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Sophie Bean, My life as a hooligan....

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March 30th 2011 5:59 am
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Dear Diary,
Mommy has been on my tail about staying calm & not jumping around like a little banshee. My knee seemed to be doing well until last night when Mommy took me for a little walk. On the way home I really slowed down which if you know me that is not how I roll, then I started do a little skip with my boo-boo leg. Mommy says enough is enough she wants a x-ray.
Mommy is being a little bit too protective if you ask me, but I understand her anxiety about my sprain as Stormy‘s leg problem started with a sprain that did not heal correctly.

I noticed that my cats have been pawtying a lot more now that I am on the “Do Not chase the cats” rule. Sometimes life can be tough.


Healed & barking!

March 28th 2011 5:30 am
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Dear Diary,
I have been released from puppy prison thanks to my Auntie Kim who needed my crate to hold her 2 foster puppies. My Mommy still puts the baby gates up on the window seats to keep me from jumping up & down on them. I hate baby gates. They always fall on you when you least expect it. Mommy also moved all the furniture around in the living room so I don’t play leap frog over the couch. My sprained knee seems to be all healed, I have been testing it by chasing the cats. I told Mommy to stop telling people how I was run over by a fat Labrador Retriever. It is embarrassing.


March 27th 2011 4:41 am
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I am free! I am free!!!!!


Day 4 in the hole!...

March 23rd 2011 5:22 am
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Dear Diary,
Day 4 in the hole.
Yesterday Mommy was able to get me into our new vet. I was shaking so bad Mommy thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I kept trying to make a break for the door by digging my back legs into the carpet and pulling for all I was worth. Apparently this is a very bad thing to do with a boo-boo knee. I was rushed off to a room…a room with 2 doors. I noticed them both as I planned which one I should escape thru. Mommy said she was not gonna put up with my shenanigans and made me sit/stay. Bummer, escape plans ruined. Mommy put me on the table. I noticed it was not that cold slippery metal I am used to at the vet. Instead it was a nice non skid mat. Dr. Vet Man says I have very nice teeth…nice enough to bit him in the ankle if he tries to take my temperature I moaned…must have scared him because he never attempted it. Dr. Vet Man examined both my back legs and came to the conclusion that I have a sprained knee. As rule of thumb Mr. Vet Man said I should stay in crate rest for the duration of my medication plus two more days for good measure. That is a full 7 days!! “Rule of thumb”? I don’t have thumbs…does that mean I have to listen to this rule?
While I was at the vet I had my blood drawn for my heartworm test and I got a shot in my butt and one between my shoulders. I was sooooo tired when I got home that Mommy picked me up, put me on the couch and rubbed my belly. I was out cold, snoring away for 4 hours!! Can you believe this? I was out of my crate for 4 hours and instead of running around the house chasing cats and jumping on the window sit barking at outsiders I slept thru the whole thing! I woke up just in time for a potty break and then I was returned to my jail cell. *pouts*


Day 3 and counting...

March 22nd 2011 5:53 am
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Dear Diary,
Day 3 of solitary confinement. Restlessness is setting in. Just for fun I woke Mommy up at 3am last night and continued to moan & groan till she finally couldn’t take it anymore and got out of bed at 4am to take me outside. I just stood there. This morning I am refusing to eat & take my pills. The hunger strike has begun! Good times.
Mommy is going to make me a vet appointment to see a new vet and I can get my knee checked.


Captivity Day Two:

March 21st 2011 5:10 am
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Dear Diary,
Captivity Day Two:
I have been on cage rest but who do my humans think they are kidding? This is puppy prison! I have no idea what I have done wrong. What little freedom I get is on a leash. On a leash…IN THE HOUSE! Leashes are not for indoors! I watch from behind the metal bars as the cats run & play…taunting me. The squirrels come from the trees and tap, tap, tap at the windows to get my attention. They point and giggle at me. I am so having a squirrel sandwich when I escape from my prison. The world outside is springing to life as I contemplate a hunger strike inside…which so far is out of the question as long as I am getting my pain meds in pieces of cheeseburger. I have been thinking of whatever it was that I could have done that deserves such extreme punishment. Mommy keeps trying to ensure me that I am a good girl, but good girls are not imprisoned.
I am offering a large reward for helping me escape. You must know how to open a 2 latch crate door…I guess you would also have to know how to drive a vehicle, read directions to get to my house, have opposable thumbs. OMD! I am never getting out of here!


trip to the ER

March 20th 2011 6:36 am
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Dear Diary,
I sure enjoyed being one of the Dogster diaries of the day yesterday. My pal Redford made me my very own license plate to help me celebrate my special day & Freckles made me a spring picture. I couldn’t wait to post them on my page because I wuvs them!
Yesterday I was enjoying the day and all was going well till big old goofy Max the Labrador came running full speed across the street right at me. I thought he was running over to see me…not to run over me making me roll 3-4 times. Long story short, Mommy & Daddy had to rush me to the emergency room last night. I have a knee injury & slight fever. How bad it is we are not to sure. I am on something called crate rest for the next 3-4 days. I am confused as to why I am in this crate. Was I bad? Mommy said no I need rest but I think I can rest on the bed or the couch. Mommy says no I am not allowed to jump up on furniture. Then I wonder why I can not rest in her office and Mommy says I am not allowed up the stairs. The only good thing about being rushed to the ER besides leaving the ER is that Daddy told Mommy she had to stop at McDonald’s and get me a cheeseburger. Good Job Daddy! As soon as we got home Daddy gave me some of my cheeseburger with a pain pill and he rubbed my belly while Mommy went to find a couple of crates to set up for me. I hope that these few days go by fast and I don’t need to go back the hospital for X-Rays. If you get a minute I would appreciate a few prayers. Thank you


Dogster Dairy pick...

March 19th 2011 4:25 am
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This morning is full of surprises! I guess the saying, “Bark & they will listen” is true because I barked & now I am one of the Dogster Diary picks of the Day. This is gonna be such a pawsome day! Thank you Dogster! I shall keep barking till I am top diary pick of the day…then I will bark louder till I am Dog of the Day, then I will bark till my throat is raw and my biggest dream is a reality…Dog of the Week!…okay that is not my biggest dream, my biggest dream is being picked Dogster Dog of the Week and spending that week eating cheeseburgers & getting belly rubs. *drools*
This morning when I looked at my dogster page I was so butt wiggling happy to see my pal Wesley was at it again! I have a new Easter holiday dogster page. I wuvs it! Thank you Wesley and family!
Today is gonna be 40 degrees and sunny, what does that mean for me? Another walk! Mommy has fallen back into the routine of walking me everyday. I wuvs my walks! Mommy says she is looking for a new collar & leash for me.
On a downside, the remains of my hotdog toy went to toy heaven last night. I wonder if all those destroyed toys are granted a new life at the Rainbow Bridge?


My Friend, Huey

March 17th 2011 4:23 am
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Dear Diary,
My friend Huey has to have set some kind of dogster record. He has been a Dogster Diary pick at least 3 times. He was a diary pick yesterday & today he is a diary pick & Dogster Dog of the Day. I barked at Huey not to let the pressures of fame get to him, he is after all only 2 months old. I hope he doesn’t forget the little Schnoodle’s of his life when Hollywood comes a barking for him. CONGRATS HUEY!


The story of the SB Gang

March 15th 2011 3:03 pm
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Dear Dairy,
Today I read that popular Female Dog Names are: Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Molly, Maggie, Chloe, Sadie, Sophie, Lola and Bailey. While I think all these names are beautiful I personally was hoping for some styling hip name to suit my crazy hooligan like ways. I asked Mommy if she was lacking in the originality department when I was named. It took me 4 months to find a family, 4 months to hear somebody that loved me speak my real name, a name I wanted to turn heads, not some strangers saying “hey you” or “puppy”. All day today I whined and barked about this, then Mommy put me in a sit-stay and told me the story of the SB Gang.
It all started with Sadie Boo. (Yes, you will also find her name among the most popular, but then again she was a popular kind of pooch) Her original name on her adoption papers were Scruffy. Mommy said she thought of Scruffy as a boys name so Sadie’s name was then changed to Sandy, but everybody started calling her Sadie. So Mommy said before this poor puppy gets any more confused she will now be know as Sadie. When Sadie was 2 years old she stopped walking and was in terrible pain. She was diagnosed with arthrititis on her spine and hips. While several treatments were used to help her, Mommy said she would lay next to Sadie on the floor and rub her belly repeating, “Does my Sadie have boo-boos?” Sadie would lick Mommy’s face & wag her tail like crazy. Sadie seemed to like that so the name Sadie Boo-Boo stuck. Sadie would respond to “Sadie, Boo or Boo-Boo Bug”
Then came Stormy. Mommy told me she had a dream of having a pack of 3 dogs named Thunder, Storm & Lightening and I thought why didn’t I get one of those cool names! Mommy told me when Stormy was still a pup and after Mommy put all of her toys back into her toy box that she came back into the room 5 minues later to find the toys spread all over the floor again while Stormy layed there smiling & tail wagging. Mommy squealed that it looked like a storm came thru the room. As soon as Mommy said “storm”, Stormy who at the time still needed a name got the zoomies, this would be the first of many zoomies. Mommy kept repeating it and Stormy zoomed herself to exhaustion. As Stormy got older she proved to be a very good puppy, Mommy said the best pup she ever had. I let out a little growl to remind her it was I she was telling this story too…Mommy then told me I had some issues and at 4 months was a little monster but she loved me just the same, with that I left my sit-stay and crawled on Mommy’s lap demanding a belly rub as she continued her story. Mommy said that Stormy would do the silliest things, like going out her doggie door into the yard, coming back with a rock, leaving it on the couch. Storm would repeat this several times till she had a pile of rocks on the couch cushion. Mommy would tease her that she was being naughty. Mommy did the same thing when Stormy stole socks. That is how the name Stormy B. Naughty came about.
Then came me, the 4 month old Schnoodle without a name. I was now sitting on the edge of Mommy’s lap, butt wiggling uncontrollable, I was going to hear the story of how I got my name. This has got to be an awesome story. Mommy said, “I wanted you to have a SB name too, so Daddy and I discussed a few names and we decided to call you Sophie Bean.” I later earned the name Hooligan making my full name Sophie Bean Hooligan.
Seriously? That is it, that’s the story? I can’t believe I wasted good squirrel watching time on this. With that I left Mommy’s lap and went to the window and barked at squirrels.
As I barked at those pesky rats with tails I realized that while there are many dogs named Sophie there is only one Sophie Bean Hooligan.

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