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A Day in the Life of Justus!!

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January 5th - Rainbow Bridge Day

February 2nd 2012 8:06 am
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Hi Everypup,

On January 5th 2012 I passed over the bridge. I am writing this to you from Rainbow Bridge. Yup, I am gone to Glory, no more pain, siezures or falling, no more walking in circles!!!!!! I am running free chasing the butterflies with all my furiends who have gone before me.

Oh yes, they were all here waiting for me when I crossed over. I looked back and saw my pawrents crying and telling me goodbye. I don't really understand why they cry, it is really nice here!!

I'm at the Bridge,
we must be apart.
I loved our time,
with all my heart.
Goodby my furiend,
my paw I lend.
To you & yours because,
YOU are SPECIAL to me!!!!!!!!!!!


Fell in the danged ol' pool!!!!!

October 4th 2011 11:47 am
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Well I really did it this time pups!!! I stumbled myself right into the pool!!!

Here I was pups, minding my own business, meandering around the yard while Mom scooped poop. When all of a sudden I made a big splash in the pool. I began kicking my front paws & going nowhere fast!! When I heard Mom scream my name.

OMD that scared me and I froze & went under the water!! Mom jumped in as I was spread eagle under the water!!! Mom pulled my head above water, she was calling me and telling me to breathe!!! I opened my eyes and saw her face, she was pulling me through the water & telling me it is gonna be ok, just breathe. We sat on the pool steps for a couple of minutes then Mom helped me climb the steps to get out.

So we loaded up & went to the vet. The vet said that I didn't have any water in my lungs. And on Wednesday I will be going to a vet specialist. He will figure out why I am stumbling so much. I have been stumbling for a couple of months now. Mom hadn't taken me to the vet yet because she needs a ramp to get me in the new SUV that I HATE!!!

Mom's phone was in her pocket when she jumped in the pool, so it is ruined!!!

BTW getting me in the car was a whole other drama!!! She finally had to get the steps I use to get up and down off the bed for me to get in the car....but I tell ya pups I didn't want to get in that big ol' thing!!!
More later - ttyl pups!!!! {:+)


Hi Everypup!!!!

August 22nd 2011 8:57 am
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Well here we are more than half way in 2011!!! Wow where does time go??? I turned 8 years old on July 5th and I am feeling my age. I am much slower than I used to be, but it has been so darn HOT here in Houston this summer!!! Mom is hoping that my listlessness is caused by the heat. I don't get walks during the hot part of the summer, it is just too hard on both me & mom. I don't like the pool, so there is no cooling off there for me. That leave the a/c inside = I'm lovin' it!!!

I recently took a trip to St. Louis with my skin-grandson Ashton. I LOVE that boy!!! I don't travel well, but did OK on the trip. However, Dad says I haven't been the same since. I will tell ya pups ~ Mom & Dad were braggin' on me all through the trip. I met lots of new people and behaved myself as any good boxer should!! Made Mom proud!!!

Mom has to make me a vet appointment for what they call my 'mature exam'. Whatever that means...Dad says well I sure hope it doesn't mean the finger.....whatever that means??!! Mom says I'll do just fine!! I love my vet here in Houston, but I sure miss my friends at Colleyville Animal Clinic. Dr Wilson is the BOMB when it comes to vets!!!

Barking only the BEST to you and yours,


Justus the Newest Houstonian!!!!!!!!

May 20th 2010 11:58 am
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Hi EveryPup,

Well the rumors are true....I am now a Houstonian!!!!! I tell ya' pups - it's HOT here!!! And dawg, we have had some really big thunder/lightening storms since we arrived!!

So now I have gotten rid of my muzzle rot but we couldn't move from Tyler fast enough and it is back....uuuggghhh!!! I have one really large lesion on my muzzle just above my mouth...and it sure does make me want to lick it!!!

Also, before I moved from Tyler, I had a Level 1 Cancerous Tumor removed from my upper right front leg.....I have a 4" incision to remove a tumor the size of a colossal olive!!!! So I just got the rest of the staples removed yesterday by my new vet here in Houston, Dr Taylor - he and his staff are just the coolest!!!!!!!!!! Mom had to do some pretty inventive things to keep me from licking my incision!!! We tried a lamp shade and I tell ya that was disastrous!!! Then we tried a Elizabethan collar - and Mom used that some - but I couldn't figure out how to lay down with it she hung a dish towel from my collar; now that worked pretty good....but after we moved she finally figured out a kid's long sleeve T shirt was just the ticket... it worked like a charm.

So now I am almost completely mended from the surgery. But still taking medicine for the incision and that danged ol' muzzle rot!!!!!!!!!!!

But now we live in the BIG CITY of Houston and I am officially a Houstonian. This is the same place where Mom & Dad were raised (Dad was born here) and they met here and had their 2 skin kids here!!! So they have come full circle!!

Now I just gotta learn to swim & play in the pool. Any tips on this pups???

Barking only the BEST to you & yours,


Muzzle Rot Update!!!!!!!!!

September 1st 2009 8:43 am
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Well pups I tell ya I don't think this dang thing is EVER going to go away!!! I have one last lesion that is migrating to the inside of my lip!!! It seems to be just as big as it was 2 weeks ago, but it has slid down my muzzle to my lip....CRAZY huh!!!!!!!!

I am still on my meds....I finish off my prednisone this week. I will be on the other meds until January 2010!!!! CRAZY huh!!!!!

I am still eating that AWFUL stuff they call dog food.....Mom says it looks like KIX cereal - I say Just Let Mikey Eat It!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Sssshhhhh, don't tell anypup, but Mom gave me a couple of bites of scrambled eggs this morning and 2 small bites of toast.....that's just between you and me though pup!!!! LOL!!!

Anywoof, all my other lesions are gone and my muzzle is not swollen TODAY!!!! Cross your paws for me pups that I am on the down swing with this muzzle rot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OH MY MUZZLE IS SORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 22nd 2009 2:25 pm
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I tell ya pups this has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me!!! See my muzzle? Well it hasn't looked that good for quite some time now!!! The muzzle area under my nose has been swollen and had open lesions off and on since I first moved to Tyler....and it has gotten better, then worse, then better, then worse, then better & then worse again. This time the vet took a sample from my tender muzzle area and sent it to some special scientists to test it and figure out what the heck is wrong with my sore muzzle!!! Well the results came back in pieces, first word was NO CANCER!!! Then they said NO PARASITES!!! Then they said NO AUTO-IMMUNE DEFICIENCY!!! Then they said it's FOOD ALLERGY - so eat this awful food that Mom says looks like Kix cereal which Mom never liked to eat either!!! LOL!!! Then my vet Dr Lancaster talked to Dr Crow in Dallas (Dr Crow is a specialist in veterinarian dermatology) and Dr Crow told Dr Lancaster that I have:

Reactive Histiocytosis - which is a non-cancerous dysregulatory process of the immune system. Not sure how that connects to auto-immune deficiency, but the vet says I don't have that. Weird that Leishmaniasis was mentioned in one of the write ups Mom read. But this has been omitted from his diagnosis..however, the next threat is Cushings Disease which is caused from taking the prednisone type drugs to manage the RH. So there are 2 kinds of this condition there is the Cutaneous Form (of the skin) and there is the Systemic Form (effects other organs). Mom still has to confirm with Dr Lancaster which type I have. FYI this is a condition that is quite common in the Bernese Mountain Dogs, Rottweilers, Golden and Labrador Retrievers and Irish Wolfhounds who all normally have the systemic kind.

But the good news is that I am not going to continue with the prednisone type med....I will be taking 500mg of Tetracycline & 500mg of Niacinamide (which helps to ward off low levels of niacin = Vitamin B3). So I will be taking both of these 3 times a day for 2 months. Then both twice a day for 2 months. Then both once a day for 2 months. So maybe by January these meds will have run this bad boy off my muzzle and out of my system!!!!

So pups wish me luck, pray for me to get my muzzle well!!!


My New Vet

March 9th 2009 6:07 am
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Well I met my new vet last Friday. Her name is Sharon Phillips at the Tyler Veterinary Center. And I tell ya pups, she is one smart vet!!!! And she LOVES me!!!!!
I had to go see her cause I have rubbed my muzzle raw just under my nose and it started bleeding profusely!!! Mom thinks I got it from following Sugar's (bratty chihuahua) example of going in the doggie door by nosing in the corner. Duh, I don't have to do that, but Sugar does. Because she has a pointed nose, she goes in with the rough part of her nose. But because I have a mushed face that means I hit my muzzle fist cause is sticks out farther than my nose.
So Dr. Phillips gave me an antibiotic and some liquid bandage. And I tell ya pups - that liquid bandage is just the ticket for getting this spot well!!!! Mom puts it on two or three times a day!!! Mom is keeping this in my pet emergency kit!!!! Great add!!!!

Tip: Get the liquid bandage that does not have antiseptic, the antiseptic will STING the open wound. Be sure not to adhere your fingers to your pet!!!. This stuff works kinda like super glue!!!!

Oh Mom & I watched that new Chi movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" - cute if ya like Chihuahuas!!! But it woulda been a lot better if it had Boxers in it!!!! Then it would have been "Beverly Hills Boxers" = much more catchier!!!! {:+)


Been Tagged By Dino!!!!

January 14th 2009 11:57 am
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I have to write seven fun facts about myself and then tag seven of my furiends for them to do the same!! Have fun!
1) I love my Princess Chicken!

2) I love my BFF, Mac Macadoo and his Family.

3) I love to rip down the hallway chasing Dad.

4) I love all of my Dogster Pals!

5) I love my skin sister and brother and all the kids.

6) I love my homemade toys that Autumn's Mom made.

7) I love to lay on "my" couch and look out in the back yard!

I will Tag these new pals:
Higgins 929722
Rocky 932979
Oso 929285
Jackson Brown 931026
Alfie 933591
Samantha 930784
Coach 938297
Go to their pages and read their entries & leave them some bones!!!!


Christmas Hustle & Bustle

December 19th 2008 6:08 pm
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Hi everypup!!!! Well we have been having all kinds of Christmas cheer at our house!!! Mom & Dad have decorated the entire house (inside & out)!!! They have hung the stockings with care (mine already has a gift in it)!!! Lots of mixing & cooking going on!!! And we have all survived a Christmas Party (Sugar - the bratty chihuahua & I had to spend the night in the kennel)!!!

So Mom & Dad went out again this evening and I was left in charge of the house ~ tree & all!!! Well while they were gone a BIG wind blew in through the mail slot and swooshed into the front room, around the tree & blew a Christmas present into the den!!!! I know, it's hard to believe!!! And if I had not been here to catch it ~ why it may have blown all the way into the back yard!!!! Mom says I'm lucky that the "BIG WIND" didn't have teeth to tear into that package with!!!!! Boy pup, I tell ya I'm one LUCKY DOG indeed!!!

Merry Christmas to Everypup here on Dogster!!!!!!!


Teeth Cleaning!!

November 5th 2008 10:33 am
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Ok pups, I'm on my way to get my teeth cleaned!!! Whatever that means!?! Anypup know????

Mom says we are going to my old vet at Colleyville Animal Clinic to have them done. So it's a 2.5 hour drive. We'll go up today and spend the night in our old house. Then be at the vet's office at 7:30 in the morning!

Oh and while we are there we will see our good Dogster friends Mac Macadoo & his Mom & Dad, Daisy & Mitchell too!!!

I don't really know what this 'teeth cleaning' means = but I bet it will mean lots of petting and love from all the vet folks!!! They love me there and treat me like a KING!!!

Well pup next time I bark at ya it will be with gleeming white teeth and lovely smelling breath!!!

Barking only the BEST!!!

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