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May 5th 2011 4:21 am
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Dear Diary,
A couple of humans came yesterday morning and spread stuff all over our front lawn. Mommy said I would not be allowed to go out there and play for a few days. I overhead one of the humans say it would be safe once the lawn dried but Mommy told me she was not taking any chances with me.
When Mommy got home from work she took me right out for a walk. I was ready to go and smell the neighborhood. I saw a few of the neighbor dogs, visited with some of the kids and tried to roll in geese poop.
When we got back Mommy took me into the backyard. She left me hooked to my run. I was not happy to see her walking away so I ate some bunny poop. A few minutes later Mommy came back with a wheelbarrow filled with my things and garden tools. I got my big fluffy bed, a chew bone, water dish & water. I was prepared for an afternoon of squirrel watching and helping Mommy with the yard work. Stormy taught me that when Mommy rakes up piles of lawn junk I need to go in a pull out sticks and shred them. Stormy also taught me to chase the hose which I did relentlessly, driving Mommy crazy! As the afternoon turned into evening Mommy put me on the deck and locked the door so she could finish up with the hose without me attached to it. Yawn! I am still sleepy just thinking about my fun day with Mommy yesterday. I wish she didn’t have to work and could stay home with me so everyday was this fun.


Thanks Wesley

April 30th 2011 5:07 am
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Dear Diary,
After a very long week I finally was able to hop on Dogster and I was so butt wiggling happy to see how cute my page is! I have to give a loud bark out to my friend Wesley. I can’t believe Wesley took the time out to make my page so pawsome when I know him & his family are dealing with sad times. You see Wesley loss his BFF & brother, Sunny to a stroke on April 8, 2011. Sunny’s story is amazing. At 13-14 years old he was found on the side of a road, starved & flea ridden. After going to a rescue and being loved & fed Wesley’s family stepped up and adopted him. I think it takes a huge heart and lots of love for a family to selflessly adopt an older dog in need. You can tell by the pictures on Wesley’s Dogster page that he and Sunny was a perfect pair of brothers. If you get a chance please visit their pages and show them some love. I have to hop back on my Dogster page and look at my adorable turtles.
I will paw more later about the crazy week I just went thru. Klemy Q-Tip is pushing me off the computer so she can get on Catster.


Bad Easter Bunny

April 24th 2011 3:23 pm
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I am a carnivore! I crave meat, I especially crave McDonald’s cheeseburgers. I held out hope that this morning as I ran into the kitchen that I would be greeted by an Easter basket filled with yummy mouth watering cheeseburgers. It was not to be. Some have barked that cheeseburgers would not fit into an egg…but they forgot that an ostrich egg would easily hold a cheeseburger. I think I shall spend the day barking at every little thing I see outside, chase the cats and hunt for rascally rabbits in my yard to show my annoyance.


Diary of the day!

April 23rd 2011 5:21 am
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Dear Diary,
I am so butt wiggling happy to see I am one of the Dogster Diaries of the Day! That sure eases the pain of what I found out from Mommy yesterday. I was barking to Mommy that I can’t wait to get my Easter Basket on Sunday morning because it will be full of cheeseburgers! Mommy then broke my heart and told me that dumb old bunny with the floppy ears brings Easter baskets to human children only and they are filled with candy…and I am not allowed to have candy so I don’t get a basket. My jaw just about dropped to the ground. I can’t believe I am not getting a basket filled with mouth watering cheeseburgers. Well listen to me Mr. Easter Bunny and listen to me good!! Your entire little bunny crew that have been eating up my bushes and pooping on my lawn are going down! No more miss nice dog, next time I see one of them bunnies I am going to get them! Teach you not to bring me a basket filled with cheeseburgers! Stupid Rabbit!


Suzie Q

April 16th 2011 3:58 am
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Dear Diary,
Did you see? My old sisfur, Suzie Q is Dogster’s Dog of the Day!!!! Way to go Suzie! I hope your family sees this and helps you celebrate your big day! I think a McDonald cheeseburger is in order.


Hid Me!

April 15th 2011 5:04 am
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Help! Somepup hid me! Mommy got her shipment of Royal Treatment lavender & cashmere shampoo & conditioner with massage gloves for dogs yesterday. This all adds up to a bath for me! I know it is going happen because Mommy & Daddy are calling me Stinky Jelly Bean. Whenever the word “STINKY” is used I know I am in trouble…and a little offend!


April 13th 2011 5:50 am
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Dear Diary,
Mommy has been calling me Jelly Bean. I thought this was a cute little loving Easter nickname, but then I come to find out from Klemy Q-Tip that Mommy is calling me this because she says I look like a Jelly Bean due to all my restricted activity. The nerve! I can’t remember the last time I have been so insulted!
I went for a walk with Mommy yesterday. I would just like to bark for the record that Mommy has a jelly belly going herself and she has not been on restricted activity so what is her excuse? With that barked I shall go on with my story…as we were walking I saw my BFF Allie with her new sister, Lulu. I don’t like Lulu. Mommy says she does not want me playing with Allie just yet but I wanted to say hi and I was not about to let it go. That Lulu sniffed me a little to long so I waited…waited…waited for her to lift her head up and expose her neck, then when she did I went in for the kill but Mommy knew it was coming and pulled me back. So much for greeting time. Mommy & Auntie Kim decided to walk all us pups together. I kept a close on the Lulu the entire walk.


Record setting temperature

April 11th 2011 5:42 am
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Dear Diary,
With a record setting temp of 81 degrees here in Michigan I spent a nice relaxing day in the backyard yesterday. Mommy said I am beyond spoiled as she dragged out my bed, my water dish, my chew bone and my ball so I had everything I needed to be comfortable outside. I never played with my ball, I never actually chewed my bone. I did guard it from the squirrels. I know they wanted it. I did spend most of the afternoon on my bed till the sun started to shine on it. I hopped off my bed and I spread my legs out and had my belly to the grass. I forgot how wonderful that feels. My neighbors were out so I barked a big “HI!” to everybody. Good Day!
The other day when Mommy came home she looked at the kitchen window and saw blood. She ran to the window thankful to discover the blood was on the outside as she was worried one of us fur babies may be hurt. One of the poor birds must have flown into the window and hurt itself. Daddy went out to check but there was no injured bird waiting to be rescued. Mommy says she has to find something pretty to put on the window so the birdies do not fly into it. With three feeders right outside the window it may be a good idea so we don’t have any more ouchies occurring.


April 10th 2011 6:09 am
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Dear Diary,
I have been spending a lot of time bird watching, squirrel watching and yesterday there was a huge Tom Turkey in my neighbor’s yard. He was bigger then me! We have 2 herds of deer that come and eat from a feeder across the street. Mommy says they are wonderful to look at but she hopes they keep their tick filled bodies across the street where they belong. Sometimes they sneak over here and steal bird seed from our feeders.
My neighbors have been walking their dogs move often due to the nicer weather. There is a little black poodle that barks at me all the time. That pup can actually out bark me. One of my best friends, Oliver is selling his doghouse. I am gonna miss him when he moves away.
I am slowly healing and this weekend marks the end of my “restricted activity”. Soon I will be playing the chase me game. I hope I have not lost my moves.
Today we are supposed to get a record high of 81 degrees. Mommy says we can play in the back yard and enjoy the weather.


Dogster Diary...

April 2nd 2011 5:05 am
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Dear Diary,
WooHoo! I am one of the Dogster Diaries of the Day! I am wagging my butt so hard I am about to fall to the floor!
I am not enjoying this “restricted activity” one bit! I can’t chase my cats and they think they are hot stuff and taking control of the household. Well hot stuffs, who’s one of the diaries of the day? Not you!
I can’t charge at the squirrels, bark at the bunnies, run back and forth screaming at the mailman, I can’t play the chase me game with Daddy when he gets home from work…I can’t do anything that makes me, ME!
Every morning I am forced to take yucky medication.
Thank dogness I am a Dogster Diary of the Day or I would have no fun in my life.

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