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She's A Golden Doodle Dandi

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I can down load picture now!

January 30th 2013 11:54 pm
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I'm so excited, Mom can download out new pictures and people can finally see them instead of the little box thingy! Now if I could just get my email alerts for pawmail, comments and gifties I would be 100%! Oh well, I'd rather have the pictures than get personal alerts any day!

Today has been hard, Momma was hurting really bad and just didn't feel up to do any of the grooming. I had my bath last night so she said we'd work on my haircut and nails and things on Thursday, but I don't know, she's not in bed and it's almost midnight so I don't think she's gonna be getting much sleep tonight!

We watched a movie about all different kinds of animals which was really good! Most animal movies are good it's when you throw the humans into the mix that things can go wrong!

Ooops, gotta go she's headed for bed, so good night dogster friends!


Some times it just isn't worth it!

February 2nd 2013 1:04 am
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Mom got up today all excited cause she was going to her groomers to get her hair done. She rushed around like a chicken after bugs, patted me on the head and out the door she went.

She came home and this was the first time ever that she liked how her groomer did her hair! Daddy loved it, I loved it. Then we go to one of the grandkids birthday party and she's sitting there minding her own business when Grama says "what did you do to your hair"? And everyone jumped in and argued with Mom about her hair. So it comes time for us to come home, Mom gets into the car and says "I still like how my hair look" as we waved good bye.

She gettin better at liking what she likes and not caring if someone else doesn't like it! It's taken 54 years to get there but I think she has arrived.

By the way Mom, we still like it too!


Bull's Eye Game 10

February 11th 2013 7:11 am
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Finally, Bull's Eye Game 10 begins today. Mom was busy last week with appointments so we were off, but we're back playing Bull's Eye! It's hard to believe it's game 10 already. The Furs really seem to like it. It's fun when everyone joins in on the conversation and enjoys themselves!

We have a great group of Furs from Pups and Purrs playing. We have little adventures here and there, we just let ourselves be silly enjoy the game!

Dad's still hunting that mole that's digging up our acreage! I told him I would help but when I go after them the yard looks even worse so Dad told me that I didn't need to help!

Momma was asleep a few nights ago and I knew I needed to wake her up cuz her blood sugar was way too low and she would wake up, so I went and got Daddy and he finally got her to wake up! They told me I was a very good girl and gave me a little treat.

Well that's about it...till next time!


Long Time

March 26th 2013 12:20 am
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Wow it seems like it's been forever since we been on our diary site! Mom's up later that usual for her lately. With everything going on in her back all she's been able to do is update her games and she feels like she's failing even that.

I'm bored, no one to throw my ball or play with me until Dad gets home. I have half of a hair cut, body done which makes my head look too big for my body! One foot is done, but nothing on my legs! I look kinda strange, but I don't care, hehehehe people still love me where ever I go.

I seen another golden doodle before Mom's back went south. I didn't get to meet him because as Mom & I were trying to get to him people kept stopping us to pet me and ask the usual questions. We found out that his name is Clifford and he and his Mom were looking for us too. The checkers all know me and Clifford. They were the one who told us about them trying to find me & Mom. Maybe next time we could have a face to face meeting. He was beautiful! I think I might have a doggy crush!

Well Mom's back says we have to go to bed!

Good Night Dogster!



April 12th 2013 8:24 pm
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Well, another vacation has come and gone, but this one was more exciting, at least for Mom & Dad! They had a long lunch with Bonzer's parents on Tuesday and had a blast. Bonzer didn't come with them so I didn't go either...maybe next time!

I went to spend 2 days with Gramma & Grampa and had a really good time. I always have fun there, but I really did want to met Bonzer, nose to nose!

Who knows maybe we'll get to meet some more Dogster friends one day, I hope I get to go!

Bonzer doesn't like to fly and that's how they came down, but maybe they'll bring him someday! I don't know if I like to fly, I've never tried it! Mom says they'd put me with the luggage...I think that's just her trying to come up with a reason to not let me on the plane!

Well, Dad's got the movie cued up and is calling us to come down!

Goodnight Dogster


Long Time

August 27th 2013 3:03 pm
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It's been a long time since I did a Diary entry, but things have been crazy around here!

My human sister is having serious health issues, her white blood cell count is off the chart. The specialists think she has some kind of fast growing cancer but don't know where in her body. It could also be a bad infection somewhere in her, but the doctors lean more towards it being cancer. She found this out because before Mother's Day she fell down the stairs and broke several bones in her hand and wrist and put a 12" fracture down the front of her leg. This is bad, she's a single Mom with 4 kids and she cuts hair for a living. Mom & Dad have been having lots of sleepless nights worrying about her. She went on I.V. antibiotics which made her very sick & tired. She had the last one last Tuesday, and we're praying that this has killed any infection in her body and the whole cancer scare goes away!

Mom tore a tendon in her right foot and then had 4 of the grand kids come for 4 days. The 2 year old granddaughter fell and mom tried to get to her before she hit but tripped on something and went flying into a table and broke her right toe and did damage to the soft tissue, so now she has a brace on one foot and a medical shoe on her right foot...which makes her walk like a penguin!

Everyone here has had way too much stress for the last 6 months! Mom wants to head to the ocean for a day or two after school starts...less people on the beach! She says the ocean breeze clears her mind and I love it there!

The folks on Dogster have been a blessing during all of this and we are very grateful for their kindness and prayers. Mom hasn't been doing anything on any of her sites for weeks now but will be back doing her games on September 3rd. I have a short hair cut for the hot weather so I've been just chillin with Mom and Dad. They are still working on the siding but it will not get done this summer, too much has happened that took them away from working on it, but Mom will have all the painting done for Dad to put up next summer. We have such wet weather here that we can't do outside work like the siding and the roofing, but it's getin there.

Well Mom needs to go put her throbbing feet up and sip some ice tea, so I gotta go. Mom says I keep her sane...the juries still out on the sane theory!

See you all in September!


The trouble with hair!

September 13th 2013 12:43 am
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My hair grows like a humans, it just keeps getting longer and longer until Mom gives me a hair cut! We for summer Mom was making my body hair shorter than ever and went to pick up the phone at the same time she was just about to cut the hair right down the middle of my back...the clipper guard came loose and now I have about a 9" reverse mo-hawk down the middle of my back! It was taken right down to the skin, that's after I had surgery and had a huge shave on the back of my neck! Mom refuses to cut my hair to the skin so now I kinda look like a patch work quilt!

Nobody but Mom cares but boy she sure does! I had to go to see my vet Sarah Buck (love, love, love her and all the staff!) They were all laughing...except Mom who feels like a idiot! My hair grows so fast it will all fill in in no time. The hair in my ears grow so deep no one can get to it to pull it out, even with tweezers and right now my ears are really long. Well we've had very hot, humid days here and I got an ear infection, again Mom feels badly about it. She hates to see me with any kind of problem. I say "don't sweat the small stuff" but she does anyway!

I finally got to ride in the new car. I must say I looked really cool sittin in the back seat (better known as the doodle seat) of my 2013 Camaro! It's black and I'm blonde with red highlights so I must say I made that car look great! Only problem is the windows are tinted dark and people can't see me very well when we go to the banks and the drive threw window at Burger King so I'm not getting offered the treats that I usually get. The banks all remember me so if we get the right teller they ask if I'm there and give me treats, but we don't go to Burger King very often so they don't see me and don't ask if I'm in the car. The silly guy only talked about the car! Can you imagine! Mom says it's really a 2 seater with a Doodle seat! All in all I make the car look really good!


Up Late

September 27th 2013 12:14 am
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Well here I am again sleeping next to Mom up in the office instead of my nice, soft bed next to Mom's side of the bed! It's in these late hours I have to be on my guard for her blood sugar to go dangerously low! I can't leave her any where! hehehehe!

Tonight I get my bath! I think Mom's gonna trim me up before bath time so all the little, tiny hairs will go down the drain! I like bath night...I get to spend the whole night with Mom & Dad!

My bald spot where Mom accidentally shaved me down to the skin is almost grown in completely. (I looked like I had a reverse mo-hawk, right down my back!) She might cut the rest of the hair to match it, but she's not sure. Mom really likes the long hair. I say it's just hair but Mom loves it so I love it!

Not much going on, except we have HUGE spiders coming in the family room that's in the basement! Mom see's one and she flips and grabs the shop vac and sucks them up and then shudders the rest of the night! Fact is she's been leaving the shop vac out so she won't loose any...I don't think she'd go back downstairs until it was found! She's allergic to spider bites, but they just give her the creeps! She on the look out every time she goes downstairs.

Well I hope all is well with everyone in Dogster and Catster land! Night!


Up Late AGAIN!

October 3rd 2013 4:06 am
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Well, her I am again spending the night up in the office with Mom for the 3rd night in a row! She can't sleep and I won't go to bed without her! I think I might have to drag my bed upstairs if this keeps up!

Tomorrow we all go over to the car dealer and get somethings done on the new car. I'm glad I get to go, just in case Mom & Dad need some muscle!hehehe. I like riding in the Camaro, it's got more space than the Suzuki! I mean I looked good in the Suzuki, I make the Camaro look REALLY GOOD!

Dad's gonna put in the new front door and I plan on helping him. I always help him around the house...need proof, look at my Dogster Photo Album. Yup, that's me helping him put the legs on their office desk! Who says you need thumbs!

Mom got out her "HONEY DO LIST" and the front door was way up at the top of a very long list! It's a good thing Dad and I are so handy, well, err, pawzy!

We've had record amounts of rain...believe me, when you live in Western Washington that's say a lot! We get tons of rain, but lately it's been even worse. We've had one wind storm after another. We've had more thunder and lightening this past month than we normally get in years! I make my potty breaks as quick as possible since I'm like a huge, fluffy sponge!

I got my bath and haircut 2 days ago, so I don't drag so much stuff into the house on my feet. Mom also has me go up and down the sidewalk which is under the porch and dry (unless the wind is bad) to have me get rid of some of the water my little footzies soaks up. She just says "wipe your feet" and off I go, most of the time I'm way ahead of her and just do it without being told. I'm a good girl, or at least Mom & Dad thinks so! Oh, so does my Grama & Grampa, and both of my human sister's family! They all love me very much. I've decided that I'm a very lucky girl to have so many people love me. I feel so sorry for Furs who are not loved! We all need love!

Well Mom's gonna try getting some sleep,so off we go to the bedroom...hope it works this time!

Goodnight everyone in Dogster/Catster land!


Sleepless in Burley

March 1st 2014 12:13 am
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Well, it's almost midnight and Momma's still up so that means I'm up. Four of the eight Grand-kids and my human sister came today...these are the kids who love to shoot me, which really works out for me since I get a treat with every death scene! The youngest, Abigail, loves to feed me, but then she always tries to eat one of my cookies and gets her feelings hurt that she can't have one with me. So Momma keeps gram-crackers to mend her little broken heart. So there we sit having our treats together! I really didn't think she should drink from my bowl, but hey, I guess she was thirsty!

This weekend, weather permitting, we will be outside working and getting ready for spring. Momma & Daddy took the truck over this week and had a new windshield put in and then came home and had the gravel guy bring in 20 yards of crushed rock. It's pretty, but it means a ton of heavy moving getting it everywhere they want it. It will take at least this weekend if not more to get it done.

Then we start putting up the first of two green houses. The small one will be kinda close to the house for herbs and tomatoes (maybe a rose or two)! Momma and I love to go out and have lunch at the cherry tomato bushes when the warm weather makes them sun kissed warm. YUM! We hope to get a larger garden in this year with lots of good veggies!

We also have to re-roof the back of the house and finish the siding, put up new gutters and try and get the yard to look like someone cares about it. I think it's fine, Momma does not think it looks ok. We get so few dry days around her it's hard to get everything done. We haven't had a spring in 3 years, folks would plant their gardens just to have the seeds rot cuz of all of the rain. Then they'd plant again. It's kind of a dice roll putting in a garden here. When the weather is good, it's beautiful, everything so nice and green, but putting up with all the rain is not fun. Well, we are hoping for the best and planning on putting in a garden. I don't care what they put in as long as it includes tomatoes and carrots! I love them both!

If there's no rain tomorrow Momma is going to mow the lawn (weeds & moss) for the first time this year! I'm glad she has a riding lawn mower since we have more than an acre just in grass. We still have to get the upper field cleared from having some huge trees next to the house taken down. That means burning the limbs and hot dogs done over the fire. The Grand-kids love to come and help (sometimes it just make more work, but that's OK, at least they're here).

I will be glad to see what Dogster comes up with for our community pages. My background and page is in bad need of a tune up! I hope they make it even better than it was before! Lots of pups seemed to have left, can't really blame them, we took a hard blow when we were told that they were closing us down. Dogster needs to remember that they broke our trust in them and they will have to find ways to rebuild that trust, which may not be too easy with some of the furs. Dogster really hurt our hearts. Wish they'd ask some of the furs to come along side of them and help in the process, but I'm sure that won't happen. It will just be good to see it be improved from where it is today!

Well, she's headed towards the bedroom so I better move that way.

Goodnight all you furs in Dogster Land, sleep well!

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