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Rocky a Puggle

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December 27th 2007 4:18 am
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Uncle Jim, came over.... NOPE not the Uncle Jim I talked about before, this is Uncle Jim, Mom and Dad's human son, and he has TWO BOYS!!!

Andrew (Drew) and Jacob (Jake). We played and played and played. Jake and me ran all over the house, up stairs and down. What a blast!!!

Mom had a ham, and green bean casserole. I LOVE GREEN BEANS but I didn't get any of those... Garlic mashed potatoes, and 2 kinds of pie.

Did they ever eat. I wanted the boys especially Jake to just stay, but they finally had to go home.

Thats the first time I ever saw him, I sure hope he comes back more often. Gee we had such a good time.

I sure am tired though, me and Jake ran and ran and ran.

I am going to bed. night.



December 27th 2007 4:13 am
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CHRISTMAS finally!!!! We got up early and Dad made a huge fire in the fireplace and Mom g0t slippers and Dad got slippers and Dad got shirts and pullovers and Mom got a nightgown. Dad got lots of stuff.

I was just moseying along and Dad said hey Rocky, how about a present. ME..... A PRESENT>>>>>> WOW!!!!

Dad gave me a new squeaky thing, not sure what it is but its fun to chase and then later, Mom gave me a new ball. I chased that for awhile then later they gave me a brand new rawhide chew!!!!!

HOORAY!!!!! I don't get those very often. We went for three walks, it was really nice out and we had the fire all day. It was sooooooo nice.
I wish it was like this all the time. Mom and Dad home all day, they play with me and we sit, I love it..

I think I like Christmas a lot....

I know one thing, I am POOPED. Usually I take a nap in the day time but with Mom and Dad both home, I can't. I guess tomorrow they both have to go back to work........BUMMER



December 24th 2007 4:43 am
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Member I told you Uncle Jim and Mel were coming over? Well they finally came over for dinner. Uncle Jim is so fun and both him and Mel have puppers I can smell them.... so they have to be good people.

Mom fixed a pot roast that smelled soooooooooo good, but I got a chew, so at least I got something. Uncle Jim was showing Mom and Dad pictures of some place he and Mel had been and guess what??????

One on the pictures had Mom's name on it.... Can you Imagine>???

Wow!! We had a really good time. They played with me and played with me.

I can't wait Uncle Jim is going to bring Shadow over next time in the spring.

How fun!!!


Closer and closer

December 20th 2007 4:39 am
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Christmas is almost here!!!! Mom said so, so I know its true.

Uncle Jim and Mel are coming Saturday night for dinner. Pot roast.mmmmmmmm I can smell it now. Mom has to make a mincemeat pie for Uncle Jim. I guess he loves it and doesn't get it very often. Mom is a great cook, I think I may have mentioned that before : D

Gee I think I love Christmas. I don't remember last year. Maybe cause I was only about 8 weeks old. But this year. WOW. Lights, decorations, good smells, happy people. Boxes coming into the house. Packages going out of the house. Man its great.

Saw Tracker last night when we went for a walk. Boy is he getting big!! Mom said he is really a handsome devil. WAIT A MINUTE She is talking about another dog!!!

Oh, hang on, she just said, but not as handsome as you Rocky!!! Whew!! For a minute there she had me worried....

The day after Christmas Uncle Jim is coming by with the two grand boys, Jake and Drew. That will be sooooooooo much fun.

I really really really like Christmas time!!



December 18th 2007 5:26 am
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HOLY COW!!!!!!

Mom got up for work this morning and like always, she was real quiet so she wouldn't wake up Dad. I ate and we got dressed to go outside for my morning walk.

Mom said its 5:00 A.M. Rocky, wonder if the paper came yet, lets go see.
Well, I had eaten and of course I had to goooooo so Mom gets h er boots, coat, mittens earmuffs, scarf on and a plastic bag for my mmmmmm you know.......

Out we go. Dad had been snow blowing all day yesterday so the drive was really in good shape. We get to the end of the driveway where I USUALLY go into the street so we can walk, and guess what????

Thre was a HUGE hill of snow blocking the end of the drive. HUGE. I couldn't climb over it and neither could Mom. It was over Mom's knees.

We had to go partway up the drive and get onto the side of the drive and walk down that way. Mom was NOT happy. AND no paper. Mom loves the morning paper. She reads it quick and does the cross word puzzle every day.

So I finished, Mom picked it up in the plastic bag and we started back. Climbed over the smaller hill on the side got in the house, Mom wiped off my paws I got a treat, I knew something was bothering Mom but I didn't know what......

Well, we get in the house and she says, Rock you go lay down I have to go out and shovel the driveway the car will not make it over that huge mound of snow....

All of a sudden there was Dad, he scared Mom she didn't hear him come down the hall. What are you doing up Mom said. Its only 5:15. Dad said, I am going to clear the end of the drive. Mom said I was going to do that, nope Dad said, not by yourself. So out we all went again. I was playing and they were shoveling and snow blowing.

I could tell Mom was happy that Dad was helping her clear the end of the drive, even with the two of them it took almost 20 minutes.

Mom went off to work and Dad and I went shopping, and did some errands, and then we came home. I took a nap and when I woke up we got ready to go back outside because the county plow had come by and reburied the end of the drive..........

It didnt' take as long to clear it this time thank heavens.

When Mom got home her and Dad had fish, augratin taters and broccolli for dinner and then guess what.......... Snow and all we went for another walk.

It was beautiful out. Quiet, dark, and starry!!! Man were there ever a lot of stars out. It was sooooooooo fun.

Now I am tired... Whew!! what a few days and I know That my human sis Chelseigh's birthday is on Friday. Happy Happy Birthday Chels!!!!!!!!



December 18th 2007 5:26 am
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Boy did we have a storm...... Mom and Dad said we might get 14" of snow. It started on Saturday afternoon, snowed Sunday and finally quit.

Dad said the only thing good was that it was steady but slow, so he could keep up with clearing the drive by snow blowing.

I tell you it really snowed. I guess we got about 10" not a whole lot, I have been told, but sure looked like a lot to me.

Guess what. It wasn't what Dad calls a packing snow, so it didn't stick in between my toes like it did the last time, thank heavens.

I was out playing and playing, jumping around and trying to catch the snow Mom tossed at me. Got some of it, ate snow, snuffled around trying to smell under the snow, rolled in the snow. What a blast..... I loved the snow.

I had some with me when we went in the house and I was going to play with it, but it disappeared, I was looking and looking but where the snow was there was just water??????

Mom said, Rocky, silly dog, snow melts...... HUH????

But I got to go out a lot so I really had a good time. After supper, Dad built a fire and we all cuddled up and read and listened to Christmas Carols and just had the best time!!!

Did I ever tell you I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!



December 12th 2007 4:36 am
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Boy I gotta tell you, this Christmas season sure is busy.

Mom and Dad have been packing boxes and Dad and I go to the Post office and mail them, then they do it again and again. I guess everyone gets a box.
There are also boxes under the tree.. Lots of boxes.

I Wish I could read, I don't know if any of them have my name on them or not?? Wonder what Rocky looks like on a package. I hope some of them are for me.

Its kinda weird outside. One day we have snow, then rain, then I went outside yesterday morning and I slid!! At least thats what Mom called it. I kept my feet going and going and my body went flat down on the drive and I slid almost to the bottom. It was kinda fun in a scary way. Now that I know I can do that I tried to do it this morning it was just wet. Mom was happy she said she doesn't like to slide.

Jeepers I thought it was fun. Every time I think something is fun, seems like Mom doesn't agree.........

We are getting lots of pretty cards in the mail. Mom and Dad put a whole bunch of cards in a bag and they disappeared, I think Dad gave them to Denise she is our Mail lady and we love her. Me probably more than anyone.... she always gives me a treat, even when I am not outside, she leaves on for me in the mail box. I love Denise.

I think Dad and I are going to the post office again this morning to mail another box. After all this I better get a box!!!!



December 7th 2007 5:01 am
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MOM added my new pictures to the front page. There is a picture of Me and Bailey, my cousine he is a sort yellow lab that my human Sis, Beth adopted.

And there is a picture of Bailey with Beth and Kev and the girls, Ashleigh, and Chelseigh.

And there is a picture of Mom and Dad at a party. They look soooooo cute.

Mom kept saying she was going to post the pictures and I have been waiting and waiting, I think she might have put the picture of me relaxing on the couch in there.

Aren't Ash and Chels Pretty? They are Mom and Dad's Granddaughters and even though they have Bailey, they LOVED me. Isn't that great????

I hope we go back to Tennessee a lot!!! Boy it was fun. I even got to chase Bailey around and around the house....

Mom and Dad both have to work today, so I guess I am going to spend a lot of time in my house. Oh well, at least when Mom gets home she gives me LOTS of attention. Dad gives me LOTS of attention till he goes to work too, so I guess I am really really lucky......

We didn't get the three inches of snow they promised yesterday, but we did get a dusting...

Got to run Dad and Me are going to the Post office and then to the store, which means since I am good when he is in the store, I get more treats!!!!!



December 7th 2007 2:49 am
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Mom and Dad said Christmas is coming. They put a pretty tree up and it has sparkly lights and boxes all wrapped up underneath that I am not allowed to touch.

Mom has some stuffed toys that I LOVE to tear apart. I am not allowed to touch them,: ( But I love to tear them apart. Boy not fair.....

Dad and I put lights outside on the tree and they look great. Mom is so busy she is writing out cards, she made cookines mmmmmmmmmmmmm and every night she is doing somethign else.

She hardly has time for me : ( But she sits and pets me at night, so thats something to look forward to.

Christmas must be fun.... wonder when it is coming????



December 5th 2007 4:35 am
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I have three Bob's in my family. My human brother Bob and my "uncle Bob" Moms brother, and Dad's cousin Bob.
Whew!! Thats a lot to remember.

I met cousin Bob when they were here for a barbque. That whole family is really nice.

Poor Cousin Bob, he fell off a ladder just before Thanksgiving and he broke 9 ribs, his collar bone and punctured a lung. He was in the hospital over a week. Dad told him, DON"T go up on a ladder any more....

My human brother Bob, I almost met when we were in Tennessee, but they couldn't make it over to Beths before we left on Sunday, so that didn't work.

My Mom's brother Bob, hopefully will get a chance to visit in betweens. That means he was in Iraq now he is in Washington and then he will either go someplace else or back to Iraq.

He wants to get stationed near his home in Macon GA. I don't blame him!!`
Right now, though, Aunt Pam, and the three dogs are keeping the house up for him.

Man did it get cold. Mom said when we went out this morning that it was 3 degrees. I just know my feets hurt

Dad gave me a bone this afternoon cause he said I was sooooo good, so I am going to go out and chew it for awhile.

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