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A Common Day in My Doggie Life.

Home Alone!!!!

June 26th 2007 7:49 am
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Oh gosh, I was left all by myself for a whole night! Can you believe this? This is the first time in my whoooole life I’ve sleeping all alone in our house.
Wanna know why? well let me tell you how things happened: You already know I have a brand new human cousin, it’s a baby girl and her name is Tyra, she was born last week and she’s so little she can’t be left alone, so her mommy is always by her side. This baby cries a lot when she’s hungry, meaning she’s crying most of the time and nobody is able to sleep at night at their home. My mother, being who she is, volunteered herself to stay one whole night at my human brother’s house to help them out with their puppy, woops, I’m sorry, I mean the baby, meaning “I” had to stay home alone (yes, leave the poor doggie at home).
--------“Yes, Mum I know, I understand, she’s so little, cute and fragile, and her mother’s so tired… she needs to rest and she deserves some help from us. Ok, I know, I know, I’m a teenager who can take care of himself for one night. But the thing is mommy, that we have never been apart for sooo looooong, one whole night!!!!!! What if I have nightmares? or if someone tries to get into our house and I have to fight him, bite, rip his clothes, and defend our property? What if they charge me of assault, or they say I may have rabies, or that I’m a vicious dog that has to be put to jail….what if….
Yes Mom, you may be right, I might be a little scared of being left alone, I really need you by my side to snuggle me, kiss and hug me, and put me to bed EVERY night.
YES! that’s right, I’m a spoiled pooch! When are you coming back? in the morning?, alright, I’ll be good mom. Don’t forget to leave enough kibbles, water and all my toys to keep me company, oh! and remember to please leave the radio on with soft music, and one light on please. Kiss, kiss, bye mom (tail goes down)”------.
It sure was the longest night! But tomorrow the sun will shine again (I hope so….).
………And it did, my Mother’s back and she’s all mine.
Brandy III


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