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Stuck In Christmas!?!?

January 7th 2010 3:23 pm
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Mom says we are "stuck in Christmas" until our new computer arrives---hopefully tomorrow!!! It has been almost 2 weeks now without a computer!!
Mom took me to see a veterinary opthomologist yesterday to see if anything could be done about me losing my sight. I do have cataracts in both eyes, but at my age she was not really too optomistic about surgery for me. She said that many dogs my age that go blind can become very depressed. But she also said what Mom has always known. She said I am about the happiest boy she has ever seen!! But Mom already knew that . . . She also saw that my dog brother Wesley acts as a seeing eye dog for me, as I have a tendency to follow closely behind him. She said that will help keep my attitude positive too. I always knew I had a special brother . . .
Hope to be back on line soon!
PS. Wesley in entered in a photo contest at the local newspaper. You can vote for him by following the link on his page. That would be so much appreciated if you have time.


Dog Of The Day!!

September 21st 2009 2:20 pm
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When Mom got home from work this morning, she was wondering why she had so many emails and pawmails. Then she saw the email from Dogster that said "Sunny Is Dog Of The Day"!!! WOW, I am so honored and excited that they would pick me!! Thank you Dogster HQ!! Thank so many of you too for all the pawmails, rosettes, and special gifts that you have sent me. I have also received many new friend invites. We will be answering all of those soon.
I know how lucky I was to find a forever home at my age. I hope that people who are reading my story for the first time will maybe consider adopting a senior dog like me. My mom is sure glad she found me, and I am glad she found me too!!!
On a sad note, the very first congratulations I received this morning came from my very special Dogster friend SADIE BOO. She was diagnoised with cancer a few weeks ago and her very loving family had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Her Mom wrote a beautiful diary entry celebrating her life. We know how much this special angel will be missed by many.
Love from Sunny


Going Blind

September 7th 2009 7:42 pm
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We are back home after spending almost 2 months at our cabin in the mountains and boy what a fun summer it has been!! We went for lots of swims at the lake and I got to go on some short hikes. Because of my age and because of my arthritis, I just can't go on long hikes anymore. The other thing that really changed this summer, which makes mom very sad, is that I am really losing my eyesight. Mom had our vet look at my eyes but he said there really isn't anything that can be done. I think I am adapting just fine, but I know Mom really feels bad when I run into something or miss a step and almost fall down. If anyone out there has any good ideas to help me adapt to this new situation, we would love to hear from you. Otherwise, my overall health is quite good for my age. Sure hope all of you had a great summer!
Love from Sunny
PS Please keep our good friend SADIE BOO and her family in your thoughts. She has been diagnoised with a very agressive form of cancer and her family will have to help her to the Bridge in the very near future.


What's All That Noise??????

June 29th 2009 3:08 pm
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It's that time of the year again, all those loud noises keep happening. Mom says it is something called firecrackers--and I sure don't like them. They say that hearing is one of the first to go for seniors, well my hearing is just fine!! The 4th is only a couple of days away. Mom, get out the tranquilizers!!!!!!!! Next Monday we will be heading up to our cabin in the mountains and will get to spend most of the Summer there. YIPEE!!!! Mom had something called surgery last week, so she doesn't have to go back to work for 8 weeks. We won't have a computer there, but we will borrow the neighbors once and a while to check our messages. I hope all of my Dogster friends have a great summer--I am sure looking forward to spending so much time at our cabin and with Mom.
Happy Woofs,


2nd Adoption Anniversary

May 19th 2009 1:13 pm
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On May 22nd, I will be celebrating my 2nd adoption anniversary!! We are going to our cabin in the mountains today and on Thursday, we will meet up with my former foster mom Kim from Nor Cal Aussie Rescue where we will celebrate with a hike and then lunch. As usual, Kim will bring 10 or 12 other australian shepherds that she is fostering now . It sure makes for a fun time! I just hope that they are all as lucky as I have been and find themselves in a wonderful forever homes soon. Life is sure good for me . . .
Love from Sunny


I Kissed A Sheep!

April 17th 2009 12:31 pm
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This morning Mom took us hiking in a new place that is only about 7 miles from the house. There is 1500 acres of hiking trails that is full of wildflowers and beautiful green grass. The problem with all the grass is that it could cause a fire if it were left to dry out. So some very smart person invited a flock of sheep--about 200 of them to be exact--to live there during the Spring and eat all the grass! As we were hiking, we came over a ridge, and there, in the middle of the road were all those sheep!!!! Of course my brother Wesley went crazy barking at them and Mom had to put him on a leash. But not me, they all looked kind of cute and friendly to me. So that is when it happened, I walked up to the cutest sheep I could find and planted a big kiss right on it's lips!! And I think she kind of liked it, cause she kissed me right back ! I hope Mom takes us there again soon so I can visit all those sheep--and maybe get another kiss!!


I'm in Big Trouble

March 24th 2009 3:59 pm
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Often Mom will take my brother Wesley and I to work with her (she is a nurse working the night shift) so that we can go straight to the beach for a walk when she gets off of work. We have our beds in the back end of the SUV and actually prefer to be there than at home without her.
Yesterday morning Mom had a meeting that would go to about 9:00 AM, so she decided to come out at 5:30 in the morning to take us for a little walk. The hospital Mom works at is surrounded by the Pebble Beach Forest. All was going well until I found a dead bird--and boy do I love dead things!! So I grabbed it by the head, and Mom, who luckily had some gloves in her pocket, grabbed onto the dead birds wings (a big crow) and tried to take it away from me. Of course my brother Wesley, knowing Mom was upset with me, was barking his head off. Suddenly I was spinning around in a circle in midair, Mom grasping on to the dead birds wings, hoping the spinning would force me to let go. In all the excitement, Mom didn't hear a car pull up. All of a sudden someone says "Is everything all right here?" She looks up, and who is standing there but Dr. P, the CEO of the hospital--her boss!!! Mom quickly lets go of me, I go tumbling down a short embankment, leaving Mom with a bird wing in one hand!! Mom calmly says to the big boss, "oh yes, everything is just fine. I'm just taking my dogs for a little walk on my break". He just kind of looked at all of us, I'm sure thinking that maybe Mom was a patient that had actually escaped from the Psych ward, and said, "OK, enjoy your break".
I knew from the look on Mom's face that I was in big trouble, so I quickly dropped the dead bird, Mom loaded us back up into the car, and off she went back to work. Mom sure hopes that is was too dark for her boss to have actually recognized her. Sorry Mom . . .no more dead birds, well, at least not in front of the boss.
Love from Sunny


I've been tagged!

March 11th 2009 11:05 pm
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Play seven

It is the name of the new game . I've been tagged by my good friend Mallory and I am going to tell you 7 things about me.
1. I love to eat figs that fall from my neighbors fig tree.
2. I love to clean both of my cats and my dog brother Wesley.
3. Despite my arthritis, I love to go for hikes.
4. I love to go for car rides.
5. I love peanut butter treats.
6. I have an unususal color for an Australian Shepherd, I am called a dilute Red Merle.
7. Mom has a nice orthopedic bed for me, but I prefer to sleep on the hardwood floors.

Now who shall I tag?


One For Us Old Guys!!

February 11th 2009 4:18 pm
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Way to go Stump!! Yes, the 10 year old Sussex Spaniel was crowned Best In Show at the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club last night. That makes him the oldest winner of Best In Show in the show's history. It also makes him something like 70 years old in human years!! I'm really proud of you Stump . . .you sure make this old guy feel good.
Love from Sunny



November 2nd 2008 3:58 pm
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My good friend Toby Wan Kenobi sent me the coolest Dogster rosette, a dancing skeleton! Mom just got finished decorating my page for Thanksgiving and added some music too. When we look at the page now, my skeleton dances perfectly to the music!! Thanks Toby Wan Kenobi---I just wish I was young enough to do agility trials like you do (or dance like my skeleton!!).
Love from Sunny

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