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Barks & Kisses 4 ever!


August 9th 2007 8:51 am
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This past Sunday as I was sitting in my car waiting for my husband to come down I noticed something furry laying on the sidewalk, I couldn't see what it was & I thought it was dead. I got out of the car & it was 4 newborn cats. I don't know how old they were but they still had the umbilical chord & they were ALIVE!!!! I couldn't believe someone could do a thing like that!!! I put them in a box & left them at my vet until I could think of something. I couldn't sleep at all that night.
I went to the vet the next day and I was going to pay for their boarding, food, vaccines until they would be ready for adoption but the vet told me that they didn't have enough people at the clinic to take care of orphaned kitties & they sent me home with them with a big to-do list.
I've NEVER had or held a cat in my life, I'm a Dog person, amd here I was with 4 little kitties abandoned in the most cruel way and who desperately needed me for tons of attention, love and nourishment. After I preppped an area of my room for my new babies I researched for hours on Neonatal care & I was terrified!! How was I ever going to do all this?!?! If anybody has ever been in my position you know how i felt!!
But all my fears melted away everytime I took a look at them and so I took the big challenge of keeping these little angels alive & healthy. How ironic, i've never really liked cats that much, i don't have kids yet & now i was "mom" to these tiny, innocent creatures... The first two feedings were quite traumatic & frustrating but I got the hold of of it by the third. They need to be fed every 2 hours, so by the time I was finished with the last one i had about 30 mins to start the next... that night i was covered in formula & stool but i LOVED how i smelled!!!!
I knew i couldn't foster the kitties for much longer because of my job so i called dozens of organization & no-kill shelters but got the same answer: we can't take the that small!!! What was I going to do?!?! And then our guardian angel came to our rescue!!! I contacted Monica Ferrer, owner of the Pawtisserie and a cat lover, who as soon heard about the story moved around & promised me she would find someone to foster them. Monica called me the next day and she had found a girl who would volunteer and i will donate all their food, vaccines & the spay/neuter surgeries. I was relieved & happy for them but every hour I spent with them i grew more and more attached. I loved how they smell, their little sounds & purring and I was very regretful of giving them up... And so the dreaded hour came when their new foster mom, Nicole, would pick them up... I prepared a big box with their blankets, carrier, cotton balls, heating pad, food and tons of instructions... it seemed like they were going away for college!!! All i remember is crying the whole time just like I am now...I don't know why i'm crying this much since i'll be able to see them anytime i want, they're in great hands & many people have volunteered to help us.
I just pray every hour that they all can make it thorough, I was warned that it's very hard for them & maybe all will not survive but I want to beat those odds....
I've been a Dogster member for 3 years and this is my first time here at Catster, if any of you have been through this let me know your experience. I will be updating on these kitties journey and hopefully this will story will have a HAPPY ENDING... Please join our prayers for these little ones...

Love to all,


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