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She's A Golden Doodle Dandi

One Tired Pup

July 15th 2012 7:45 pm
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I am one pooped puppy! Not only was the 2 grandkids here, but when my human sister dropped off Gabrielle they brought Henisey! He's a little jack russell mix and we ran and ran and ran and ran. He has a small yard and I have 2 1/2 acres and we have tons of really good smells so he had a blast. I hate to admit this...but I'm a little scared of small dogs. I weigh between 75 and 80 lbs so you wouldn't think I'd be scared of pup that are small but the small ones are always the ones who try and bite my hinny! I guess they might be scared of me so that's why they take after me, but I've NEVER gone after anyone, big or small!!! I've not had too many larger dogs be unfriendly but I seem to brign out the worst in most small pups and they always do it when my back is turned. Henisey wasn't trying to bite me though so I think he and I will become good friends over time. It's funny it took time to get Pammy (Grand daughter) to trust me after a dog bit her and now little Henisey is willing to give me time to get past being attacked by little dogs.

Both of the kids are gone, we took them home on Tuesday night, Mom and I are kinda sad, we love having them here. Mom can't sleep, she's been hurting alot so we're playing on dogster. Wish she could learn to sleep at night and play on dogster during the day...she really needs to find a way to get more sleep. Sometimes she's so tired she get goofy...well goofier hehehehehe! I love my goofy Mom:0)

The weather has been one day and cold or rainy the next, but it's still better than the hot and stormy weather some of the poor pups and pawrents are dealing with. We are suppose to be getting another thunder and lightening storm here, I hope not. The one bad thing about living out in the country is we loose power alot. We have been out as long a 2 1/2 weeks so Daddy got a generator so we don't loose our food. We loose power alot in the winter usually at the worst time like when Thanksgiving dinner's being cooked. But I still like having the acreage and all the wild critters that come with it. Mom said she wished all the moles and voles would go far, far away. They are a real pain!

Well, I think we'll see if dogster is working better now and if not maybe we can hit the sack.
Sleep well pups and purrs


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