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Tails Of An Eskie: By Bitsy M. Wilson

My Pack.

December 28th 2009 11:13 pm
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It has been so long and I have sad feelings about that... I'm doing the sad face as we speak. It gets mom every time.

Speaking of mom, she's on vacation with dad and the "baby". I'll get to that last part. Right now I'm sitting at the Pet Palace, watching Animal Planet. I like that show "Dogs 101" where they talk about all the different kinds of dogs. Wonder if they'll ever do one about dogs like me? Mom says my ancestors used to be in that human show they call a "sir-cus"! Those Border Collies are pretty cool though. The way they look so serious when they herd sheep. I try to be intense but mom just laughs at me. Hmph.

And what would I need to be intense about, you ask? Well, it's this whole baby business. Let me backtrack. Mom got huge - I think I wrote about that before. Then one day she didn't come home for a while. I spent a few days chasing the cats around the house and eating cat morsels with little recourse (Dad came back a few times but he looked distracted). Then she finally shows up with this little human. I mean REALLY little. It doesn't have much fur and it squeaks and makes all kind of weird noises. I was so confused. The little humans that come by on Halloween aren't even that little. This one was actually kind of... cute. It smells good, too! After smelling it thoroughly for a few days, I developed these feelings. Like I needed to protect it. So that's what I do. I have perfected my growl and it has come in handy because for whatever reason, people come to see the little human all the time. I muster up all the intensity of the Border Collie I can and give my best growl. Mom seems a little embarrassed, but it's my job! This little human is now part of my.... pack. Yeah, my pack.

Gotta go, it's play time.


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