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Bag o' toys

September 15th 2011 4:05 am
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I have the most pawsome Mommy ever! Yesterday she came home from the pet store with a bag overflowing with my favorite toy! My pink stuffed squeaky dog! They were on clearance so Mommy bought every one that she could find. I barked at Mommy to paw over the bag but Mommy said I only get a new one when it is time for the old one to go to trash can heaven. I have no time to lose...time to pounce on & shake my old one.


Don't mess with the Bean...

September 14th 2011 4:14 am
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Dear Diary,
Yesterday I was scheduled to get a furcut at PetSmart grooming. Mommy had called the day before to make the appointment.
After our walk on Monday where I gleefully ran thru the woods and got my furry face full of burrs, Mommy brought out her arsenal of brushes & combs only to notice I had gum on my back leg. Mommy said it was time for a grooming, which is when she picked up the phone and made the appointment.
Unlike Stormy, I hate the truck! Rides are not for me! The traffic, the stop & starting, the booming of the radio from other cars and don’t get me started on those semi trucks! I get myself worked up. First I start with the yawning, then the drooling, and end with puking all over the place.
Mommy got me to Petsmart before the drooling started saving her a clean up job. I knew I was doomed once we hit that parking lot. There were two German Shepard’s loudly arguing in the parking lot while their owners held on to their leashes for dear life. Once inside it was no better. I do not like other dogs sniffing at my fluffy rear end! That is gonna get them bit! The groom shop was so busy we had to wait outside the door giving me lots of opportunities to charge for the door. Mommy kept looking at her watch because she needed to get to work. Finally after 7 minutes we got into the groom shop. I heard Mommy say our name 3 times, felt her temperature rising & her breathing getting faster. This is not gonna be good I thought so I jumped on Mommy’s leg trying to get her attention to let her know I had her back. We were nowhere on the schedule!!!! Mommy was mad! Very mad!! Mommy said a few choice words and we headed for the truck. I could not get to that truck fast enough! When you have a choice between being groomed & a ride, always choose the ride!
Once back in the truck, Mommy looked over at me now a panting, fizzy hair, shaking mess. Mommy gave me some pets even thought she wanted to hug & squeeze me but she learned that will just make me think my behavior is what she expected from me. When we got home Mommy had fun squeaky voice as she let me out of the car and I got the major zoomies.
Once we were safe at home Mommy who was now late for work got on the phone and had a stern talk with the PetSmart manager. Nobody messes with me! Seeing me so stress out made Mommy want to growl! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


It is all about me!!!

August 28th 2011 6:53 am
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Dear Diary,
My Mommy owns her own pet sitting business which is hard for me. When she leaves I imagine her hugging & kissing all those other pets. Let’s not forget about all the walks, brushings, ball throwing, belly rubs and etc that she does with them other pets which she be meant for me only! Last night Mommy & Daddy left for “date night” and when they came home they reeked of Schnauzer puppy so bad I almost passed out when I smelled them. They were just covered in puppy breath! They just don’t seem fair!!!! I think Mommy needs to quit her job and focus on me and only me!!!


July 17th 2011 3:51 am
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Dear Diary,
It is going to happen. There is no way to stop it. There is nowhere to hide. I spent the whole night trying to figure out how to avoid it. Today is "groomer's day". If they put bows in my fur I may have to bite somebody in the butt!



July 15th 2011 4:05 am
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Dear Diary,
They are everywhere! In the yard, on the porch, in Mommy’s gardens, our deck, in the trees, on the bird feeders, and somehow they come & go from the sewers. This week I hunted one down in the garage! They are CHIPMUNKS! Not the cute adorable singing sweater wearing chipmunks like in the Alvin & the chipmunks movies but a more calculating predator. I do not like these little rodents in my yard…or my neighborhood. I hunt them relentlessly all day long. Mommy says I am obsessed and she may have to make an appointment for me to see a doggie psychiatrist about my constant obsession with these chipmunks. Even when I am in the house I fly from window to window watching their every move. I whine & moan as I run back & forth which is making my Mommy loopy! She does not understand! First they take over the yard and slowly they are trying to get in the garage, next thing you know they will be in the house stealing toys from my toy box or trying to eat my kibble. I can not let that happen! I refuse to let them take over my world. Mommy just can’t wrap her mind around the importance of what it is I am doing! If by some chance the chipmunks break their way pass me (Which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY) and get into the house I have made Klemy Q-Tip my second in command. She is training Spitz, Kira & Sweetie to be prepared to fight & protect our home, food bowls and toy boxes as I bark. These chipmunks will not win this war! Listen up Chipmunks! Beware the Schnoodle!


Dog of the Day!!!

July 10th 2011 4:59 pm
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OMD! I am Dogster's Dog of the Day! Thank you every pup, I am so overwhelmed with all the love & gifts from my pals I could just faint...*thud*


Everything is okay

July 2nd 2011 4:41 pm
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Mom couldn't figure out paypal so me & Kira took over and got our Dogster/Catster plus back. The nice thing about Kira is she has 7 toes on each of her front paws so it is easy for her to use the keyboard.
Did you see??? Dogster has hamburgers to give as gifts. I saw that and just drooled all over the keyboard...then Kira got grossed out and left to clean her paws.


No plus!

July 2nd 2011 4:17 am
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Panic is setting in! Mommy let my Dogster plus expire. She needs to call dogster to have it renewed as she does not have a paypal account. I am so angry about this. I have to go bark at my brofur & sisters to let them know what Mommy did!


Grandpaw & more...

June 23rd 2011 4:36 am
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Dear Diary,
So much to bark about since last I was here. Grandpaw came and stayed with us for a week. My cat brofur & sisters had to be locked up downstairs as Grandpaw is severely allergic to them. I was sad they were gone and acted up a little by pooping on the basement floor. I got in big trouble. I also didn’t eat much.
Grandpaw was a prized belly rubber and he thought I was just the “cutest thing”. I had him eating out of my paw. We had a big pawty on Saturday for Grandpaw. All kinds of humans were here. I heard all about it on my drive to Camp Bow Wow. Grandpaw was so scared somebody would let me out and I would chase a squirrel and get hurt or that somebody would step on me, he wanted me to have a day at camp. Mommy was peeking at me on the internet doggie cam and I was just laying there. Finally after some of the humans left Mommy couldn’t take it anymore watching me just sadly lying in the middle of the playroom that she sent Daddy to come and get me around 3. When I got home I sniffed all the humans and decided which ones I could suck into rubbing my belly and that is the way I spent the rest of the day. BOL! Humans can not resist big sad brown eyes.
Grandpaw left on Thursday. I was sad to see him go and I comforted Mommy when she cried. She was missing Grandpaw as soon as he pulled out of the driveway. Right after Grandpaw left Mommy went downstairs and let my brofur & sisters out of their cat prison. I was so butt wiggling happy to see them. I chased them, I nibbled them and I wrestled with Klemy for over 5 minutes till Mommy told us both to stop acting like hooligans. So I was a good girl and stopped wrestling with Klemy and started chasing Spitz, Sweetie & Kira, BOL! My Brofur Spitz & my sister Sweetie just turned 2 years old on June 17. To bad they had to spend their birthdays in prison.
For Father’s day I ordered my Daddy an outdoor George Foreman grill so he can make me cheeseburgers all the time! I thought that was a great gift for me…I mean Daddy.
I hope all my Dogster & Catster pals gave their Daddy’s lots of extra love on Father’s day!
(A special thanks to Wesley for making my Dogster page so pawsome)


Squirrel Burger

June 4th 2011 4:04 am
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Dear Diary,
You will never believe what happen this morning. I was sitting in the driveway as still as a statue and this squirrel came walking right up to me. Mommy was in the garage and saw what was happening when she yelled out, “Sophie Don’t Do It!” The squirrel was almost on top of me when he heard Mommy shrieked and then he ran off with me on his tail. Lucky for him that I was on a leash because I almost had me squirrel burger for breakfast. So, sitting as still as statue does work for squirrel catching.

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