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June 15th 2007 6:08 pm
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JUNE 15, 2007

Hello Dogster World!! This is my first diary entry and after only 1 week on dogster, I can honestly say I have been received with open paws! Thanks all around for the warm wags and welcomes.

I was officially adopted by my new family last Thursday, June 7. I was originally supposed to be my new owner's mom's dog. Wow that was a mouthful to bark. But despite of a month's worth of conversations of assurances that it was a go and everyone was on board, it appears that was not actually the case. So grandpa, who was supposed to be my new dad gave a resounding thumbs down on the deal. ;-( Hmmmmmmmmm! Doesn't sound like all hands were on deck to me, but I'm just a dog. So despite my humans best planning, and constant checking for reassurance, things weren't as they seemed. So here I am. Unsure of my future, but still in a much better situation than I was.

This bit of news came to mom just as she left the vet after taking me in for my first check up. I had a pretty good check-up overall. I am healthy, my heart rate was 64. Dr. Chet said I am an athlete. Whoa, is clowning a sport? Because I am really good at that. I got my rabies and distemper vaccines and a micro-chip. Now I can't get lost no matter how many times these doggies tell me to! But........ and you knew there would be one, I have Lyme's disease. I had a very strong positive response to my Lyme test. So for a week now I have been taking antibiotics, getting used to eating dogfood, a new routine and house training which I learned in 2 days. I am very smart. So I thought I was on easy street, then today came along and what the heck. They took me back to the doctor and he stole my manhood right out from under me!!!! He shaved my leg to reveal I have freckles, gave me a shot and then stole my boys straight away from me! What's up with that? Is this some kind of joke? Because I am not amused about it. Once I finally sobered up and started to examine the area and get a better look and check it out with my tongue, the mom slapped a lampshade right on my head. I am beginning to wonder if I would be better off taking my chances on the street again. The only problem is they would find me because of this doggone tracking device. Oh well, at least this place is climate controlled and the meals are regular. Oh yeah and my bed is dry and soft! But isn't prison like that too? I'll have to write and ask Paris.

All I can say is be careful where you sleep fellows and keep one eye open and no belly ups, otherwise your manhood will be taken straight out from under you! Life is rough in the hood!!

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