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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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Humans are so strange.

June 21st 2007 10:55 am
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Remember I told you I was getting a new human cousin? and that it was going to be a girl? well she was born last Monday, everyone in the family, including me are so excited (nothing new for me), everybody around here is talking about the new puppy,…..errrr,…I mean baby. My mother is so happy and Thankful to God that everything came out fine, both mother and baby came out fine, and if my Mum is happy this makes me happy too. I haven’t seen her yet, even though my Mum showed me a photo she took on her phone and she looks ok to me, little, cute and with lots of dark hair, only in her head, (uhmmm that’s funny, humans don’t get beautiful fur on their bodies), she was placed on some kind of little bed and was all wrapped up with cloth. Humans are strange, don’t you think diary? My mom says she’s going to take me sometime soon so that I can meet her; I’m so anxious and curious to see her. As soon as possible I’m gonna take a good sniff at her, and if possible give her a few licks, need to recognize her and make sure she is part of my family.
I’ll bark to you to let you know how it goes.
Brandy III


Some news.

June 18th 2007 7:01 am
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Hi diary, I'm sorry cuz I'm sure you've been missing me. I was not able to write before cuz I'm not allowed to use the writting thingy if my Mum's not home, and she's been kind of busy this last days. But don't cry, I'm back! , you'll never get rid of me.

Well let me tell you that as you may already know my cousing Stefie is staying with us and I loooove that girl. She pays me all the attention I deserve,she plays with me and even when she's watching tv she picks me up and lets me sleep on her lap (just like Mom does). Yesterday we saw together a movie about some doggies which were left in a very cold place while their human tried to get back to rescue them, it had some sad moments but at the end most of them did ok. Those guys are really breave and smart, I wish that when I grow up I can be like them, though my mother says that even when we are related, they are different in some ways they are "Siberian Huskies" and I'm a Pommie, they are special in their own way...... and so Am I.

On another note, let me tell you that I'm gonna get a brand new human cousin today. Yes, my mother juts got a call and they told her that one of my human aunts, Dayla, is giving birth to a new puppy, ...errr, I mean baby. How cute, a new baby in the family, ain't that fun?

Ok, I gotta go now, need to take a nap. Will bark soon.
Brandy III


Oh Boy!

June 15th 2007 6:37 am
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Diary, my mommy told me you've been picked as "Dogster Daily Diary Pick!" again today!

Your becoming famous diary, this is the third time since we got into Dogster. I think I'm getting a bit jealous, you're getting more attention than me, and that's something I can't stand....Naaaaaaah, just kidding, you know you're my best friend and I really care about you.
Congratulations Diary, you are great (but I'm the greatest).

Just wanted to say I'm happy for you and I'll be bark ing to you later.

Pommie kisses and hugs.
Your best friend,
Brandy III


True story?

June 13th 2007 12:32 pm
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Yesterday morning on our daily walk thru the neighborhood my Mom and I saw the biggest, fattiest, hairiest creature I’ve ever seen. It was looking at me with suspicious eyes and when I tried to get near (just to say hi) it’s hairs got up and it made this pzzzzzzz! strange sound, just between you and me, it was the weirdest sound I’ve ever heard. My Mum pulled me back and said to leave him alone because he was a big cat and I could get in trouble. Later, when we were back home, I asked my mother about all that dog-chasing-cat story. Why are dogs “supposed to chase cats”?, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. My mother said that this is a story that has been told for ages, it comes from times in which all species lived together as if being all the same kind.

“This is the story as my grandparents told their children, and then my parents told me:
Once, long ago, Dog was married to Cat. They use to live happy together, the only thing was that, every night when Dog came home from work, Cat said she was too sick to make him dinner. Dog was patient with this talk for a while, but he soon got mighty tired of fixing dinner for them both after a hard day's work. After all, Cat just stayed home all day long.
One day, Dog told Cat he was going to work, but instead he hid in the cupboard and watched Cat to see if she really was sick. As soon as Cat thought Dog had left, she turned on the radio and started singing and dancing around, playing games with Kitten. They laughed and ran about. Cat wasn't the least bit sick! Dog jumped out of the cupboard so mad at her that he started chasing her around and around the house…and
--------Dogs have been chasing Cats ever since.

This is as I’ve been told.”

What do you think diary, should I believe this?
Brandy III



June 13th 2007 10:57 am
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First of all, diary, I wanna thank all my doggie pals who have signing my guestbook, even though some of them have not been able to place their pictures, I really feel happy to see all the messages they have been leaving for me.
Thanks sooooooo much to all of you guys, I love you will all my pommie heart. Wish you could see me chasing my tail over and over again.

Pommis Kisses to all of you.

Brandy III


I was so busy.

June 11th 2007 11:49 am
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Haven’t forgotten you diary, you’re my closest friend, you know that. Haven’t been able to bark at you much these days cuz my human cousin Stefie, from Kissimmee, yes Bud and Midori’s human sister, was spending the week-end with my Mum and me. Stefie is my oldest human brother's daughter, and she’s a doll. She’s very sweet and enjoys playing with little doggies just like me. She caresses my beautiful fur, she picks me up to sit by her side, she talks to me, and in return I wag my tail at her, I give her lots of pommie kisses, I run after her, I stole her sandals, I took her hair brush, I nipped at her pants, what else could she need to be happier, she has my full attention on her, I’m sure there’s nothing more she can wish for.
Too bad she is leaving today, she’ll be staying at my other cousin’s (Ainez) house because my mothers has to go to work and says she can’t be left alone, as if I was not enough of a guardian to take good care of her, but you know Moms.
Anyway, Stefie will be coming back next Friday, and we’re gonna have a ball! Can’t wait till then. ( whao!, I'm so excited!) What?.... you said what?... no that's not true, I'm not always this excited....well, sometimes...ok!!!!!!! you're right, most of the time I am, but this only means that I'm a very happy pooch, one who loves and enjoys Life.
You're such a wise guy diary!
Bark later.
Brandy III


Tagged again!

June 10th 2007 5:04 pm
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Here we go again....I've been tagged (Thanks Sophie), and for the ones that don't know the game, this are the rules:
(Hint: Copy and paste the rules so you don't have to type them again):

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a p-mail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1. I 'm a very social and friendly pooch..
2. I like to have baby carrots as treat.
3. I like to sleep on mommy's lap while she watches tv.
4. I like to chase squirrels and birdies ( but I'm not allowed to).
5. I beautiful black and tan markings.
6. I was given as a gift to my mother.
7. I've lots and lots of squeaky toys.
Woof, woof,

I tagged Joe,Toffee, Lady, Molly, Liz, Bridget, & Kiki. (Sophie tagged me).

Have Fun!


My own brand new guestbook.

June 7th 2007 11:23 am
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Tell me diary, have you been visiting my page lately? Be honest…., well if you have, then you must have seen that my mom added my Brand New guestbook. My mother is not much of a computer wizard you know, she’s very good in many other stuffs but this computer thingy is not among her strongest features. But she would sure do anything to make me the happiest pooch in this world, and believe me, I am for sure.

Since this is my new guestbook I’ll have to ask all my pals to come and sign in, and I’ll ask my mother to keep on adding photos, and why not, some videos too.

Ok, here we go:

This is a sincere “official invitation” to all my doggie friends to
pleeeeeease come to my page and sign my guestbook. Hope you all do.

Note: Any suggestions on how my Mom can improve her computer skills will be appreciated.

Arrrf, arrrf, will bark again soon.
Hugs and kisses,
Brandy III


Is it bad to grow up?

June 5th 2007 7:41 am
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Heeeeyyy Diary! How are things going? hope everything is grrrrreat. Well, today I've not much to tell you. I was just having a little chat with my Mum since I noticed a little sadness in her eyes. My mother's eyes never lie and eventhough I tried to cheer her up a little, all my kissing, nipping, jumping and chasing my tail was not enough to take away that look in her eyes. So finally I asked her what was wrong, and this is what she told me.

“I received a message from a friend this morning and it made me think that sometimes when creatures grow up, time comes in which they are no longer so agile and energetic, their physical appearance is not the same, and even their spirit sometimes seems to be tired. Sometimes, just sometimes, we humans forget about the times when this living creature, no matter kind, breed or size, shared with us happiness, love, loyalty, trust, strength and valor. We can even forget that they were our true companions in good and in bad times. This is so sad, yes really sad, to see all these senior dogs and cats which are left behind by their once called “friends” or “owners” ( I don’t think you can “own” any living creature you can just share your life with them), the shelters are full of this babies and there’s so little we can do. Brandy, I really wish humans could realize that these grown up (don’t like the word old) babies can bring so much love and joy to our hearts and that they deserve to have a warm and soft place to stay until they are ready to leave this world. Yes, I know we can’t change things from one day to another, but we can sure try make other humans to be compassionate and understand that we have to give in return a little of what we have abundantly received.”

Don’t you worry Mum, we’ll never grow up, and we’re gonna be together for ever, it’s a promise.

Diary, is getting “old” a bad thing?
Brandy III


Too much rain.

June 2nd 2007 4:05 pm
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Hello diary, not much been happening around here. It's been raining since yesterday, so I've not been able to enjoy my long walks with my Mum. Today my mother was house cleaning for most of the day and I kept most of the day taking naps and waiting for the rain to stop (didn't happen).
My mother finished her cleaning now and she said she's gonna brush my hair, meaning I'm gonna get: eyes cleaned, ears rubbed, my fur brushed and perfumed, everything included. Well, there's nothing more to do, so I'll try to enjoy a little pampering. Ok, Mom go ahead and give me some, it's like going to a private spa. Ummmm....

Will bark later,.... ouch! that hurts...(my fur's a bit tangled) easy mom, yeah, that's better.

Brandy III

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