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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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What a week end!

May 13th 2007 4:59 pm
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I'm so tired!, but I don't want to go to bed without barking you about all the exciting things I did this week end.
Let me start with Saturday, well, Saturday was not so good, my mother took me to the grrrrrr....grrrrrommer again. She said I needed a bath and trim. The bath and trim is not the worst part of it, those ladies really treat me very nicely, but I don't like this cutting my nails and cleaning my ears thing. And after all that, they had to put this "perfume", and can you believe what they did after that! They put a little ribbon in my masculine head, a ribbon that had "To: Mother" written on it. Common ladies, can't you see I'm all male, masculine, tough guy? My mother thought it was cute, well I'm going to scratch, scratch, and scratch untill this thing feels off or my mother takes it off.
Ok now, barking about Sunday....yeah, that's something else. As you know this was the day were all humas celebrate and cherrish their mothers, well we doggies also participate in this celebrateion because we even love our moms much more that humans, we always want to be by their side no matter what, right?... My mother was a little sad because she was thinking about my older human brother who has gone to heaven, she also mentioned my two doggie brothers who went over the Bridge, she still misses them a lot, so I tried really hard to make her smile and feel better being this a special day, Her Day. My other two human brothers and their females sent messages and several phone calls to Mom, but after noon they all came home bringing gifts to my mom, and this is the best part of it: they even brought their human puppies with them! Yes my human cousins where home and, Oh boy!, did we have fun!.... Specially the youngest one Alexandra, she 's small just like me , and she likes to scream and run all through the house, like me, I ran and ran after her, I even tried to nip at her shoes but she was faster than me. They left late in the afternoon because the puppies had school and had to get up early the next morning. Iwas really exhausted after they left, so I went into my little crate and went to sleep untill my mother woke me up, she said she was worried and started checking my heart because she though I was not feeling well, she was wrong, I was just sooo happy and sooo tired..."Mother, I need this nap to regain my energy that's all, but I'm fine can't you see my tail's still wagging?" So I slept, and slept, and slept, till I got tired of sleeping, and then,... I'm ready to start all over again.
See Mom? your energetic Pom-Pom is back on his feet again (lick, lick...).
And this was the end of a very special week end.
Arrf, arrf,
Will bark some more later on.
Brandy III.


An unexpected encounter.

May 10th 2007 4:58 pm
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I know diary, it's late for so much barking, but I wanted you to know I never forget about you. So here I am cuz I wanna tell you about what happened this morning. I met these two fellows, which I had seen before, but we had not been introduced till today. These two so-called-doggies as soon as they got near us immediately tried to bite me, can you believe it? Me! the most friendly dog they will ever see....Besides, they are soooo small... maybe that's the reason behind their vicious attack, they must be afraid and want to appear brave and strong to our eyes. And their human, he just smiled and said to my mom that I was so cute and playfull (which is true), but he did nothing to control his beasts. What's with this guy? didn't he notice how unfriendly were his dogs? They even fight with each other, I don't get it. I guess they didn't know that behind my friendly, cute expression there's a strong, tough, fierce macho dog waiting inside me to let them have it. Yeah, I think they wanna piece of me... Their human said before we left that we would be seen each other tomorrow. Oh yeah brother, we will....grrrrr, grrrrr.
My mother said that I had to remain "calm and submissive" (that Dog Whisperer syndrome again) and be nice to those " little beasts", that these guys are Yorkies and they are sometimes bad tempered, but it's just because thay are so small. I don't know, maybe she's right. I think I'll give these guys another chance.
I'll keep you posted diary.
Brandy III


I didn't know.

May 9th 2007 5:15 pm
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Dear diary, my mother is trying to teach me more about the world surrounding us. She says that I'm her joy and happiness but that she worries because sometimes I behave as if I was the Center of the Universe ( I even have a blue shirt that says so) and that there are other doggies which are not as lucky and blessed as I am. At first I though she was kidding or going insane, but after she started talking to me and telling me about other dogs I've realized she was really serious.

My mother told me about other dogs which were abandoned and left alone by people who moved away and left them behind, in some cases they were left tied to a tree or fence without water or food. I couldn't believe that there could even exist such bad, terrible humans, I thought all humans were just like my family, now I know it's not so. She said that sometimes people got little puppies because they were cute and funny but then when they grew up they no longer wanted them so they took them to shelters or even throw them out to the streets, how cruel. I also learned that there is some sick people that like to hurt, punish, physically abuse and starve not just dogs, but other kind of animals too. When my mom, saw little tears in my eyes she picked me up and held me tight because she doesn't want to see me (or any other living thing) suffer. She said: "you are blessed because you have a family who loves you and takes care of you, and who would never, ever do anything to hurt you. You are our baby and we will always adore you".

I'm sure glad I have a family, but I was so sad and worried for all those pups that don't have one. I had to ask, is there anyone in this world who helps and protects these poor, unfortunate animals? "yes, there is", my mom said. "Sweetie, there are lots and lots of good people who help as many as possible of those less fortunate animals". " There are many groups of people trying to give protection, provide shelter and look for good homes to place them, and we have to Thank God for those people and pray that every day there are more and more of them".

Yes, I Thank God (cuz I know He Loves us as much as He Loves humans) and of course, I will pray that He Helps those good people who want to help and save all animals in need. I hope there's a lot of us dogs praying to Him too.

I'll bark to you later.
Pommie love,


Mooondayyy morning, yawwwnnn....

May 7th 2007 10:22 am
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How're you doing diary? yes, I know, kind of bored right? well today's Monday and it's difficult to get up in the morning, specially if you've had a night like the one we had last night. You want to hear my story?...ok, let me tell you then....yawnnn, yawwnn, I'm sorry but I'm still sleepy.

Yesterday was a quiet and kind of "I've got nothing-to-do" Sunday, in the morning went for a walk through the neighborhood, by the way I met a new girlie, she is cute and looks like a little fox, my mother says she was a Shiba Inu and that she comes from Japan, she also said that this is a far away place; anyhow, she was very friendly and I kind of liked her. I hope I can see her again sometime. After our walk we went back home and my mom was a little upset with me (not to say really angry) because I still keep that bad habit of picking up strange things from the ground, and if I pick a lot of those and swallow some of them I get digestive problems, you know, right?.... Later in the afternoon, one of my human brothers came to visit with his wife and puppy, I mean child. I played a little with them but they left pretty soon, so I went directly to resume my afternoon nap.

When I got up from my nap I found my mother watching tv, but I noticed she had a concerned look in her eyes, I also noticed that outside the sun had gone somewhere and even when it was not late it was pretty dark. "What's going on mommy?", I asked with my sweetest little bark (I knew something bad was happening because we dogs have a special way to recognize Mother Natures' signs), "not much, swetie, there is a tornado warning and we should go now to a safer room in our house". So she turned off the tv, took her cell phone, a flash light, she picked me up and we went straight to the bedroom where we could watch the news on the small tv. My mother tried to seem calm but I know her well, she was really upset and scared. I really don't know what a tornado is like, but she told me it was not good, and that we better be ready and safe than sorry. And that's when it all started, my mother put me in her bed and sat besides me, as she watch the tv she started getting more and more upset, she pulled me to her lap..., she placed me on the bed...., she called my human brothers to check on them....., she picked me up again, she hugged me ...., we walked to the bathroom and back to the bedroom, she checked the closet and went back to the tv, she put me down....: "are you ok Brandy?"... Sure Mom, are YOU ok, Mom?...Picked me up again, (more hugs, and some kisses)...and this went on and on for about an hour and a half, which seemed like a year and a half. Finally, after a lot of thunder, wind and rain, the News announced that the storm had gone away, now my mother can be in peace and I can be free again. It's already time to go to bed and I'm ok with that, it's been a tough night, sleep tight and sweet dreams mommy, we've made it thru the storm!
This was my Sunday diary, yeah, pretty exciting. Arrf, will bark to you soon.
Brandy III (a tornado-warning- hysterical- mother survivor).


My mother drives me crazy.

May 3rd 2007 10:55 am
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Yes, as I've told you before, my mother is a very sweet, nice person, she loves me dearly and I love her much more in return, but....sometimes she makes me go nuts. She wants so much to protect me that she thinks everything and everyone is going to hurt me. Common Mom, I'm a tough guy. You know what the Dog Whisperer says: "you've got to remain calm and assertive". Never, never, go nervous or excited around other doggies.

Well, my mother forgets all of Cesar's advises as soon as she sees another dog going unleashed somewhere near, or not so near, to me. She literally goes out of her mind; she gets hysterical (no offense Mom) she starts pulling me back or speeding up our walk to get away as far as possible from the loose doggie, and sometimes she even picks me up, holds me real tight, and most probably gets me back home in a rush. Dear mother, please remember I'm a dog too.

Let me tell you about this time when we were going home from our morning walk:
-----It was Saturday morning and we were going back inside because it was pretty hot outside, when we were almost at our front door, all of the sudden.....
Arrrfff, arrrff, woooof, wooof, (stump, stump) out of nowhere came this huge yellow beast running directly toward us and, with his big mouth wiiiide open, getting directly to me! "AAAaaayyy!", my mother screamed and not knowing what to do, she panic and started pulling my little body from side to side trying to avoid the beast. Again and again she pulled from side to side as is I was a puppet looking all around her whith an horror expression in her face. No one there to help us... she finally picked me up, and saved me from the Beast (???) who was now jumping all over my mother. Grrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrr, LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE YOU BEA.... Oh, hello Indy (my friendly neighbor) I'm so sorry, we thought you were someone else. - "Mother, please, how couldn't you see it was just Indy my yellow lab retriever friend", oh gosh!, I'm so embarrassed. And my neck hurts so much.
Now mother, calm down please, lets' go inside and have some cool water to drink.
See you later Indy, gooood dooog. Mother how could you? this guy is my friend and now he'll think I'm a mama's boy. Yes I know you're sorry, smoooch (pommie kiss) I love you too, very, very much. Never mind, Indy will probably understand (or hopefully forget).------

What? you laughing? you think its funny? Yes dear diary, that's my mother. But what can I do? I love her so.


Today I saw her!

May 1st 2007 7:28 pm
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Yes diary, while going into my morning short walk my mother and I passed by a man walking his doggie...I know, that's nothing new around here, but then when I looked back I saw that the man wasn't just walking a dog, oh no, he was walking the prettiest little girl I've ever seen... She's short like me and her body, waooo, she sure is loooong, her ears are not up like mine but they are long and her cute little nose is a bit long too. My mom says she's a "dachshund" (don't know what she ment) and that eventhough she's beautiful she's very different to me. Well I've got news for you, I don't care if we are different, I wanna see her again.

The only thing is that this girl didn't stop to look at me twice, she just saw me and kept on walking as if she didn't care. I know girls are supposed to be like this, they look at us guys as if we didn' t exist, that's the way of making us go after them. The human with her said to my mother: "Good morning, this is Daisy" (Daaaaisyyyy...), "and she's fully socialized"....then kept on walking straight ahead. Still don't get it, what does he mean by that? I asked my mom if I was not "socialized" and she said: "no, not yet"...MMmmm, maybe that's why she didn't pay attention to me, this has to be the reason because otherwise she wouldn't have been able to resist my charm and strong personality, nor my big dark eyes and shinny hair.

Know what, I'm gonna get "socialized" no mater what. Get ready for me girlies, you'll see what a"socialized" pommie can do. Watch me Daisy, here I come.
Wooof, wooofff!
Brandy III


Dog Whisperer syndrome.

April 27th 2007 11:29 am
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I'm baaack....Grrrrr, arrf, know what? today is the day where I have to watch with my mother that tv "educational" pogram "Dog Whisperer". Yes my mother calls it educational because she says she learns a lot and I'm supposed to learn much more. I don't think that "calm, submissive energy" thing goes with me. My mom says I'm already one year old and I'm supposed to be already be a more calm, submissive and obedient dog, well, I don't agree. I'm permanently in an "excited energy" mood,... except of course, when its "take a nap on mommy's lap time " which is usually the time when she watches her favorite soap operas.

It is not that I don't like that dog whisperer thing, that guy, Cesar?, he's got some nerves, he really knows his thing, and I like all those great doggies ruling his world, he thinks he's the leader...naaaahhh, I don't think so. It is just that we doggies like to pretend humans are our owners, but we are the real kings of the world, WE DOGS RULE! (specially Poms).

But it's ok, I like to please my mom more than anything in this world, so I'll watch the program with her and take the opportunity of seing some pretty furry faces on tv. I'll ket you know how it goes with tonights' Cesar's adventures. Oh Boy, I admire that guy Daddy, (he sure can be calm and unstressed) wish I could be like that.



Yeah right!..........

April 26th 2007 12:48 pm
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I'm were probably thinking, "what's with this dog?...sometimes he barks two or three times a day and then disappears as if I didn't exist". No, never, dear diary, what would I do without you? You are my confident, the only one, besides my Mom, to whom I can tell everything, in full confidence that no one else will ever hear it from you (yeah, right!...).

Anyway, here I am, back on my four paws and ready to bark and bark untill you're tired of hearing me.

I think I made my mother mad at me this morning, don't know why when we were walking this morning I did something that I had never done before. Something came into me, something dark and evil, a strange force which came into my little furry body and all of the sudden I had something in my mouth, I had picked up a strange object from the grass and was carrying it in precious mouth, between my beautiful white little teeth, as if it was the most valuable treat I would ever get.... When my mother realized I had something in my mouth she said her usual "drop-it", drop-it!, DROP-IIIT!!!...) but I couldn't let go, it wasn't my fault, don't now what was going on, I couldn't let IT go... So Mommy, as she usually does, pulled my leash, made me sit and opened my mouth (I still would'nt let go..), she put her fingers inside my mouth and with great effort, but tenderly, took out my precious object....

"Yaaak!", my mom screamed and went like crazy, "It's cat's P.....",... "Brandy, you filthy little thing...why? could you...?" ---- of course she dragged me back home and washed my mouth, teeth, my face, and she rubbed her hands again and again with hot water and soap. Sometimes my mother is like this, she's some "drama queen", as if I was the first doggie in the world to make this kind of mistake. Besides, it was'nt my fault, SOMETHING MADE ME DO IT....

I'm so sorry Mommy. Do you still love me?

Yes, of course you do.


I'm not sure if I should do it.

April 24th 2007 8:55 am
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I wasn't sure to do this but my mother said it's ok to show my feelings and that it will honor my friend's memory. She read it in a book by Jim Willis (she admires this man) "Pieces of My Heart", so here it is:

I Loved You Best

Copyright Jim Willis 2001
Web Site: Tiergarten Care Fund

So this is where we part, My Friend,
and you'll run on, around the bend,
gone from sight, but not from mind,
new pleasures there you'll surely find.
I will go on, I'll find the strength,
life measures quality, not its length.
One long embrace before you leave,
share one last look, before I grieve.
There are others, that much is true,
but they be they, and they aren't you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
will remember well all you've taught.
Your place I'll hold, you will be missed,
the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.
And as you journey to your final rest,
take with you this...I loved you best.

In your loving memory my friend.


I don't understand.

April 24th 2007 7:18 am
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Hello diary, I wasn't go to bark at you today cuz I don’t feel like barking today, but my mother always says that there's nothing better than a day after another and we should always keep looking forward.

You might be wondering why I'm talking like this being so young myself, well, let me tell you that something happened with a dear friend of mine which I wasn't expecting and is making me feel so sad. Some things are difficult to me to understand, I don't know if it's because I'm so young. Mommy says I shouldn't feel sorrow because he is now a furry angel and will always be with us..., I believe her. I’ll pray for him and his Mom.

Ok, since life goes on, and I have so much to be grateful for, I promise you I'll try my best to behave as the happy, merry-go-lucky ball of fur I've always been.

You know what? today when I went for my usual walk (do my morning business) I saw the most cute little chihuahua (???) pup I've ever seen (as if I've seen so much....) he was barking at me like crrrrazy (imagine, he is as big as a little mouse), he looked so cute I wish my mother would have let me get near him, instead she pulled me back home saying “I” was upsetting the poor puppy, GRRRRRR, can you believe this?. How come the blame's always on me? being myself the friendliest doggy in the whole world, my mother thinks I'm over-friendly and sometimes "intimidate" (some word ,ah?) others with my excess friendliness. Would this be possible? Well, if I would be able to meet more doggies this may not be as she says. What do you think?

Woof, I'll keep on barking to you later.

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