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Sophie Bean, My life as a hooligan....

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December 19th 2012 3:54 am
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Things did not turn out as planned when Mommy came home from work yesterday. Mommy & I went straight out for a walk thru the trails in the woods. ½ mile from the house I just fell down, got up, limped, fell down again. Mommy couldn’t figure out on fast inspection what was wrong but she knew I could not continue. Mommy had to carry me home. With any other 30/40 pound dog this would not have been a problem, but with my belly button hernia & bad back it was a pretty big problem. 1st, I do not like to picked up and usually scream bloody murder, but over the years Mommy has figured out the perfect way to pick me up where I do not mind or fuss. But it is not easy on Mommy, in fact it’s very awkward for her. Once Mommy got me settled in her arms, we had to cut thru a neighbor’s backyard, the one yard that looks like they have not cleaned up after their dog in 3 years! Seriously, they was so much poop you could not even see grass and oh course Mommy had no way to avoid it, so her boats are layered in poop. (Mommy was furious at the thought of a dog having to come out here to do their business. She will be leaving them a “Shame On!” note!) Mommy was not only mumbling under her breath about the poop but the fact she forgot her cell phone. Mommy had to rest a couple times and reposition me in her arms, to save her back she lifted with her knees…that is a mistake she will pay for later. Funny how we always see neighbors driving by, they stop to chat, pet me, tell me how cute I look, but today it was as if the place was a ghost town. Mommy finally got me home and as soon as she put me down I attacked my front paw. Mommy really had to dig into my pad to find the sharp object that was embedded into my paw…once out, I ran into the front room to attack my Kong. Mommy relieved it was something so simply, she stood up and felt the pain shot thru her knee. Mommy was going to have to go to urgent care to get a shot because she knew she would not be able to walk by morning. She decided to take a quick shower and go…while in the shower I burst into the bathroom and tried to climb into the tub with Mommy. I was shaking, panting & terrified. That is when Mommy heard the smoke alarms going off. She jumped out of the tub and ripped them from the ceilings because there is one thing in life that scares me into an almost seizure like state and that is alarms. (Our alarms are electrical not battery operated)I was so upset I pooped. Once again today Mommy saved me…but her pain was getting worse and she had to leave me. She turned on the TV & radio to help calm me. On her way to the urgent care she was so guilt ridden about leaving me still somewhat upset she called our neighbor who I wuv and asked her to check on me. I was so happy to see Auntie Deb walk thru that door. She rubbed my belly and gave me a treat. By the time Mommy got back I was back to my silly happy self. What an evening! Mommy & I spent the rest of the night snuggle up on the chair under a blanket with Spitz.
Barking about my cat brother Spitz, he is the Catster Diary Pick of the Day today! Way to go Spitz!


Naughty Tag Team...

December 18th 2012 4:27 am
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How to make Mommy think she losing her mind? It is simple. You take one bad cat & one hooligan dog combine them into a naughty tag team and you get a Mommy thinking she lost her mind. Mommy got some toys & treats for her pet sitting client’s pets. She wrapped them all up and put them in a big cardboard box in her office closet. Mommy goes in & out of the closet but is always shutting the door behind her. I saw some of the toys…smelled some of the treats and I wanted them, but I knew I could not do it by myself so I barked at Spitz and told him what is in the magic closet. I also explained to Spitz this would be his only chance at getting a Christmas gift, because let’s face the truth…he is naughty and is gonna get a stocking full of fleas from Santa Paws. We put our plan in motion. Spitz would open the closet and I would move in to retrieve the prezzies. Seemed easy enough but as soon as Spitz would get that door open it seemed Mommy would show up. It was funny to see the look of confusion as Mommy would find the door open. She would say, “I know I closed that door.” Then the other day she came home, found the door open and the box of prezzies moved from the back of the closet to the front. Mommy just kinda of stared at the box and said, “It is official, I am losing my mind!” Everyday Spitz & I got closer and closer to getting that box out of the closet and getting those prezzies. The other day Mommy was downstairs reading a book when she heard the creaking of the closet slowly opening. Spitz got the door open and I told him to watch for Mommy and meow really loud if she comes. I moved into the closet grabbed the flap of the cardboard box and pulled & pulled. The box got caught on something but I kept trying…next thing I know I feel a tapping on my butt and heard Mommy say, “What do you think you are doing?” I must have jumped 2 feet in the air. Spitz was no where to be seen! Mommy said, “If you are looking for your partner in crime he already took off!” Caught red pawed in the act. I hope Santa Paws wasn’t watching. In a way I think Mommy was happy it was just me & Spitz being naughty and that she wasn’t losing her mind.



December 17th 2012 4:15 am
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Woo-hoo! I am one of the Dogster Diary picks of the day! That is a nice way to start a Monday.
I don't know what happened over the weekend, but I know it was bad. Daddy & Mommy watched a lot of TV this weekend & shed a lot of tears. Mommy cuddled me, rubbed my belly and smothered me with kisses. Mommy told me life was a gift and we should always show the ones we love that they are special & important to I gave Mommy a ton of kisses. Have you kissed your human today?


Diary Pick

December 11th 2012 5:08 am
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Guess who is doing a happy dance and wiggling their little stump of a tail? ME! I am one of Dogster's diary picks today! Woo-Hoo for me! Thanks Dogster!


You should know...

December 11th 2012 4:21 am
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Over the summer I got very sick for 2 months with a bacterial infection. How & why I got it is still a mystery. Mommy thought she was going to lose me. It got so bad I would not even eat boiled hamburger & rice and Mommy had to give me baby food & water with an oral syringe. I didn't want to play, or walk, or eat. I hated taking medication 3 times a day and worse yet all those trips to the vets...but then one morning Mommy woke up to me squeaking a toy in her face and I have been fine & fiesty since. Mommy did some research and made the choice that I would never get any more chicken or turkey dog food/treat products and if it is made in China it does not come into the house. Some of those ffod/treat packaging are sneaky, they will say "distributed in USA" but if you look closer in little letters you will see "made in China". Mommy checks the FDA Pet Food Recall Product List all the time now. Sadly when she checked it this morning she found 1162 entries. You would be amazed at all the "High end" foods found on this list. (I would like to add that Milo's Kitchen treats are bad, no matter where they are made!) Mommy switched my food when I started to get better to Pro Plan shredded beef & I love it and Mommy has yet to find it on the recall list unlike the other food I use to eat. Have your human check out the list, your human can even get updated lists e-mailed to them to keep you safe.


I'm back!!!

December 10th 2012 5:15 pm
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In the last year I have had the hardest time being on Dogster as it kept freezing up the old catputer, but I think the problem is now fixed, so hopefully I will be able to visit more often.

FYI=Mommy & I decided it would be easier if we removed Sadie Boo & Stormy B. Naughty's Dogster page. It has been awhile since we had to say goodbye, but it still hurts to much to look at their pages, so we thought it best if we were to enjoy our time here. The important thing is that Sadie & Stormy live on in our memories & heart...and Mommy's arm as she has a tattoo of both their furry faces there.

Well it seems the Christmas season has snuck up on me. My cat Spitz meows I am on the naughty list and there is no time to get on the nice list no matter how hard I try. Spitz meows the only thing that will be in my stocking is fleas! I don't think I deserve to be on the naughty list! I never potty in the house, Spitz and my cat sister's potty in the house all the time! They do it so much that they have their own boxes to do it in. Sometimes Spitz is mean to Sweetie and bites her, I have to jump in and break them up and how does Sweetie repay me for my protection? She is always trying to eat my food, seriously! Her face is like 1 inch from my bowl the whole time I am eating, it is extremely rude! Kira is a chewer, carpet, cords, silk plants, she is worse then a teething puppy & Klemy Q-tip is just plain mean and is always smacking me around. Them cats always wait till Mommy is asleep before they decided to play tag over her body and then pounce on the wood floor like a bunch of buffalo. So I dug a few holes, killed a few moles, (I think I should get some "nice" credit for the time I had the squirrel in my mouth and when Mommy yelled, "LEAVE IT!", I did just that) I bark a little to much, rolled in poop more times then Mommy can count, I hog up a large portion of the bed every night, usually with my butt aimed at Mommy's face when I have bad gas that could make maggots gag, but what dog has not done these things, it is part of being a dog! As for the incident when I carried the rabbits foot and gave it to Mommy who took it because she thought I was giving her a stick and then she screamed like a little girl, I was just trying to give Mommy some good luck. I just don't know what I will do if I don't get any presents from Santa Paws and them bad cats do. I hope all of my pals are on te NICE list this year.
Wags & Wiggles


What a day!

June 4th 2012 4:46 am
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Sunday was so pawsome! I was so tired I could barely stay awake. Mommy & Daddy took me to the park like they promised. Mommy says it was the first time she ever saw me get wore out. I actually found a shady spot and plopped down to the ground. Mommy told Daddy that was it, walk was over, so we headed back to the car. (On the way back a bird pooped on Mommy, BOL)
At the park I saw a lot of birds, smelled a lot of wild animals in the grass and I tried to make a friend with a turtle on the bridge. After our walk Mommy stopped at McDonalds to pick me up a plain cheeseburger.
Then when I thought things could not get any better Mommy let me play in the hose!
Then it was nap snuggle time! Woo-Hoo for me!



June 2nd 2012 1:20 pm
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Is it tomorrow yet??? Daddy promised he would take Mommy & me to the park tomorrow. Not just any park but the really big park with the great trails and all the wildlife. Are we there yet???


Diary Pick

May 20th 2012 12:46 pm
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Looks like I am one lucky Schnoodle Doodle. Yesterday was my Gotcha day & today I am one of the Dogster diaries of the day! Woo-Hoo! I am pouting with all these pawsome things happening in my life because you would think Mommy or Daddy would go get me a cheeseburger...because I deserve fact I deserve a cheeseburger everyday!
Daddy has a new nickname for me, he is now calling me "Bear Butt". He says with a barely there tail and overgrown fur I looks like I have a bear butt. I have more nick names then Mommy has purses!
I want to send a bark out for my fur sister Kira. Today is her Meowy Birthday. I wuv my Kira because she is small but mighty, just like me. She can even beat up Spitz!


My Gotcha day!!!

May 19th 2012 6:51 am
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Hard to believe 5 years ago today I came to my new furever home. Mommy & Daddy both say I have brighten their lives like the little ray of sunshine that I am.
Thanks Dogster pals fo the prezzies & love on my page.
Wags & Wiggles

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