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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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9-11 Let's not Forget.

September 10th 2008 6:31 am
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I wasn't born when this tragedy stroke my Country but My Mom told me,...... and we both cried.

She even told me about all those lives lost and all those heroes, some already gone, that risk or even gave their lives to help others in disgrace. Mom says pain gets souls to embrace each other no matter, age, color, religion or even species.
I wanna share this, one of so many, stories of a fur who was willing to risk everything in order to safe others. Here it is:


James Crane worked on the 101st floor of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center . He is blind so he has a golden retriever named Daisy. After the plane hit 20 stories below, James knew that he was doomed, so he let Daisy go, out of an act of love. She darted away into the darkened hallway. Choking on the fumes of the jet fuel and the smoke James was just waiting to die. About 30 minutes later, Daisy comes back along with James' boss, who Daisy just happened to pick up on floor 112.

On her first run of the building, she leads James, James' boss, and about 300 more people out of the doomed building. But she wasn't through yet, she knew there were others who were trapped. So, highly against James' wishes she ran back in the building.

On her second run, she saved 392 lives. Again she went back in. During this run, the building collapses. James hears about this and falls on his knees into tears. Against all known odds, Daisy makes it out alive, but this time she is carried by a firefighter. "She led us right to the people, before she got injured" the fireman explained.

Her final run saved another 273 lives. She suffered acute smoke inhalation, severe burns on all four paws, and a broken leg, but she saved 967 lives. The next week, Mayor Guilaini rewards Daisy with the Canine medal of Honor of New York . Daisy is the first civilian Canine to win such an honor.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I thought it was pawstastic.


Can you be happy and sad at the same time?

September 7th 2008 8:42 am
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Well it seems I can. Yup, diary, I'm feeling happy and relieved because apparently Ike is not gonna hit us down here, we were really worried since it is such a strong storm. My Mom was kinda nervous because we live all by ourselves, I told her that I would take care of everything, that I would be besides her to protect her and console her, she shouldn't be afraid. Besides, He always Hears our prayers and would keep us from harm. But, you know my Mom, she so paranoid. Let me tell you, just between you and I, I was furry much concerned about the safety of all who live down here, this storm seemed like a huge monster to me.

Anyway, today we are so grateful that it went far South, and it seems we will only be getting lots of rain fur at least 3-4 days, not that I like this, but less is best. So I would say I'm furry happy fur us.

Yes, I know I said I was also sad and concerned, and I am. There's all those poor humans and animals living in Haiti, Cuba, and other small islands in the Caribbean, at least I've seen in the News 'bout all the suffering and disgrace they had with Gustav and now this mean Ike is gonna hit them again real hard. Gosh, this is so terrible, so sad.
Now you understand Diary?, yes, one can be happy and sad at the same time.

Let's pray fur all fur and furless creatures who have been and who will be affected by the storms, our thoughts of wellness and blessings be with them all.

And let's pray that we don't see any more of those bad, ugly and mean storms around *bows head to pray*.


Long time ah?

September 1st 2008 10:14 am
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Hello Diary, it's been a long time since I bark at you. I can see you no longer complain, you're such a good furiend, you understand me as anyone else.....well, except my Mom and my Nikki, of course. Ok, the thing is that I'm here and I'm gonna tell you 'bout these last days.

I've been quite busy pal, we are starting to work on the wedding, we are starting to work on the plans, organizing ourselves and looking fur clothes too. We already have the invitation, thanks to Foxy's Mom, you'll be getting yours by the end of the week or sooner, yes, of course, yours will be the first one we deliver....(OMD!, what did I say about complaining?.....) We have a few furiends giving us a paw, but I'm still getting a little anxious, time flies you know..... Yes, we have the wedding set fur Oct. 11, 2008, at 4PM (Dogster time), so set aside the date because you gotta be there.

Know what?, I won 2 second prizes this last week, one fur my cowboy pic and the other fur the twins pic, isn't this pawsome? Yeah, I know, gotta give some credit to my Mom, she's always looking fur new things fur me to wear, I Love You Mommy.

Not everything has been a rose garden, Nikki's Mom got sick and she's feeling real bad, she's in a lot of pain. Wish I could do something fur her, but I can only pray fur her wellness, poor Nikki she's so worried fur her Mom, would you pawlease say some prayers fur her too?

Also my little furiend Casper, what? you haven't heard?....where have you been Diary? Poor Casper needs an emergency heart surgery to survive, almost everyfur in Dogster is trying to do something to help his Mom get the money fur the surgery. Yeah, I know, we gotta have Faith and the Power of the Paw always works, you're right, we gotta keep our pawsitive thoughts and everything will be just fine.

Besides all this, we are praying fur all those furs and hoomans suffering from Gustav's, the hurricane, effects. We also gotta keep an eye on Hanna, that storm could even come our way. More prayers needed here my furiend.

Well, gotta go fur now pal, my Mom's home today and gotta spend some time with here, gonna snugle with here on the couch right now.
Take care Diary, I'll try to get back at you soon, promise....
Brandy III



August 3rd 2008 8:16 am
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Woo-hoo!!!!! *twirls excitedely* Morning Diary, I'm so happy I can't stop chasing my tail *does the pom dance*, yeah, you know already right?.....Yes!!!!!my furiend Kobe is back home, safe & sound...naughty boy, had us with our hearts in our throats, well I'm so happy and relieved he was found by good people, and mostly that he is back with his Mom, poor Lauren, yes that's Kobe's Mom name....duh...., she was loosing her mind. Now they are happy together again, yes like the song, (funny diary....). It's gonna be a good weekend after all.

Have you taken a look at my page today? No? well some kinda friend you are, go, run, take a look *tapping paws on the floor*.......
Did you see all those wonderful febreese collars I got?....yes those are from my pals, aren't they nice? That means lots of furs think of me ah? Have you thought of giving me one too?....Yeah right,....well go ahead and do it, what are you waiting fur?.....

Be back and check on you later Diary, have a nice Sunday pal.
Brandy III


Sadness all around.

August 2nd 2008 10:15 am
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Yes my friend, I'm so furry sad. I'm know fur being a happy go lucky guy, but not today, not this las few days though. If you didn't hear my swet furiend Belle went to be with her Dad, she's now at the Bridge, I'm happy fur her, but at the same time sad fur her Mom. Well, time helps to ease the pain, or so I've heard.

In addition to this my good, loved, furiend Kobe is missing since last Thursday. It seem he got away whithout nobody noticing, yes I know, we are not supposed to get out without our Mom or Dad, but something must have happened and he just got out. His Mom is devastated, and so is is fursis Kiki. Can't imagine something like that happening to me, my Mum would be already dead from a heart attack.
Kobe's Mom is been so strong, she's doing everything possible and impossible to find him. So pawlease could you tell all you diary friends about this too? and do visit his page ID#50012 for all info.

Let's pray fur a while right now and keep hoping fur little Kobe to get back to us. *bowing heads in prayer*


Wedding plans and more....

July 29th 2008 7:36 am
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Heyyy Diary, how’re you doing friend? Me?, I’m doing great pal, just starting to work on the wedding. Yes, I know, it’s gonna be a lot of work, but it’s worth it, I wanna give my girl the wedding of her dreams. My Mom and Nikki’s Mom will be helping us fur sure, and maybe some of our good furiends will be willing to give us a paw too.
What?, well, of course Diary, you can help us too, don’t know how, though….since you can’t move…well, maybe with your pawsitive thoughts and moral support, yeah, I think that’ll do it. Thanks Diary, I know you’re always there fur me.

Oh, I forgot to bark you about Nikki’s visit. OMD! it was pawsome, she came down with her pawrents and her fursisters and we had a great time. Yes, 4 pawsome days filled with fun, friendship and love. We even went to something called “beach” where I’ve never been before. It’s ok you know, the dirt was light colored instead of dark like the one we have at our backyard, no grass only little pieces of something my Mom said where “shells”, no furry good tasting though, and then there was this huge puddle which Mom says it’s called “the ocean”. It was warm, salty and furry wet, we even got into it fur a while. You should check on my page there’s a pic too. We really enjoyed our time together, but I was a little sad when they had to leave, I miss my sweetheart so much. Yes, you’re right, we can chat everyday and have some fun here in Dogster, Thanks Dog for Dogster!, and I’m anxiously looking forward to our wedding day. You gotta be there too, you are my best buddy, and of course, we want all our Dogster pals to share our special day too.

I’ll let you know the date pretty soon so you’ll reserve the day fur us. No excuses, ok?
See you around pal,
Brandy III



July 17th 2008 7:14 am
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Oh My Dog!.....I'm gonna see my Princess TODAY!!!!! She came down here to meet me and I'm going over to see her in half an hour!!!!!
Oh Lord I'm so excited......yes I know Diary I'm always excited (....wise guy...) but this time with a good reason, I'm meeting my girlfuriend face to face, isn't this wonderful? You would be excited the way, are there female diaries too?

Well, gotta go now my Mom was to brush me and put a little doggy cologne on me, I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck, though I know she'll fall fur me as soon as she sees me, I'm iresistible, he, he, he.....

Woof! Bark later pal.
Brandy III


Am I changing?

July 8th 2008 9:08 am
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Gotta tell you 'bout this Diary. Something strange is happening to me. I think I'm changing into something different.

Why?, well let me tell you 'bout last night. I usually don't get to sleep the whole night on Mom's bed cus she's afraid I might fall (I've fallen three times already), but I'm allowed to stay on the bed while Mommy watches TV, then when she turns the TV off she moves me to my doggy bed. Sometimes I stay so quiet that my Mom falls sleep and forgets to put me down. Last night was one of those nights, I was sleepy and so was Mom, I laid at the botton part of the bed, and Mom fell sleep without noticing I was there too. the middle of the night my Mom was suddenly awaken by a strange, scaring sound......*Howwwwwlll......* "we have no wolves around this area, she thought.....OMG! Brandy, is that you sweetheart? Brandy wake up baby, you are howling!!!!! Brandy!!!" *touches me, no answer* "BRANDY!" she shakes me, I open my sleepy eyes....."what's wrong Mom?", "darling you were: Howling!". OMD, was I having a dream or am I turning into a wolf??????

Everybody knows I don't even know how to bark, so can you explain this to me Diary? How come I can howl? and in my dreams?.....
Well, just between you and me, I've always wished I could be a wolf, I admire those magnificent creatures, maybe as the saying goes: Be careful what you wish fur....cus you just might get it all.....




July 4th 2008 7:52 am
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Wow! This is a great day, don't you think Diary?

It's the USA Birthday!!!!! can you imagine? so much meaning fur us, our beautiful country, where we live can enjoy Liberty and Freedom fur all.

This is the day to give thanks to all of those who fought and still fight to keep our Nation as we know it today. Let's pray fur all of those who died while fighting fur our rights, let's pray that not many more have to give their lives fur us to live free.

Happy Birthday America!!!! I'm proud to live here!!!!

*******GOD BLESS AMERICA FOREVER!!!!, Amen*******



June 28th 2008 7:38 am
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Hi Diary, yes, I know, I've been away fur too long.....again!!!!! I'm sorry pal, but lots of things happening that got me furry busy. Any way let me tell you breifly what's been going on around here.

First of all my little special furiend Babybear had to go back to surgery, yes, its seems some of the pins in his neck had gotten loose, and this can be furry dangerous. Lots of pups praying fur him, and rying to give him and his family emotional support and a bit of financial help too. Things seem to be getting better fur him after the vets did their job, I'm pawsitive he'll be making thru this too, he's been thru a lot already, but he's a fighter. Let's keep praying fur him and his family.

Then, this week, my sweet Nikki gave us a terrible time, she wasn't feeling well and she even stopped eating (knowning Nikki this really was a bad sign), her pawrents were terrified and rush her to the vet. It seems she had a small infection, was running some fever, the doc. gave her some meds and did some blood tests. The test results were not that bad but she has to keep taking her antibiotics some excersising! can ty believe this????well that's what the vet said.
Think I'm gonna train my sweetie a bit, yeah....some rollerskating, maybe some bike riding, running, swimming, surfing.....yeah, I'm gonna help her get fit., he, he, he.....

In addition to this I gotta start getting ready cuz in three weeks mty baby will be visiting me. Oh Boy! am I excited and anxious....I don't think I have to tell this to you, you know me well pal. I'm so nervous because I gotta look my best fur my sweetheart, yeah I think this time I'll be asking my Mum to take me to the groomer and even put on some nice man smelling cologne.

Gotta go fur now, I think I've put you up to date my friend. I know, I promise I'll try to bark again soon.
Have a great weekend.

Brandy III a/k/n Lover Boy

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