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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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Tomorrow's Fathers' Day.

June 14th 2008 12:27 pm
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Hello there, did you know tomorrow will be Fathers' Day celebration?, yes the day in which you are supossed to remember you have a Dad, by any chance do you have a Dad Diary?.....nah, I didn't think you would. Well, don't feel bad, I don't have one either, at least not a human dad, and I don't remember who my canine dad was.
Yes, sure I must have had one, but I didn't grow by his side. And now it's my Mom and me, just us. I think I really didn't miss not having a father cuz my Mommy has been playing boths roles, Mum and Dad, and she sure knows how to do it, I love her fur that.

But of course, I would like to congratulate all my furiends' Dads, and wish them all a pawsome and Happy Father's Day, with lots of fun, nice presents, and the most important thing: LOVE. Special congrats to my Princess' Dad, Roy, he's quite a guy, he's been taking such good care of my Nikki, her fursisters, and her Mom, he's a pawsome Dad, almost quite as great as any pup can be.

I would also like to remind everyone, specially my furless friends that every day of their lifes they should cherish, and honor their father and mother, no need to be one special day to appreciate them and give them all their love. Maybe they could learn a little from us, we dogs give our love to our pawrents every second of our lives expecting nothing in return, that's how we love.

Well, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!! to each and every Dad.

Brandy III


Not so happy.

June 3rd 2008 10:22 am
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Hello, *tail down*, I’ve been away for quite a few days now, yes, I know, I’m sorry again Diary. What you say?....well, yes, I’m sort of sad, you know me pretty well ah? What? my tail shows?...oh, yeah, you’re right, it fell down and so did my ears….well it’s because my princess is going to visit her Grandma for a few days and I won’t be able to bark at her till next week., sniff, sniff *whines*. Yes I know she’s coming back soon, but this thing is I’m gonna miss her sooooo much.. I hope she doesn’t forget me, though I know I’m not easy to forget but still, I’m so furry sad and at the same time happy for her cuz she’ll be having so much fun. I do hope she enjoys her trip. Maybe it’s good to be apart for some days, they say distance can sometime nourish the flame of love…..what’s that you say? or it may TURN IT OFF FOR GOOD!!!????? Ok, Diary, you are such a great help…..Grrrrrrrr… were kidding?, ok, you better be cuz you know my Nikki and me are so furry in love with each other, I would wait fur her an eternity if necessary.

Let’s change the subject or you might get bitten. Have you taken a good look at my page? Yeeeesss??? did you like it? Yup, me too, I think it’s furry kool, I have to thank Mum for it, she did a good job.

Last night I got an unexpected visit from my neighbor Mocha, you remember her right? yes the Japanese girl from next street, she’s a crazy furgirl, she just love having fun, my Mom let her in for a few minutes and we ran and chased each other for a while, then she took her doggy treat and left as fast as she came. Some furgirl that is.

Well, I think I better *yawns* go take a nap, this guard dog job can be so exhausting *yawns once more*, bark at ya later pal.
Brandy III (depressed watch dog)


Away for too long.

May 19th 2008 10:29 am
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Ok,....yes, I's been a long time now. I'm sorry Diary, I've been busy.

You know 'bout my engagement to Nikki right? Yes, this was a furry important and happy event in my life. I asked her to be my wife, and she said yes. Oh boy, I couldn't believe such a beautiful, smart and sweet furgilr would wanna a marry me. She's my Princess! I even asked her Dad for her paw, and the moss t incredible thing is that he consented. I'm still walking on air, I was so excited I couldn't think of anything else besides my lovely fiancée. Yes, of course we're "going to the chapel and we're gonna get married...", ok, that's a song...but yes we'll be getting married but we wanna take things slow, no rush, we want to have a pawsome wedding and that takes time to plan. Absolutely, I'll let you know as soon as we set up a date, you'll be the first one to know, promise. you have my word of pommie.

Oh, let me tell you, yesterday I had my first "bird chasing" experience, and it was so much fun. Yes, up to this day I always had to watch the birds thru our window, but had never got the chance to get near them until yesterday. My Mom and I were walking the neighborhood, when all of the sudden, right in front of me roaming thru a garden were two pigeons (have to say they were cute), I got nearer and they didn't seem to feel threatened by my presence. Hummmm.....strange, they do not fear me, and I have my retractable leash, wow,...ok I come.....*running fast* gotcha....ooops *end of leash* down I went, *pigeons fly away laughing*...."you think this is funny ah?" wait till next time, you'll see. I just wanted to make my furiend Demon Flash proud of me,...well, maybe some other day (between you and I, just wanted to scare them).

Ok, gotta go resume my guard dog duties. Bark at ya soon,
Brandy III


Movie Stars??????????

April 16th 2008 1:46 pm
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Mmmmm, know what? Last night I was barking, as usual, to my sweetheart Nikki, and we where just daydreaming ‘bout certain things. For example, we thought we might have talent for becoming famous movies or TV stars, and be able to earn so much money our pawrents would never, ever again, have to work. After we said good night, I kept that conversation in my mind, and strange thoughts came to me, which lead to even strangest dreams. In my dreams I saw ourselves as famous, talented actors, starring on various TV shows. For example, we appeared in a TV series named “Furiends”, where together with Nikki and me, there were other talented stars, my pup pals Murphy, Chloe, Foxy and George, it was pawsome. We also starred on another show called “Desperate Pups”, together with famous actresses such as, Lacey, Maddy, Sophie, Punkin, TinkerBelle, and Merry Belle Noelle.

I also dreamed ‘bout this other audience favorite one, “America's Funniest Puppy Videos”, in this one I was moderator. Nikki starred in “America's Next Top Puppy”, together with other pup beauties. There’s also this fabulous, exciting “Dancing with the Pups” show, so much talent…..And, of course my best comedy performing shows, “Everybody Loves Brandy III” and “The Fresh Pom of Bel-Air”. There was also my Mom’s favorite, “Howwwwwse”. Yes the one where a genius pup-vet surrounded by a group of brilliant pup-assistants, finds the cure for every illness in the pet world. And before I woke up, I saw a chapter of the great “Paw and Order”, so thrilling.

Well, who can tell dreams don’t come true. Maybe we could someday become real Hollywood stars, for now, I know we are our pawrents biggest, shiniest stars.

Brandy III, future Oscar winner.


My name is Trouble!

April 10th 2008 3:58 pm
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There's something 'bout me that only my Mom, my furless brother Jorge and me know. It's a furry well kept family secret which stays hidden deeply in our memories. Yes my furiend, it's has to do with my getting to mom's home for the first time. I've been thinking 'bout this for a long time now, and I came to the conclusion that's better if I open my heart to you, and get rid of this burden I carry in my soul once and for all.
You're my confident and best furiend, I hope you can keep my secret and help me understand why, .... why me?

When I first came to Mommy's house, you remember I was a surprise birthday gift right?, well my mother's landlord is her boss' wife and she didn't wanna rent to anyone having pups (unbelievable!). Jorge brought me home and when my Mom saw me she opened her eyes and I saw stars in them,....but then their expressions changed from absolute love to concern. "Who's pup is this?" my Mum asked, and Jorge's wife said: "It's yours, Happy BD"..... My Mom stood right there speechless, she did'nt say a word during the next 5 minutes. Then she held me tight and smiled again, yes!,....she loved me.

Everything was coming of roses, till my mother heard her landlord outside, and she decided to introduce me to her (Oh, oh...) the lady gave me such an ugly look...she was really pissed off. OMD! what would happen to me now? I thought. The lady asked politely, "what's his name?", and my Mom replied: "Trouble".......and that's how I got my name. I even have a doggy tag which reads "Trouble" as my name.

Time has passed and our Landlord came to like me, she even walked me when my Mom had to stay out to take care of a relative who was hospitalized. Now this nice lady knows I'm a well educated, sweet and respectful pup. She, just like everyone else, has surrended to my charms.

Later on my Mum decided my real name should be Brandy III, I didn't deserve to be called Trouble, and my name was finally changed.
...What? yes, this is it....what did you expected? isn't this enough for you? Well go to may page and listen to my music.....

Deep inside I keep feeling like "TROUBLE",

Brandy III previously known as Trouble.


My mom's sick.

April 5th 2008 4:58 pm
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Just a few minutes to say hello to you diary. I've been taking care of my mommy, she's gotta a furry bad cold and she's not feeling well. She has a sore throat and has been sneezing and coughing a lot, wonder if she could have a collapsed trachea, I hope she doesn't. What? that only happens to litle pups? You sure?....well that's a relief...I was getting worried.

Today I went for a short walk cuz I didn't wanna stress my mom too much. Right now she's at bed and I'm right besides her in case she might need anything. She's taking her meds and I have to make sure she takes them on time, I wanna see her get well pretty soon.

Well my friend, gotta run. I'll try to bark at you pretty soon, in the meantime pray that my Mum gets well.
Brandy III


Thanks Dog It's Fridayyyyyyyyy........yeah.........

April 4th 2008 11:18 am
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Hello there my precious furiend.....

How did you spend those days I was away? Did you suffer? Did you miss me?...What? you enjoyed peace and quiet?......Some furiend you are diary, well let me tell you I did miss you. least a bit, cuz I was having big fun with my cousin Barbie. There were also my furless cousin Alex and 2 visiting furless friends, we got to play and run for hours.

Of course I missed my Mom too, and most of all I missed my Nikki furry much *sighs......* Awwww, my sweet girl, I wish we never part. Did you know the nigt before I left we went pawting? Yes, we did, we went to a 70's Disco Pawty, and we had so much fun, we danced, got some drinks and....I got to kiss her *making eyes* just a quick little kiss, but it sure was the sweetest kiss I've ever had, not that I've had been kissed a lot, except for my mom, but I know this kiss will remain in my heart and in my mind furever.....
We had to kleave early cuz my mom was leaving on her trip the next day, also the pawty was getting out of control, and I had to protect my girl from all those crazy pups. But I did had a great time, and I sure hope my Nikki had it too.

Well, I'm back home now, I've resumed my guard dog duties and...*yawn* I must take a little nap right now.
It's good to be home...

Bark later diary, *more yawning*
Brandy III Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


I'll be gone.

March 26th 2008 12:09 pm
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My Mum is going to Puerto Rico to meet her great granddaughter! She’ll be gone for 5 days and so will I. No diary, I’m not going with her this time. I’m gonna stay over at my cousin Barbie’s house, yes the one who enjoys running furry much. Oh Boy, I’m gonna have such a great time. The only thing is that I’ll be missing my mommy and my furever love Nikki, ….yes of course, I’ll miss you too, don’t be so touchy. But times travels fast, don’t you worry. When? Well I’ll be going next Friday and be back by Wednesday night, you better behave in my absence, ok?

Tonight I’ll be helping my mom to pack her things and I’ll pack mine too. My Mom deserves to have some fun too, she will also be seeing my furless brother, Angel, and his family, she hasn’t seen them since last Christmas. I’m furry happy for my Mum.

I think I should tell my furpals too so they won’t be wondering where could I be.

Well, gotta go for now. I’ll bark to you as soon as I’m back, ok? Don’t be sad, promise I’ll be back soon, I’ll be thinking of you too….yes I will…smile now…..yeah! Good boy diary!!!!!!!!
Wags and licks.
Brandy III


Nice trip to the vet (yeah, right!)

March 24th 2008 11:27 am
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Hello my furiend, as you already know my mom was going to take me to the vet to check my “injured” leg, as she called it, but to tell you the truth, it was just a litlle boo-boo. I made a false step and I hurt my leg a bit, nothing that couldn’t be fixed with plenty of rest, but being my Mum the Queen of Drama she thought it necessary to have it check by the doc. *rolling eyes* Besides, I’ve been honking a bit during the last few days, and that’s sufficient to turn on my mom’s paranoid once more.

Well, we went to a new vet nearer to our home, everyone was furry nice there, but……….don’t know why, if I had an injured leg they insist in taking my temperature, I hate that, grrrr. After this, the vet’s assistant held me real tight, and that’s when the doctor took my little furry leg and stretch it, bend it, pull it, moved my knee from side to side, squeezed my knee, squeezed my hip, then he squeezed my throat, searched into my cute black eyes, almost got inside them….. Oh Boy, if I wasn’t hurt after all that pulling, moving and stretching, means I’m a real tough pom. After all that, the vet told my mom I was just fine, the only thing is that I should be getting my nip-nip as soon as possible cuz I have one of my “thingies” retained and it can be furry bad to me to leave it as it is. That’s one thing I know I won’t be able to escape from, my nip-nip surgery *tail down*.

My mommy asked the doc if she could do something to make me eat (duh, mom, give me some chicken, turkey, beef, yummy hooman food….) cuz I wasn’t paying much attention to my kibbles. And you know what, that vet has some nerves, he told my mom to leave the food on my bowl for 2 or 3 days without paying much attention to it, and that I would end up eating it when I got hungry enough, and that she shouldn’t spoil me (more?) by giving me other food besides doggie food. Imagine! But I know my mommy won’t resist my sad hungry puppy look on her, you’ll see, she’ll end up giving me some decent food, wanna bet?

Will bark to you soon.
Brandy III


Ouch!....Gotta visit the vet.

March 17th 2008 11:40 am
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Hi there diary, did you miss me?, of course you did. Let me tell you that not much been happening lately, it’s been too hot for me to go out so I’ve spent most of the time napping, Thanks Dog I don’t eat much, otherwise I would have gotten fat as a pig, no offense pawlease.

This last Saturday my mom took me to the groomer, and as usual they put a green bow on my macho head, grrrrr………. which I could bite them. Though I tried to get it off as soon as I got home these smart ladies braided the ribbon to my beautiful fur and I’m not able to get rid of the humiliating, ridiculous thing. I’m gonna ask mommy to see if she would take it off, which I doubt she will, she finds it “so cute…..”, yeah right. Hey, careful pal, no laughing allowed.

Adding insult to injury, on Saturday, I made a false move and hurt my leg. I was walking with my mom and stepped on the sidewalk somehow causing a terrible, excruciating pain that ran throughout my whole furry body. My hind left leg hurt so much I had to let go a scream and started limping. My mom got so freaked out she didn’t know what to do. She delicately scooped me and checked my paw, nothing there, then she started softly massaging my leg….”ouch, ouch, mom it hurts…” and that was it, end to my stroll, back to our house and a little more limping. After taking a few naps I felt a bit better, but regardless that, my mom called the vet and she’s taking me, under protest, to see him next Friday. Yes, I know, I told her I’m feeling better already, no more limping, I’m happy, I’m eating and doing everything as usual, but my mother says she wants to make sure there’s nothing wrong with me. *sights* You know moms, and specially mine, she’s the greatest Drama Queen of them all.

I only hope there are no shots during this visit, and most of all I hope they don’t stick that stupid disrespectful thermometer thru my rear end, that sure makes me mad *furious expression*. They should not try to mess up with me, they don’t wanna meet the real beast inside me *showing teeth*. They better be careful and treat me like a man…..Ok, ok, Mommy, I’ll behave next Friday, I promise.

Well, I’ll keep you posted diary.

Bark later,
*low tail wags*
Brandy III

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