to me. But I don't blame her, she has a history of big dogs scaring her.

So, my friends Jaime and Jason came all the way from North Dakota to see little ol me. Their pet name for me is "Stinky". I don't know why but I sure do love them. I saw Jason come through the back gate and I couldn't believe my eyes. I ran to the side door thinking that he was still living here and he would take me upstairs to the kitchen like he used to. So I had to be content with throwing myself at him downstairs. I was in heaven. Then Aunt Jamie came too. It was the best day. When they finally had to leave, I positioned myself on the porch watching the back gate, willing them to come back again. It was a grand day.



Mom Loves Me Bunches

October 27th 2009 7:51 pm
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Mom put new straw in my kennel and new blankies for my old bones. She sure takes good care of me. I just went to the vet for my 6 month checkup and he said I'm doing great. I'm 13 and have some arthritis in my back legs, but other than that I'm really healthy.

Even Priscilla has been nice to me lately. And Mom gave me good news today. My two favorite people Jaime and Jason are coming to visit me in December. Can life get any better?



Mom Says I Smell Better

August 2nd 2009 10:09 am
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Well Mom is very surprised. She said I don't smell real bad anymore.. After my encounter with the skunk, she thought I would smell really foul for months. I'm in no means daisy fresh as I like to stay outside most of the time, but Mom says I can come in the house any time now. I'm just my normal stinky self. I slept in last night, just because I could.

It's a quiet day. Dad's golfing (of course) and Mom was going to spend the whole day with us, but had to run to work for a bit as there was a problem with the computers. She's back now, so we're all having our afternoon nap. We always seem to sleep better knowing Mom is around. I have the best spot underneath the shrub roses. I can see what's going on and no one knows where I am except Mom of course. She always keeps an eye on me. She said that's a great place to lay as maybe the scent of the roses will linger on me.

Hey I've got a question, what's the deal with Boston Terriers - do they all have crooked bottom teeth or is just my siblings. When they smile, it's scary.

Gotta go. Nap time.



Skunks 2 - Maleka 0

July 20th 2009 6:58 pm
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I can't believe they got me again. Those cute little critters that look kind of like cats and have a white stripe on their back. I was minding my own business sleeping in the house underneath the fan when I had the urge to go outside for just a moment to relieve myself. I woke up Dad and he let me out and then he went back to bed. Wait a minute, I wanted to come back in and lay by the fans, but dear old Dad left me out there. I had barely sauntered back to my kennel when the little kitty came into the yard. Of course being the perfect hostess, I had to go say hi. Well I must have startled the kitty because he turned tail and the most gosh awful smell was all over me. What's that saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This happened a couple of years ago and we live in the city.

Well when Mom got up at 4:00 she smelled it through the open window and was so glad that I had spent the night indoors. She opened the back door to see how bad it was and there I was on the back porch in all my stinkyness. Oh the embarassment. At this point I really needed a hug but Mom backed up really fast, told me she loved me and shut the door.

As Mom had to take Grandma to the doctor that morning it was up to dear old Dad to try to deskunk me. Mom looked on the internet and came up with the hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/dish soap formula, gave it to Dad and said to throw out all my bedding. So mean old Dad corraled me in the kennel and went to work. Of course I was incensed and when Dad had done I hid under the rose bushes. Just try to get me in here Dad.

It's been 3 days and I still reek but not as bad as that first day. Mom said it will take a couple of months to get back to just my normal stinky self. So alas, I'm banned from the house until Mom can't smell it any more. She has a very keen nose. She bought me some cologne - which I try to avoid.

Mom told me I'm going to have to be much more particular about my friends.



Mom Loves Me

February 22nd 2009 3:46 pm
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Just when I think Mom loves the Bostonians more than me, she surprises me. She took me for a walk today. Just me. I was over the moon. Mom works very hard and usually gets home when it's dark and with going to grandma's a lot and everything she's always doing something. She had a million things to do today but she took the time to take me for a walk today. I love my Mom.

Now my Dad is another story. I love him dearly but all I ever get is a scratch behind the ear and about 10 minutes of his time. Dad is laid off so he's home every day. I don't understand why he can't take me for walks. Come on Dad, it will get rid of your beer belly. I'll keep hoping.

I love this weather 20 degrees. It's heaven.



It's Been an Exhausting Day

January 18th 2009 2:26 pm
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Well the day started out pretty well. Mom took me for a nice walk. Usually when we get back in the yard Mom takes off my harness. Today she didn't which I attributed to Mom's senility. She is pretty old. She went in the house and pretty soon Mom and Dad both came out and locked the door. So I figured they were going somewhere and they would lock me in my kennel. Because I can sometimes be obstinate and I didn't see my "in the kennel treat", I went in the garage with them. Mom opened the back of her SUV and crawled in which I thought was pretty bizzare. Next thing I knew I was in there with her, and Dad got in and started the car and we were on our way.

I do not like car rides. But this time was better because Mom had folded down the back seats and was back there with me. It made the ride less traumatic. I thought uh oh I'm going to the vet. But then I realized this was a longer ride than to the vet, but it was okay because Mom was giving me the greatest massage.

We finally arrived at our destination. It was a big green building and we walked around two sides of it to find the door. On the way to the door was a bus stop with five people waiting inside an enclosure waiting for a bus. Well I'm the kind of dog who has to meet everyone I see, so I dragged Mom in there and said hello to all five of them. I got a smile and a scratch behind the ears from each of them. I'm a good judge of humans and I knew they each needed a dose of dog endorphins.

We entered the building into this huge room with all kinds of benches and a friendly receptionist. I had never been here before and I didn't even realize it was a veterinary office, until they took me into a smaller room and someone who I have never even met before lifted my tail and slipped in a thermometer. I guess I was so relaxed and happy to have Mom and Dad to myself today that I didn't even mind.

A couple of weeks ago Miss Priscilla nipped my leg. I've been keeping my distance from the inside dogs now. Mom brought Miss P to live with us a couple of months ago and because she was a rescue, she has had some dominance issues. Mom worked with her by taking us both for walks every day and she got over it because we'd walk close together on our walks. But then the weather got colder (which I love) and Miss P and her pink little toes couldn't go for walks. Now because she doesn't have as much contact with me again, she thinks the whole house is her kennel and sometimes when I come in she forgets who I am and her manners. And then Mom brought home another Boston (what was she thinking) and Miss P became very protective of him. So to make a long story short, I didn't see her and got to close to her and she nipped me and Mom put some ointment on my leg and thought everything was okay. But then I started licking and licking it and soon had a spot the size of a nickel and it got hard, so they took me in today to get it checked out. Now I'm on antibiotics and have some spray medicine and the doctor gave her some "yuck" to put around it to discourage me from licking it. If that doesn't work they're threatening to make me a "cone head" dog. That's not going to happen. I have my dignity. And how in the world would I be able to lick some important areas.

So all in all it wasn't a bad day. It was my best time at the vet. Oh and I got the best treat. Mom gave me a dog treat that was like dried sweet potato. It was amazing.

So now my friends. I am dog tired and need my beauty sleep.


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