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A Day in the Life of Justus!!

See My New Picture!

February 22nd 2008 6:15 pm
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So I put up a new pic today!

It's of my original human Dad, and Truffles~RIP (silky terrier) and Chloe~RIP (cocker spaniel.

My original human Dad (Larry) is the son of my mom & dad I have now. I call Larry my human brother now. It's confusin'!! I love Larry, but he was woman crazy and gave me up cause his new woman thought I was too much for her. What ever that means!!???!!!!!????? His new woman is history now!! Mom & Dad told Larry that he could not have me back, I was their dog now!!

Larry just moved up to St Louis, boy am I glad I could stay here in Texas with Mom & Dad. Cause do you know it snows up there!! Yeah, and ices up too!! Not my kinda weather!!

So, Truffles was mom & dad's dog when I came to live with them. She was old, and she did not tollerate me very well. I tried to be nice to her, but she was having none of it!! I am sorry to say that she went to Rainbow Bridge the summer of 2006. Mom & Dad were really sad that she was gone, but they said she had a really good life, and it's good she went so easy. Larry went looking for her and found her in the back yard, she was already gone. She has a nice burial spot, we put flowers on it from time to time.

Then Chloe was Stephanie's (my human sister) dog. She lived in Austin, but she would come often to visit us. She was a really nice dog and she kinda liked me. She would play with me when Steph wasn't lookin'!! Chloe got really sick, and she had to go to Rainbow Bridge so she could stop suffering. Mom told Stephanie that is would be best to let her go. Stephanie was never so sad in her life. We all miss Chloe very much!!

But that is me in Larry's right arm!!! I was only about 2 months old then. I was just a pup!! See, I'm lookin at Chloe's ears. I loved those ears!!! Chloe used to let me nip at 'em. Then she would get tired of it and gently let me know to stop. So I would, and then I would chase her tail. She had one of those long fluffy tails!! She would swing it just for me to chase! It was great fun!!

Well, it's time to go patrol the yard!! I just wanted everyone to know who all these guys are in the new pic.

Bark at ya latter!!!! 0: 0: o: 0:


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