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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

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Day after Halloween.

November 1st 2007 11:23 am
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Yawwwnnnnnnnn……..ahhhhh (stretching).................
Heeeyyy, Good Morning to you Diary. What?, (yawn…) you thought I was never gonna get up, ah? Well, let me tell you, I’m exhausted, yes yesterday night was grrrrreat. This was the first time my Mom ever let me up so late. This was a pawsome Halloween, we went to a party called “Halloween at the Mile” and, oh boy, there were so many kids (some of them looked kinda scary) wearing fabulous disguises, and quite some pups too, wearing both funny and scary costumes. Even though we are under storm warning, the party was on and we really had fun. The only negative situation occurred when we met this guy looking like a horrendous vampire, he came so near to my Mom that there was nothing else I could do, I started growling (for the first time in my life) and my mother had to hold me real tight; but I had to let this guy know who I was: “Underbrandy”, and that I was in charge, so the best way to do this is “MARK” your territory….and so I did…..
Don’t know why my Mom got so upset, I’m supposed to protect her from all evil, right?
Well after many exciting events happening around us, and some tasty treats which I was able to much, it started to rain…………aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, and we had to leave the party and get back home. Boy, was I tired, but so happy and excited I could get to sleep for a while. Thanks Mom for letting me have so much fun. I’ll be looking forward to next year’s Halloween.
For now I’m going back to bed……….


So many furiends! Such a grrrreat Halloween!

October 31st 2007 11:42 am
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I just want to wish ALL my pup-pals the very best Halloween ever.

Hope everyone has a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat time, lots of fun and lots of treats.
But remember to be careful and don't eat any treats before your Mom or Dad can check on them, don't want any of you having a bad tummy.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to go "bite or treat" tonight cuz there's a storm warning, and lots of rain and heavy winds are expected, but I'm sure I'll have a wonderful time anyway.
Tomorrow I expect to hear you all barking about your Halloween parties,
have a good Howleeing time., (forgot I'm a Pom) I ment woof, woof.....


How we feel about Dog/animal fighting people

October 31st 2007 11:22 am
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This is how we feel about Dog/animal fighting people:

Dear Michael Vick,
Although we use the term Dear loosely.
You are a complete and total bass turd. You are lower than bass turd!
I poop at you, although you aren't worth the wear and tear on my sphincter.
Sincerely yours,
Gussie Finknottle,
Elvis the Ibizan,
Rajah Q.,
Mingus Wilbur
Socks E Grrly
The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh (I added my feelings!)
Buddy and Jenna's Wedding Page!
Brandy III

If you feel the same way copy and paste into your diary! and don't forget to add your name to the end of the list!



The story continues....

October 28th 2007 4:32 pm
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Today’s Sunday and since my Mom’s at home, plus it’s raining, I’ll ask her to finish her story. Yup, today’s a good day for story telling. Hey Mooommyyyy, could you please sit down and take me in your lap, pleeeeease? (yes!!!!!). Thanks Mom, now could you tell me the rest of the wandering pup? I’m so anxious to know what happened. “Ok little angel”….(yes, that’s ME), “this is what happened next”:

----------“ Wolfie followed Mrs. Squirrel in search of the promised water, they crossed the road, after looking to both sides of course, and then after they walked for about 20 minutes, they reached a beautiful garden with lots of flowers and a big, beautiful fountain with a big fish made out of rock in the middle, and from which mouth, clear water poured. “Oh boy, this is so grrrrreat”, he said….”but….I can’t reach the water”, “Jump right here pup”, Mrs. Squirrel said and jumped herself to the fountain border, “come, come, we must hurry before anyone sees us”….she said. And since the little pom was so thirsty he decided to jump as high as he could, and so he did: Splash!!!!!!!!! right into the water he fell. “Help, help!” but Mrs. Squirrel was too small and couldn’t help him out. He tried to reach the border again and after a few tries he finally did, jumping, or I should say, “falling” from the fountain to the ground. "Ouch!!!" He ran as fast as he could, dripping wet, with a bump in his head and with badly tangled fur, but well, al least he got to cool himself up. Trying to forget his scary experience, and shaking himself off, he finally got to the road again. He had not taken more that three steps when he saw a truck coming down the road, "ok, I'm gonna get some help", or so he thought, when the truck stopped right in front of him, and since he didn't know how to read he wouldn't know that the truck had a big sign which read: The Good Guy-Puppy Mill.
A big man stepped out from the truck and when our furiend got near, the man quickly tried to grab him: "come here you little mutt!" he shouted, but our pup rapidly jumped back and all the bad guy was able to do is keep a few hairs from Wolfie's tail in his hand. There goes our little hero again, running as fast as the wind.........-------------------
"We'll finish tomorrow Brandy, I've things to do, love you, go take a nap or play with your toys..." my Mom said, and so, this was all for the day.
I sure hope I don't have to wait till next Sunday to hear the rest.


What happened to the wandering pup?

October 26th 2007 5:40 pm
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Yes diary, a few days passed and my mother was not able to sit down and finish her story. But yesterday night she finally did. You wanna hear what she said? Do you really wanna?......Really, really?..........Ok, ok, don’t get upset…….I’m gonna tell,
here it goes just as my Mom told me:

-----------“Do you remember that our little friend left home in search of his parents? (forgot to tell you, this pup was named Wolfie just because his fur was dark and had a bushy tail), well he really though they might have been taken away by evil humans (he had heard scary stories about this), and he decided he was going to rescue them from harm. He took the road near his house and started walking as faster as his tiny, short pommy legs allowed him to. There was a bright, summer, scorching sun shining above and since he is such a furry pup, after walking for a few minutes, he started to feel thirsty. "I need to find water" Wolfie thought, so he looked around and saw no water, he kept on walking under the sun until he saw a few bushes besides the road, “Yipee, now I can hide and get some rest under these bushes”. He went under and inside the bushes, laid down in the shadow and prepared to take a nap (puppies do a lot of napping during the day)….but when he closed his eyes her heard a little noise, chomp, chomp…… “What the h……..?” and there it was, a cute little squirrel munching some seeds. “Hello there, excuse me, do you happen to know where I can get any water, please”. “Uhmmmmmm, chirp, chirp”, said the little thing, “why don’t you go home? you must have plenty of water there”. “But I can’t Mrs. Squirrel, I have to rescue my parents, and I need water to make my journey”. “Well, in that case, follow me, but I warn you, we’ll have to cross the road. I’ll take you to a small fountain where you can drink some water, just remember, you have to be careful, keep your balance so you don’t fall into it”. And so they went to find the fountain,………..”-------------

“Ok, baby, it’s time for bed now, we’ll continue tomorrow, ok?” (Mommy kiss, Mommy kiss). But Mommmm,…… Well, that was it. I guess we’ll have to wait to hear the end of the story. Sooooorry..........


Hi there Diary.

October 25th 2007 10:54 am
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Ok, here I am again diary. Today was a boring day, as usual, not much to do but to keep my nose and eyes open to any strange smell or sounds. You know I’m the best watch dog there is (even when I nap I keep one eye wide open……..).

I think it’s almost time for my Mom to get back from work, I’m gonna ask her to keep on telling me the rest of the story she started the other day, I’m just curious to know what finally came of the ran away pup, aren’t you?

I really wanna know what happens when little dogs run away from home.
Yes!!, as soon as she gets home, I’ll demand….errrrrrrrh, I think I’ll rather beg her to finish the story.

Will bark at you later on.

Brandy III


Almost lost.

October 23rd 2007 8:31 am
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Well Diary, let me tell you this, yesterday I got timed out (again!) but for a different reason this time. Yesterday morning my neighbor Indy (the yellow lab next door, remember?) was on the loose, since he’s so friendly he came over and started sniffing on our front door. He’s a huge friendly guy, but not as smart as we little poms, he was just trying to say hi, but my Mom decided to go out and take him back home, so he would not get in any trouble, she did….but when she got back home and opened the door………..that’s when I flew out right between her legs………My Mom screamed and quickly got a hold on me by my harness (D….harness!), she took me back inside and look at me with fierce eyes.
Yes I know I did wrong, it’s just that I was so excited about my friend being outside……anyway, this is the first time and I won’t do it again. My Mom took a deep breath and picked me up, she kissed me and started to talk to me, she explained that there are many dangers for a dog going on his own outside the house, that she would not stand it if anything bad could happen to me. She said: “let me tell you a story about a little pom who ran away from home…”
and this is what she told:
----------“There was this little, cute pommy pup who used to live with his pommy parents on a little pommy farm. He was pretty happy until one day he noticed his parents were missing. ““Oh my Dog! where had they gone?”” (whine, whine……..), you and I know they had both been taken for a routine check up with the vet, poor pup, he thought they had been stolen or even worse, they might have been kidnapped by some very bad guys. Then after a while, he thought he should try to go rescue his parents by himself……….uhmmm, bad idea. He piled up his few belongings: a little gray elephant toy, a worn out blue collar (no id tag) and his precious box of doggy treats. And so he went….hit the road and started his long, dangerous journey to an unknown world………in search of his long (half an hour) lost parents”.------
“We’ll have to stop here baby, I have to go do some house chores”, “go take a nap, and we’ll continue some time soon”.
And, yes, just like that she placed me on my bed, kissed me, and turned around. Well, (yawn….) I will take that nap (yawnnnnnnnn….) right now.


What's wrong with my Mom?

October 18th 2007 7:38 am
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I usually don’t argue with my Mom, but this time I had to make an exception. I had to make myself clear about my “rules”. Wanna know what am I talking about? Ok Diary, let me explain the situation to you, and then you can give me your point of view (which should be exactly like mine, ok?).

My mother spends the whole day at her job, and “I” spend my whole day at home, alone, bored, and with nothing to do but to guard our home, play with my doggie toys, eat my doggie food, and nap, nap, nap. My Mom gets from work late in the afternoon, looking so tired, exhausted and worn out….but, me…………no sir, I’m energized, happy, excited, ready to go, and in the “let’s have some fun mood”. So, at the moment she crosses the front door, I start jumping, twirling, barking, nipping, and calling for full attention (which I deserve)….. “Let’s go, let’s go Mom”, “get the leash and let me take “you” out for a walk!”. That’s when my Mom gives me THAT look , ignores my pleads and goes right to the bedroom to spend 5 seconds in taking off her high heels, put on her sneakers and then, not before that, she takes me for a walk. This is so unfair……my mother should not make me wait for her THAT long.
After we get back from the walk, I’m relieved and already in the “PLAY MODE”, so I keep on jumping and nipping my Mom’s shoes, or even her ankles……..and wao, that makes her really mad…but this is not fair Mommy, you’re supposed to entertain me after all these hours alone, don’t cook, don’t do the dishes, don’t take a bath, don’t answer the phone, DON'T GO TO REST……..just come play with me please.

Diary, I’m sure you agree with me on this, I should always, and I mean always, be the center of my Mom’s Universe. Am I right?

The Misunderstood Pooch.


Oh no,...I've tagged again.

October 14th 2007 3:11 pm
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Hey everybody, both my fur-iends Murphy and Digger tagged me! This is a fun game to get better acquainted with your Dogster friends. Here’s how we play: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are Tagged need to post in their Diary the rules and their 7 random facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Then let them know by pmail or a rosette that they have been Tagged and to read your Diary for instructions on how to play.

Ok here are my 7 random facts:

1. I am a happy go lucky pooch
2. I love taking walks with my Mom.
3. I need to get neutered as soon as possible.
4. My human cousins love coming to my huse just to play with me.
5. I've made lots of great pals here in Dogster.
7. I sleep in my Mom's bed and I wake her up with a kiss very morning.

Here are the pups I am tagging:
1. Mocha #628125
2. Dakota #216451
3. Tobias Bear #522506
4. Princess #455195
5. Smokey 50151
6. Pepe #67784
7. Luciano # 604267

Love you all,



October 10th 2007 7:10 am
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Diary you know for sure that, after my Mom, you are my very best fur-iend, right? Well I have a situation which I hope you’ll be able to help me clarify.
As you already know I have been sleeping on Mom’s bed for a while now, after all that discussion on whether I should, cuz I might fall, and all that yap, yap, yap (let me tell you I still keep my paws crossed that I don’t fall in my sleep). Ok, that’s that, but even though I snore a bit this, doesn’t bother my Mum at all, now, there is something else, I’m, starting to run,… yes run, in my sleep…. I turn my belly up (like a normal pom), whine a little, bark some more, and start moving my legs as if I was running after a squirrel or maybe a lizard, so my mother wakes up by all this commotion on her bed. She wakes me up because she thinks I’m having a bad dream, but I told her that I’m dreaming of running thru an open field in the country, with high beautiful grass and lots of flowers and butterflies, the wind blowing on my furry tail, and the sun shinning bright, high in the blue sky over the mountains……..and with all THESE romantic thoughts she leaves me stay on her bed. I cuddle up against her back, then when she goes back to sleep, I get nearer, nearer, push her a bit, very tenderly of course, and……TAKE OVER her wonderful, soft pillow….all for myself. Ahhhhhhh, it’s so grrrrr-eat to sleep with my Mom.
So here is my question: Why do you think my mother gets up every morning complaining about her back and her neck? Do you think this might be because she’s no “spring chicken” anymore?,…. hey, NO, PLEASE, don’t tell her I said this Diary. If you do I’ll pledge innocence to the end. Comm’on now, you are my confident and you have to keep your pages shut, ok?
Have a beautiful day,
Brandy III

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