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Im the baby you gotta luv me....

Missing you Sockie Sue

November 3rd 2012 9:25 am
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Socks your momma person misses you so much. Today I just cant shake this Heaviness of missing you. I miss your smell, your soft neck, and your tender little kisses.


Scaredy Squirrel

June 1st 2008 11:44 am
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Mom said as soon as she get her Zellies she will buy me my very own Squirrel..... I have 4 here in my yard the real ones.... Mom and I call them my girl squirrels... When I go out by myself (without the big ox Max and Tess) Mom will say..........

"Look Socks the Girl Squirrels are here to see you!!!!!"

So I don't rush and chase them I will tip toe very softly and sit on the edge of the porch and just watch them for hours.... Shaking the whole time... Not from being scared, but I'm having to control the urge to P-O-U-N-C-E!!!! But I don't nope I sure don't I just watch my 4 babies....

UNTIL!!!! THE Ox MAX and TESS come rushing out and scare my squirrels off...

So you just imagine how excited I was to see the Squirrel on the zellie page... So my mommy (the best mommy I might add) is going to buy me one..... OHHHHHHWOOOOOOHHHH I cant wait....

Socks the baby you gotta love me....


Any one want a bubber????

November 9th 2007 7:49 am
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So the holidaies are comming. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! After all its all about me isnt it???

So here is my delima.... I have this bubber, MAX, and well this being his first Christmas and all its going to be all about MAX!!!! What the Dawgs??? Im the baby you gotta luv me!!!!! RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!

So here is my thinking of this whole ordeal.... Ill take a yummy out and get off my lead and undo Max's lead and have him chase me through the tree-belt, drop the yummy and head back towards the house.... Now Max is kind of a duff-us and Im sure he will never find his way home.... OHHHHHHH IM SO SMART!!!! How Smart am I!!!!!

MOM.....SOCKS!!!!! What are you thinking I read these entries all the time...

OPPPSSSSssssss Caught red pawed..... Dang it.... Soooooo is there anyone out there that wants a bubber? FOR FREE!!!!!


Gotta run puppers Have a GREAT HOLIDAY!!!!

Socks the Baby you gotta luv me.....


Im soooooooooo special

June 10th 2007 7:49 am
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June 9,2007

My daddy person took me to pets-smart all by myself. That means no Tess or Max (the other pupper kids) Daddy always takes Tess or Max somewhere and leaves me at home with the momma person.... Im ok with that cause I LUV my momma... Besides she will take just me sometimes too...

But yesterday my daddy took just ME!!!! Thats right Sockie Sue (the baby) got to spend some special time with daddy....

You see I always get off my collar and run around town without any clothes on... Mom or Dad always chase me (its a game what can I say) Mom is so afraid someone is going to hurt me (cause Im a big doggie) or Ill get hit by a car... I can even get off a harness... Im a hounddine!!!!

Yesterday when mom put us kids out I got off again in 10 sec flat and mom went looking for me for 4 hours!!!!! Well by the time I got home she was besides herself crying and everything... When I came up on the steps she huged me soooooooo hard my eyes where going to pop out!!!!! So when daddy got home he took me to get me some new clothes....

A really really purty red one and some bling bling.... (choke collar) mom didnt like the idea of a choke collar but something had to be done (in moms words) I havnt gotten off the bling bling yet.... Maybe this will work so momma dosnt have to cry anymore.... So how was your day.... Sockie Sue


MY turn! MY turn! MY turn!!!!!

May 25th 2007 10:32 am
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Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary!!!

1.) Im mommas baby and you gotta luv me!

2.) At 6 months old a mean man tried to posion me with anti-freeze laced food.. mom caught it in time and babbied me back to health, and love had more to do with me making it then anything Iknow it as if my name isnt socks... Mom held me and gave me food and water very very small amounts for 4 weeks, the vet didnt think I would make it and when she took me to see the pupper DR he just shook his head and said it was love that got me through... How right was he cause I Love my mommy soooooooooooo MUCH....

3.) My mommies sister took care of us for 4 weeks (me and Tess) when mom was moving here with the new daddy, something bad happened to us but we dont want to tell our mommy cause she would be soooooooooo mad and well we dont want her to know.... but she came and got us just like she said she would... and now I only trust my mommy. I love my daddy, but it took a long time to love him. But I still only trust my mommy....

4.) I can talk. Mom says I talk pretty, but daddy says I talk loud. BOL If mom tells me to talk I will or if I just want to talk to mom I will and she seems to know just what Im saying and we will talk back and forth it drives daddy crazy sometimes....

5.) Im a hounddeanie.... I can get off my lead and off around the town I go. I come back when mom calls me 100 times and Iv said hi to every pup in town. Mom is just scared Ill get hit by a car or someone will hurt me. She worries about me soooooooo....

6.)I live with Mom and Dad, my momma pupper Tess, and my new bubber Max. I love mom the best, I love dad ok, I love my momma pupper Tess, but Max.........nope Im not crazy about him yet. he's been here for 5 long months, hes big and smells, steals moms luvies, he has a long long tail that wacks me all the time (right in the face) and he thinks he can sit on the loveseat with my momma at night and thats MY PLACE!!!!! Does someone want a new bubber out there anyone????? Cheap..... SOCKS!!!!!!!!! oppppps mom heard that..... BOL

7.) My most favoriet time of year is the summer. Its cold here 8 months out of the year we only have 4 months of ok weather. But in the summer we get to go camping.... It soooooooooo much fun cause of the smells, sights, and roasted marshmellows... mmmmmmmmmm I love marshmellows....

The 7 Petpals I tagged are:Raven,Max,Rocky,Honey LeCuyer,♥Daisy♥,Keegan,Augustus

Welp thats me in a nut shell.... I hope you enjoy.... Sockie Sue

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