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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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Good as new!

July 18th 2007 6:58 pm
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Yes, I'm feeling grrrrr-eat again. Thanks to all my pals good thoughts and to that pinky stuff my mom made me swallow eventhough I fought as hard as I could (it's so disgusting...) trying not to let her put it into my little mouth, ugh!. I now have to regain all my energy and the time I lost because I was not feeling well, let the World be ready cuz Brandy is here again.

Let me tell you diary, that this day started so very well....Why?...well cuz I got into my foxy neighbor, remember about her?, the very cute and energetic japanese girl I like soooo much. And the best of all was that her human let her come near me (she was so anxious to) then we started running and playing in the grass till our leashes got tangled up, oh boy, it was pawsome! She is all girl. After a few minutes her human said good bye and took her away, even when I tried to protest by whining and jumping, but my Mum also had to leave for work. How sad, but anyway we really had fun and I sure hope we can do it again, it's like going into what humans call the first date, this time we really got so close to each other.
Wooof, wooof, I've to go to bed now.
Sleep well diary,
Brandy III


I met my new human puppy cousin.

July 17th 2007 12:12 pm
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Yes diary, I finally came to meet Tyra, her parents brought her to our house for a little while. Well, let me tell you, as you already know this is my first human puppy so I was quite curious (but not impressed). I was called to get near her and all I could see was a little bundle, then my mom took her in her arms and took off all the “wrappings” so that I could see her better. She’s ok, but she’s so little, I’m bigger than her, and she only has fur (or should I say hair) on her tiny head, she has tiny fingers and big dark eyes. When at home she started making strange noises, and they said she was hungry, and her mom started to feed her (at least they did it just like my doggy mom used to do, which I think is the correct way). Bottom line, I think she’s pretty cute and sweet, but too delicate for my taste. My mom told me: “Just wait a few months, and you’ll see”….
Ok, we’ll see………
Gotta go now cuz I'm not feeling well, my little tummy hurts, my mother says that this is because I keep eating all these unidentfied stuff I find on the ground.
Take care,
Brandy III (I feel sick)


To the Vet????!!!!

July 13th 2007 6:23 pm
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Ok, now, did I hear right? I just heard my Mother saying she made an appointment for next Monday! I'm not feeling sick mommy, why should I go to the doc? what?, yes I know I'm not eating so well, but it's because there's so hot that I don't get that hungry, besides I would like a little variety in my doggy food once in a while. Maybe some pork chops, a nice juice steak for a change, or even some rice and beans. No? why not diary? It's not good for me? and mothers know best....ok, I get the point. But it wouldn't hurt a bit if I could have a tiny bite of ham and cheese sandwich. My mother said that she'll ask the vet if he can give me some vitamins, but I really don't think it's a good idea, I'm so strong already that I could be a real menace if I become stronger. Just between and me, dry doggie food can become so boring sometimes, but well if it's healthier and helps me keep my pretty canine teeths in good shape, then I'll probably try to deal with it. I'll be fine by getting little baby carrots, an apple bite, some of mommy's tosted bread, and a bit of cheese, once or twice a week, plus my other doggie treats of course.

And in relation to my trip to he vet next Monday, I'm keeping my paws crossed wishing that they forget to check my temperature.
I'll bark to you in relation to this pretty soon.
Brandy III


So much fun.

July 12th 2007 3:52 pm
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I'm sooooo happy! Yes diary I'm having tons of fun with my job as group administrator, together with my friends Toby and Teddy we are welcoming all the new members wich gives me opportunity to meet other nice doggies, and make some new friends. I'm also happy cuz I don't have to stay home by myself while my mom's at work, my human cousin Nicole is still with us (oh boy, I'm gonna miss her so much when she goes back home). My mother says I'm becoming such a spoiled pooch that she's going to have to place me in a "Doggie boot camp" (I don't think she's serious about this).
Just because I get all excited and try to nip at her jeans, or I keep jumping in front of her to get me into the coach or into bed, or because I grab my toys all over the house, and when we go for a walk I try to chew on my leash, I wanna lead, and go whatever direction I decide is best. Do you think this means I'm spoiled?
No, of course not.
This time my Mum's wrong.
I'm just a pup with a strong personality who knows what he wants, and goes for it.
Don't you agree with me?
Brandy III


Special entry for Pomeranians.

July 10th 2007 9:56 am
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I was thinking diary, a few days ago I was walking my mom and a car stopped beside us, a human (kinda old guy) asked my mother if I was a pomeranian, of course she proudly answered "yes". Then the guy started making some strange questions to my mother, he asked if I had been for a long time at home because he was going to get for himself a pom but had the concern about the way they are supposed to be. He said that he had heard we were hard to train (not true at all), bad tempered, not good with little human puppies (I meant children), etc. My mother got pretty upset and told him that none of this was true, and she started talking beautiful things about poms.

After all this happened I kept on thinking, I 'm my mother's first Pomeranian, so when I came into my mum's life she started searching the web for information regarding our breed. Everywhere she looked there were some common traits as: being overprotective, territorial, and demanding dogs; not happy among little children; too much barking; kind of grumpy character; and other not so appealing traits. I want to ask you diary, do you think this is supposed to be always true? Here is what my mother says about me: "Brandy III is always happy, have never seen him mad, loves little children, always goes out to do his businesses, never, and I mean NEVER barks, and he likes to be friends with every living creature, in fact he’s too friendly sometimes."

Now I'm getting an identity issue, should all poms be grouchy? Cuz then, I'm afraid I may not be Pomeranian at all..... What do you think?...Naaaaa!, I must be a Pom because I sure look like one.....Yes! I'm pawsitively sure I'm a PUREBREED POMERANIAN, and I'm proud of it.

Gotta go now,

Brandy III, The Pom


I'm baaaaaack!

July 9th 2007 7:49 am
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Hi there diary, well let me tell you that I finally got to meet my cousin Nicole. By the way, let me tell you that she’s Stefanie’s older sister (they don’t live together cuz they have different moms). She looks somehow like Stefie but she’s 18 and she lives in Puerto Rico. Nicole is staying with us for 2 or 3 weeks so we’ll probably have enough time to come to know each other better. Up to now my impression would be that she’s a nice human young kid, she’s beautiful and she likes doggies, I’m sure she’s gonna looooove me (who doesn’t?), up to now she has been telling mum how beautiful I am, and she even took pictures of me…..I’m a star, you know. She’s not as playful as Stefie, but who cares, humans are all different from each other, and some like to play more than others. I’ll teach Nicole to play more, maybe her doggie hasn’t been able to do it yet, who knows.

On another thought, last Saturday was grrrrrrrrrrrrrooming day, as usual they made me take a bath, then clip my tiny nails, clean my ears and eyes, blow dry and brush my hair, and (I really hate this part) squeeze my rear end. And after all these “pampering” (??) they sprayed some doggie cologne on me which my Mom loves. So there I was looking like a little birthday present to my mommy, ribbon and all, waiting till my mother came and picked me up. Ok, this is the price we have to pay for being so cute, I don’t really mind because the sacrifice is worth it when I see my mother’s face shinning with happiness. She hugs me real tight, and kisses me, she even takes a few sniffs at me (oh boy, that I like!) and tells everybody she’s so proud of me. You know diary? that’s my real job: making my mom happy. And I enjoy it so much.

I gotta go now, but I’ll bark again pretty soon.
Brandy III (I’m so cute!...)


My cousin's gone..............

July 4th 2007 4:36 pm
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Hello diary, I'm kinda sad cuz my cousin Stefie left today. She's gone back home to her mom in Kissimmee, I know that even when we were having so much fun she was missing her mommy, I don't think I could stay away from my mother for so long, nope, I'm sure I couldn't. We spend a lot of time together while my mom was at work and now I'm gonna miss her so mother says that my other cousin Nicole is coming to stay with us for a whole month, I don't know her but my mothers said she also loves little dogs, so we're probably going to get along well (I'm so lovable that there's no one who can resist my charm, she's gonna love me too).
On the other hand I was surprised to find out that I've been named administrator of one of my groups! (tail wags) I gotta talk to my mom to find out which are my duties and jobs for becoming a good group administrator. I don't know if I will be able to do it right, but I'm sure gonna try to do my best together with the rest of the administrators and the group members of course.
Wish me luck.
Brandy III


Too Hot!

July 3rd 2007 7:37 am
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Arrrrf, grrrrrrrrrr, I'm so tired of this!...yes, I love sunny days but this is too much for my taste. In the mornings it's too hot for me to go out, I have to go do my business in a hurry and go back inside, later on I'm no allowed to even get my little funny face outside cuz we are having temperatures of 90-97, then in the afternoons,................ Eeeeeveryday it pours, we have electric storms, and I can't go out!!!!!! I have not been able to see other doggies in my neighborhood for more than a week now, I'm afraid they are going to forget about me. Yes, I know YOU don't forget about me even when I don't bark at you as often as you would like me to, but this is different, you are my best friend, and you're always there to listen. Ok, ok, I'm here now, and I'm barking at you, you shouldn't be mad at me. Oh I see what you mean, if I can't be outdoors as much as I would like to, then I have much more time to spend with you. Well, I supposed you're right, friends are friends, and we should always have enough time to spend with a true friend. Thanks to this hot summer I can see how important true friendship is, from now on I'll try not to whine so much and pay more attention the ones who care for me.
Wags and hugs for you Diary,
I'l bark soon.
Brandy III


Home Alone!!!!

June 26th 2007 7:49 am
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Oh gosh, I was left all by myself for a whole night! Can you believe this? This is the first time in my whoooole life I’ve sleeping all alone in our house.
Wanna know why? well let me tell you how things happened: You already know I have a brand new human cousin, it’s a baby girl and her name is Tyra, she was born last week and she’s so little she can’t be left alone, so her mommy is always by her side. This baby cries a lot when she’s hungry, meaning she’s crying most of the time and nobody is able to sleep at night at their home. My mother, being who she is, volunteered herself to stay one whole night at my human brother’s house to help them out with their puppy, woops, I’m sorry, I mean the baby, meaning “I” had to stay home alone (yes, leave the poor doggie at home).
--------“Yes, Mum I know, I understand, she’s so little, cute and fragile, and her mother’s so tired… she needs to rest and she deserves some help from us. Ok, I know, I know, I’m a teenager who can take care of himself for one night. But the thing is mommy, that we have never been apart for sooo looooong, one whole night!!!!!! What if I have nightmares? or if someone tries to get into our house and I have to fight him, bite, rip his clothes, and defend our property? What if they charge me of assault, or they say I may have rabies, or that I’m a vicious dog that has to be put to jail….what if….
Yes Mom, you may be right, I might be a little scared of being left alone, I really need you by my side to snuggle me, kiss and hug me, and put me to bed EVERY night.
YES! that’s right, I’m a spoiled pooch! When are you coming back? in the morning?, alright, I’ll be good mom. Don’t forget to leave enough kibbles, water and all my toys to keep me company, oh! and remember to please leave the radio on with soft music, and one light on please. Kiss, kiss, bye mom (tail goes down)”------.
It sure was the longest night! But tomorrow the sun will shine again (I hope so….).
………And it did, my Mother’s back and she’s all mine.
Brandy III


My experiences in life: A waterhole.

June 25th 2007 8:43 am
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Juts this morning we were walking the neighborhood as usual, and as usual we passed by several waterholes which my mother explained are called
“ fountains” (we live at Coral Gables, and this city is where the Spaniards who came to conquer Florida used to settle, and this is why houses, gardens, buildings, streets, etc., are beautifully constructed and their preservation is strongly protected by the government), I usually don’t pay much attention to these “fountains” but something came into me this morning and curiosity won over me…… I was walking, sniffing the ground and suddenly I got near one of those fountains, I took a deep breath, I sniffed a little…. and since I liked what I smelled I decided to get on the border of the fountain so….. I jumped….lost my balance….and into the water I fell!....Splash!, splash, gulp, gulp, ouch,….. my Mum, as always, was there to help me out she pulled me by the leash and took me out, but I was all, and I mean ALL wet. My beautiful fur covered with wet and recently cut grass, I even had a little baby frog (tadpole?) looking at me with big eyes and a funny smile, entangled in my beautiful hair, yaaaak! I needed an emergency cleaning job so back home we went.
Well such is life, you have to experience all kind of situations to grow, and I’m becoming such a wise-dog I think I can be a grrrrr-eat role model for any young pup.
Don’t you agree with me diary?, of course you do.

It’s been nice barking at you, take care,
Mr. Brandy III

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