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Chaz on the Campaign Trail: the life of a show dog

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been a while

February 4th 2013 6:21 am
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So it has been a while (I have been busy) since my last entry.
Well here is what I have accomplished:
2 Weight pull titles (WP1 and UWP)
2 Rally titles (RN and URO1)
1 obedience title (OBT1)
I started in agility and LOVE it.
Titles: CPE CL1
AKC: NA, NAJ, OAJ, AJP (Switched to preferred this Jan, 2013)
I also have 2 legs for my BN if Mum will get on with it already!

I have a new sister as of Feb 2012: her name is Anni. I was very sad and depressed when my sister died suddenly Dec 2011. My little toy sister died this past fall too at 14 1/2. Mom was saddened by both losses. I now have a new brother to play with, Ray! He is a mini phantom poodle. Looks cool, but boy is he fast!


show update

October 11th 2008 4:24 pm
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Hi everyone. I failed an eye test, so I am out of conformation shows, and just had surgery.

Mom said I am "fixed"...did you know I was broken?

Anyway, I am working hard in obedience and Mom said that I could also do agility.

So we will see.

I have passed the baton of showing in conformation to my new "sister." I am so happy that she is here! Mom got me a new toy to play with!


July 2nd 2008 7:06 am
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Hi everyone. My Mom dropped me off with a handler for the Wrentham, MA show. On Saturday, I won My class, then beat all other male dogs for winners dog, then beat the female for best of winners, THEN I also received BOV! I earned 2 points, Mom said. In addition, I got to play in the Non-Sporting Group. I placed 4th, and a male handler did the showing! Mom thought that this would be a problem for me, but I had not issues with him...

Bark at you later--I have a show next week, the 9th and 10th!



Last Weekend in Maine

June 26th 2008 9:53 am
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Woof! Hi everyone. Last weekend my Mom drove me up to Maine. She said that we took 2 points over weekend, whatever that is--I just loved being in the ring! First on Saturday, we took Best of Opposite sex--BOS (1 point) and Sunday we took Best of Variety--BOV (1 point) and went on to compete in the Non-Sporting Group. I placed 4th in that group and Mom insisted on frou frou pictures on Sunday, can you believe it????

Oh, and on Monday, I went to Warren, Ma to play with some other poodle friends and Mom said that we were being filmed. Well, I did not think much of that big boom camera, so they filmed farther away from me--hey, it looked scary! I got to bounce for my ball, play in the wet muddy rain puddles and play with other poodles. My family also was filmed that day. Little Velma had to fit in an old muff--Mom said it was a reinactment, whatever that was. Mom got dressed up, too, cause she held Velma.

Mom says that the footage will be shown on Animal Planet in September. Mom did not actually speak, it was her friend that invited us. Charlie, her friend's standard poodle knows a LOT of tricks and is featured. BUT he does not like to get his feet wet--hehehe and I do!

Wow am I ever talkative.

Oh, some of my best friends are going to be on the show from other breeds, too. My bud Catcher is a Golden Retriever, and his Mom Lisa are going to be featured on the show in October. The show is called something like "breeds 101." I think...

Bark to ya later!



June 5th 2008 6:43 am
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Hi everyone.

What a weekend last weekend was! I went to my FIRST ever poodle specialty in Wrentham MA... There were over 41 standard poodles there alone! WOW Who knew there would be so many???

And the Saturday and Sunday shows were huge. I was in AM-Bred with no competition and almost went reserve on Sunday. There were all big name handlers there, too. My handler told Mom that I needed to gain more weight, so she is putting me back on Satin Balls. YUM!

I hopefully will put on weight quickly, since I am back at the same location the end of the month. In the meantime, I go to Maine in 2 weeks.

Mom fed me chicken and steak last night because she could not go to the store yet--is life good, or what????



May 17th 2008 10:00 am
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Hi again...

Well, I took reserve to an adult black male both days in ME, no points there, but we made a LOT of friends and Mom learned a lot. I even had an experienced breeder/handler/owner help Mom do my hair on the 2nd day. She said that I will get a haircut before PCM. That show is at the end of the month!

Then I get to go to ME again!

Busy Busy Busy...WHERE is my BALL?!?!?!!? Gotta Run!!!



NEW UKC Champion at 20 months!

April 27th 2008 6:54 pm
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Hi everyone.

This weekend I won 2 best males, and 2 best of winners at AVRTC UKC show in Westfield, MA. There were quite a few poodles there, too. I showed in the champion class for the last show of the day!!!

AKC show in ME nest week.

That is all for now--Mom is tired!


My first UKC show

January 13th 2008 7:57 pm
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Hi everyone! I went to my first UKC show and mom showed me. She was shaking in the ring as she stacked me--but we did well. She did not shake as much in the second show... With competition, we earned best male and first in our class. We did loose to a nice black female, who in turn lost to a smokin' silver champion for breed. We earned 2 majors and 50 points today in 2 shows! Wow!!!I am SOOOO tired. 4.5 + hours down and back with an overnight stop. Mom is pooped too.




December 18th 2007 1:19 pm
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I get to choose 5 more dogs to tag!
1. KoKo
2. Choe
3. Glitz
4. Spike
5. Roxy


Christmas Tag!

December 17th 2007 4:36 pm
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Here are the Rules:

Because it's Christmas time there are changes to the rules. Each player needs to write a short note to Santa Paws and list 5 things on their Christmas list this year. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their letter with 5 requests. Then choose 5 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play. AND... since it's Christmastime give them each 5bones or treats.

Here's my Letter to Santa Paws :)

Santa Paws:

I have been a very good (and active) boy this year! Have pity on me and all my hair! I would like:

1. A new red ball
2. Endless playdates with the ball and my buddies in the snow, in the grass, wherever!
3. Chewies!!!!!!!!!
4. A girlfriend?!? Pleeeeaaaase?
5. To win! I like to win! Oh, and while I am here, Can I catch a bird or two??

I will tag the following dogs:

1. UKC CHampion Brooks
2. Tulia Edyn
3. Moonvalley Master Slyboots
4. Mystique
5. Cali

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