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My 7th woofday

February 12th 2014 3:59 am
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Thank you to everybody that helped make my birthday so special. (takes a moment to remember all the dogster woofday parties from the past, tear rolls down furry face)
I had a pawsome day. I got 2 special birthday biscuits, then a Kong stuffed teddy bear, a special birthday walk, a cheeseburger and 2 more stuffed toys. The stuffed fleece bone with squeaker is my favorite new toy. I had a great time playing fetch with my Mommy & Daddy.
I am going to miss sharing all these special moments with my Dogster & Catster friends. For those of you that do not know, you can find me playing at Facebook with some of my Dogster friends.


Moving on...

March 14th 2013 2:14 pm
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I just wanted all my pup pals to know that me & my furry family have moved over to
We will miss Dogster & all my pals but it is just to frustrating with all the computer problems using Dogster creates. If anybody is on cuteness or joins, please make sure to vist me & my furry family. Wags & Wiggles to you all! Thank ou for all te love!
(You can also find me on Facebook under Sophie Bean.)


Train your Humans....

January 8th 2013 3:55 am
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Yesterday Mommy tried several times to wear my furry butt out but I had major energy. Mommy came home from lunch and we played fetch with the little squeaky Kong tennis ball I got for Christmas. When Mommy went back to work I played with my treat ball and de-stuffed a toy. As soon as Mommy got home we went for a walk…I had the zoomies. We played fetch again. Mommy said she needed some down time so she sat in her chair and I pounced on her staring & barking at the arm of her chair. You may wonder why I would do such a thing…well I know Mommy keeps my laser light in the arm of her chair and just because she wants down time does not mean I do! Mommy is well trained and she got the laser light out so I could chase it. When she stopped I pulled out most of the toys from my toy box. I took a quick nap then Mommy & I played fetch again. My secret to making Mommy stop everything she is doing and play with me is to stare at her with sad eyes, wiggle my butt and squeak my toy till she wants to pull her hair out…works every time!
Did you know that January is National Train Your Dog Month? I think every month of the year should be train your dog month. To me training means yummy treats! After I eat my breakfast & dinner, Mommy always gives me a treat for dessert, but I have to eat all my food or no dessert. Mommy has super yummy beef sticks made by Blue. She tears them into little pieces and I have to do a series of tricks to get them. I am a pro at roll over, paw, other paw, high five and speak. Mommy is going to start teaching me some new tricks so I don’t get bored with the routine. When you really think about it, it is not Mommy training me, but me training Mommy. When I am done eating I always search for Mommy and let her know it is time for her to go to the treat jar. Then I go to my spot on the kitchen rug to let her know I am ready to reward her for feeding me by doing silly tricks and acting cute. I am lucky that my Mommy is easy to train. Maybe January should be National Train Your Mommy Month.



January 2nd 2013 3:53 am
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The weather outside is frightful...and I wanna play in it! I have only had 1 walk since I got my furcut. Mommy made me wear a sweater & a coat because I am so naked I get the shivers...but the good news is I don't get covered in snowballs. I have to wear a sweater in the house. I don't mind to much but I am an difficult size. The large size sweaters are just a bit to small for me and the x-large sizes are to long and hang over my tail which drives me nuts. Mommy got some pawsome super fluffy, super warm fleece blankets from PetSmart. I like to snuggle up in a ball on them. Kira really likes them too. It is like being hugged by a cloud. Mommy got one for herself too! (If you need a new blankie run to PetSmart, their fleece blankies are clearance for $9.oo and worth every penny...mine & Mommy's has a schnauzer puppy on it and the cat's blankie has fish bones & pawprints)
Guess what? Today I am one of the Dogster Diary picks of the Day! Thanks Dogster!
I wish every pup a Happy, Healthy 2013 filled with love, belly rubs, squeaky toys & cheeseburgers!



December 29th 2012 3:46 am
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I am one of the Dogster Diary picks of the day! Normally I would be wagging my entire body & demanding bellyrubs for such a pawsome honor but this morning all I can focus on is the fact I have to go to the groomers today. I ask everypup that reads this to send out a howl for help. I have no where to hide...and if I did I am sure that Spitz would meow at Mommy and tell her where I am. I am gonna be naked! The other animals will point & laugh at me. There is only one thing that I hate worse then the groomers...the Vet place! I heard Mommy telling Grandpa that my pimple like bump is now a large mole sized bump and she is watching it closely, if it gets any bigger I have to go to the V-E-T! She call spell it anyway she wants, I still know what she is talking about and I don't like it. I hate the vet so much that once the vet tech picked me up and was holding me...I pooped right in the pocket of her jacket! Hearing the words groomer & vet makes me just want to go hid under the blankies all day. Not even the honor of being one of the DDP's or a cheeseburger is going to bring me out of this funk.



December 28th 2012 3:53 pm
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Somebody call 911! The Humane Society! Anybody! Mommy said she is tired of me becoming a huge snowball everytime I come in from outside. I heard her on the phone today...she made a grooming appointment. I am going to be tortured tomorrow! Somebody has to stop Mommy before it is too late! Please help!



December 28th 2012 3:58 am
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We got 4-6 inches of snow yesterday! Mommy decided to take me for a walk. While I am normally well behaved on my walks the snow gave me major zoomies and I could not control my urge to Run! Run! Run! When I wasn't running full speed and dragging Mommmy behind me, I was doing my stop, drop & roll move in the middle of the street. Mommy finally gave up on the walk, took me home and let me off leash to play fetch. I was a bit out of control. I tore Mommy's new gloves trying to jump up and grab the ball from her hand. I know that was naughty but Santa Paws must be exhausted from all those deliveries so I am sure he is still napping and did not see me being naughty. I had so much fun playing in the snow. When we came back inside it took Mommy over 1/2 hour to get the snowballs out of my fur.


Merry Christmas one and all!

December 25th 2012 3:46 am
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I just got done sending Santa Paws a "Thank You" rosette for all my prezzies. I knew I was good no matter what the cat said!
Did you know Santa Paws had a Dogster page? Well he does!
I must have been super duper fantastic good because I got a ton of prezzies! I got little Kong squeaker tennis balls, 3 stuffed squeaky animals, treats, a new coat, and a crazy hamster in a ball that I love barking at and chasing...I got a busy buddy treat bone with refills and a Petsmart gift card! No fleas here! My cats got prezzies too, guess Santa Paws just gives anybody prezzies nowadays! I tried stealing their cat nip rope but Mommy told me "NO!" so I had to leave it along. I have a confusion to make...I like to roll in catnip...that will be our little secret.
Merry Christmas one & all!


He's a little runaway...

December 23rd 2012 4:20 am
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Even though our streets are covered with ice & it was cold, Mommy decided to get me all snuggled in my sweater and head out for a walk. We walked our normal trail but today there was a new dog I have never seen before, he was in the same yard as the big mean Lab (yes, there are mean Labs & our neighborhood has 2!) We were right on top of them when the barking broke out. (We almost gave Mommy a heart attack as she was looking down) The mean Lab stayed in his invisible fencing, but the new dog saw me and kept getting closer & closer to the trail. Mommy fell instantly in love with the newbie. He was the same size as me and he not only wagged his tail, his entire body wagged & wiggled with happiness. He is young and needed to learn manners so I being the brat I am I tried to bite him...but then I looked him in the eyes and decided I liked him...we got major zoomies and wrestled & played in the snow. Mommy tried to look at the pup's tag but we would not hold still long enough, we were to busy playing. We chased each other all the way back to my house. Mommy leashed the pup when we got home and the only tag he had was his license which did us no good as city hall was closed. Daddy told Mommy the pup lived with the Lab so we all walked him back home. The pup who's name we found out is Victor did not want to go home, he wanted to stay with me. Mommy had to pull him up the driveway as he fought her all the way. The black Lab was back in the house when Mommy knocked on the door. The owner was not even looking for the pup. Victor was new to the family and did not have on his invisible fence collar. Mommy was not to happy when the mean Lab came flying out the door at her with fur up and showing teeth and then went after the pup. Mommy corrected the Lab, the owner did not. No wonder Victor did not want to go home! I was so sad to loss my new friend. Everytime I went outside I would look for him. Mommy told me it is very important for all dogs to have ID tags on their collars. I have 3! I hope Santa Paws brings Victor a new ID tag for Christmas...and a nicer brother who is not mean to him.


1st snow of 2012...

December 22nd 2012 4:26 am
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It finally happened! SNOW! Not a lot, but enough to give me snowball butt! I had such a pawsome time dashing thru the snow...okay it was not really dashing as much as running full speed with my ears flapping in the wind dragging Mommy behind me. Snow never fails to give me the zoomies. I was so happy when I got home from my walk that I destuffed two of my toys. It has been a long time since I enjoyed a really good destuffing.

I hope all my Dogster pals have been Nice & not Naughty this year, nobody wants a Christmas stocking full of fleas from Santa Paws. From past years I have learned the following do not make you naughty (I know this because Santa Paws has always left me prezzies in my stocking)
1. chasing cats
2. digging holes
3. attempted murder of squirrels, moles & rabbits (I have been known to kill a few rodents and still got prezzies)
4. barking your fool head off
5. destruction of toys
6. begging
7. toy destuffing
I know some of my pals were stressed over what is naughty so I hope this list helps ease your mind.
Yappy Happy Howlidays!!!!

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