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A Day in the Life of Justus!!

Princess Chicken!!!!!

August 25th 2008 10:00 am
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Hi EveryPup who is patient enough to find my diary postings!!! It's a long trip down my page past all those Febreze Collars to my diary!!! I'm glad ya made it!!!

Saturday while my Mom was out with Mac Macadoo's Mom she bought me a new toy!!! Yippeee, I love new toys!!!! (Fred the african grey parrot is always afraid of new toys = what's his problem??) Anywoof, Mom got me a squeeky bone and I love it....but then she got out Sugar's (bratty chihuahua) new toy and Sugar hated it!!!! Well guess who LOVED it better than anything (except steak & shrimp)!!!! Yep you are right pup ~ ME!!!!

I LOVE that new toy!!!! I named it Princess Chicken!!! She makes a great squawky sound that is like music to my ears!!! So Mom let me have it!!!! Oh happy day ~ I get to keep Princess Chicken!!!! She is so much fun, I walk around with her (never to leave her behind) and tickle her tummy so she squawks and I talk to her the whole time she is squawking!!!! I have a lot to say to her!!!!! I took her to bed with me last night and she slept right beside me all night and didn't leave my side!!! I think she LOVES me too!!!! (sssshhhh don't tell Mom - she might get jealous!)

Now I'm not sure why but Mom & Dad are laughing at me the entire time Princess Chicken & I are talking!! What's up with that pups??? Any pup know???? And even more puzzling is that this morning Mom takes Princess Chicken away and puts her up; and says we have to put her up while Mammaw wakes up and has her coffee. Do what Mom???? I thought Mammaw loved Princess Chicken's voice as much as I do!!!! So I immediately go into Mammaw's room and wake her up so she can get busy having her coffee so I can then get my precious Princess Chicken back!!!! Mammaw comes out to fix her coffee and says - What's up with Justus, he came and woke me up. Then when I didn't get right up he came back to get me up!!!!

Well all is well, Mom has given me back Princess Chicken and I have given her the entire tour of the house & property. She & I have shared many secrets this morning. Now we are gonna go take a nap on the beanbag......I LOVE PRINCESS CHICKEN!!!!!!!


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