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A Day in the Life of Mr Bubble Head !

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!!!PET IDOL!!!

April 18th 2008 12:33 am
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To all my fiends in Dogster land, I have just got back from my holiday (at my Nana's house) & my mummy saw a competition in the local paper ‘PET IDOL’. Please, please can you guys vote for me…if I get enough votes I could see my picture in the paper, & that would give my Nana such a kick.
Here is the Link to vote for me (before 1st May): 654

Licks n Slurps
Mr Bubble Head x

P.S. A BIG THANKS to all you guys who posted on my mummy & daddy’s wedding stroll ‘MBHwedding’…you really are the best!
As for me…well me & my mummy are super busy ‘wedding planning’ at the mo’, as the big day is just around the corner (26th May), most of it is in the bag, but we are liaising with the manager of the place we are hosting the reception, so it’s all becoming official.
Plus on the good news front we have a viewer coming around to view the house this weekend, so paws crossed, maybe all my doggie dreams can come true by the end of May!


!!!I've Been 'VALENTINE' Tagged!!!

February 6th 2008 1:22 am
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I have been tagged by my good friend ‘Parsley’…she is a real sweetie as she has given me the chance to tell everyone my 5 Valentine Wishes!

Here are my 5 wishes & hopes!

1) I hope my good friends wedding at ’Spoiled Pugs’ (on the 12th Feb’)…goes off with NO trouble…I’m singing!

2) I hope that I pick up some tips for my mummy & daddy’s wedding (which is on the 26th May this year)…I hope my Tuxedo still fits!

3) I wish I could play on my mummy & daddy’s bed whenever I wanted…not just when they aren’t looking!

4) I wish my Nana could live with me all the time…she loves me SO MUCH, I can do anything I like when she is around…and that is exactly what I do!

5) I wish the weather was better then we could go to the beach for a play!!!

Licks n Slurps
Mr Bubble Head X


Dear Santa Paws,

December 4th 2007 2:27 am
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Dear Santa Paws,

I know I am a really good boy because my Nana aways calls me one! I realize I had a bit of a relapse this week when I scared my mummy & daddy by limping every where, forcing them to carry me about the house. Ok, I may have slightly have 'milked' the situation...but Santa mummy gave me treats & even carried me outside so I could go to the toilet, it was too much for me to resist!
Oh well I promise to be extra good to make up for this set back!

Here is my Christmas Wish List:

1. Lots of food from my mummy & daddy's plates!

2. Send a little pixie to help my mummy & daddy get the house of there dreams!

3. Send a nice gift to my friends Lou Lou & Greedy who now live at Rainbow Bridge & help Daisey Mae reach her total for her treatment!

4. I would like to visit the nice park near my nana's house...I would really like a new outdoor toy to play with as I may have chewed through the tennis ball again!

5. I would LOVE a new friend to play please help my grandparent choose a nice natured poodle, who will make them happy & be a good pal to me!

There will be other doggies and kitties writing you letters too.

The friends I tagged are:

1. ‘Greedy’
2. ‘Misha’
3. ‘Lady Lexus’
4. ‘Brackon’
5. ‘Beatrix’

Licks n Slurps
Mr Bubble Head X

P.S. Thank you ‘Pugsly’ tagging me. :)


I've been TAGGED...and so have you!

October 15th 2007 3:08 am
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Hi to all my pal’s out there in ‘Dogster Land’, guess what I’ve been tagged by my good friend Odie ! For all of you who may not have played tag, here are the rules:

When you are tagged you have to post 7 random facts about yourself (and the rules because some doggies may not know what they have to do). Then you have to pick 7 of your pal’s to tag (choose 7 who have not already been tagged, as this become more of a game, and more doggies can get involved in the fun! Once you have selected your 7 friends you tag them by paw mailing them or by giving them a rosette with the message, “You’ve been tagged please read my diary for the rules”!

7 FACTS ABOUT Mr Bubble Head:

1). This weekend I fell in a pond…my daddy said the first he knew about it was when he heard a scrapping on a wobbly flagstone & a big almighty splash. The next thing I was under the water, & within seconds I popped up with pondweed in my mouth!

2). My mummy & daddy got engaged in September! They say I am going to need a Tuxedo for May next year…for something called a wedding!

3. I had two showers in two days…one because of my pond accident & the other because of a hike with my human cousins (Nathan, Jacob & Molly). I am now a ‘fluff ball’ through & through!

4. Guess what, my family & I are moving house!
I have been promised a whole room to myself in this new house… ‘A corridor/ through room sounds like best’est room in the whole house’!

5. I am going to dress up as ‘Yoda’ for Halloween, so if you live in the UK, watch out coz it’s not going to be pretty…my mummy said I am going to look really cute, “I’m hoping that is a similar word to scary”!?

6. I was given the honour of being named ‘Pug of the week’ (two weeks ago) in the fabulous group ‘For the love of Pug’ (F.L.O.P.). I’m still showing off even now!

7. I visited one of the schools J.K. Rowling went to as a child (my human cousin Molly studies there)!
‘Fancy, I am one of Harry Potters biggest fan’s & they didn’t think to tell me until I arrived!

To My Pup Pal’s… “TAG, you’re it”!

1. Greedy
2. Spivey
3. Odie
4. Cindy Baby Love
5. Misha
6. Simon Pieman
7. Beatrix

Licks n Slurps
Mr Bubble Head X


!!!!!!!Fantastic Pup WINNERS!!!!!!!

September 30th 2007 1:26 pm
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Hi All, Misha and I would like to thank all the doggies who entered the ‘Fantastic Pup’ competition…You really didn’t Make it easy for us!!!!
Below you will see a list of all the winners, plus the judge’s comments.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

1st Prize of ‘3stars & 3 rosettes’ Goes to: Mo

2nd Prize of ‘3stars & 2 rosettes’ Goes to: Gizmo The Great

3rd ‘3stars & 1 rosette’ Prize Goes to: Beatrix


Well done, 1star & 3 rosettes go to Simon Pieman for his note worthy entry!



Misha’s Choice = Mo: That's a great action pose. Love the photo
Greedy’s Choice = Commendable Achievement, I like Mo, this is a great pic’, unusual angle, one like I’ve never seen before, great face and smile and he is a katrina survivior!

Mr Bubble Head’s Choice = Most Athletic/Sporting: Mo – What a great energetic shot…how could I not choose it!

Pepe’s Choice = Mo:Found in such a terrible state and now loved after going through an awful time. He is one courageous doggy.

Spivey’s Choice = Commedable: MO


Misha’s Choice = Gizmo the Great He's able to overcome his handicap and be the strong dog you see in the photo.

Greedy’s Choice = Most courageous, Gizmo the great, dog in a wheel chair with a horrible puppy mill birth and undeveloped legs and is in a wheel chair but is happy and has a great life

Mr Bubble Head’s Choice = Most Courageous: Gizmo the Great - The photo is self explanatory!

Spivey’s Choice = Corageous: Gizmo the Great

___________________________________________________ ____

Misha’s =Beatrix She truly is a damsel in distress from her costume to the way her head is turned down to one side.

Pepe’s Choice =I have always loved BEATRIX She is beautiful, always well dressed and very courageous. My vote goes to her for winner.

Spivey’s Choice = Overall hands down the winner should be Beatrix.....I just could not let this go bye me

______________________________________________________ ____________

Mr Bubble Head’s Choice = Best Dressed: Simon Pieman -This photo is so funny…what dogs put up with to please their owners!

Spivey’s Choice = Best Dressed: Simon Pieman
____________________________________________________ ______________

(NOTE: If you would like to see the judging criteria, or simply read all of the judges comments please pawmail me for the comprehensive list!)

Misha and I would also like to thank our fellow judges:


We couldn’t have done it without you!

Licks n Slurps to you all
Mr Bubble Head X


Calling all Cuties!

September 8th 2007 3:40 am
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Calling all Cuties!

Are you an action pup, a fashion icon or simply a secret agent in a furry covering...Basically we want to know what makes you so 'fantastic'?

Here in this competition Misha & I are looking for a 'Fantastic Pup'...could it be you?

What we would like to see is a photo that describes your 'Fantastic Prowess'...remember this is your 'Super Power' over humans, so this photo has got to be good (your reputation is on the line)!

All you have to do is tag your photo (NO animations please…we are looking for that one special moment only…and this means more doggies can enter) with the tile:

fantastic pup

before the 27th September & we will do the rest!

Prizes will include:

1st =(3stars & 3 rosettes)
2nd =(3stars & 2 rosettes)
3rd =(3stars & 1 rosette)

(3 rosettes to a note worthy entry)

Winners will be announced on the 30th September.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE show us some ‘DOGSTER LOVE’ by entering our competition!

Licks n Slurps
Mr Bubble Head & Misha XX

P.S. If you are unsure on how to enter please read the is a lot easier than it appears!

All you have to do is Tag the the photo you wish to enter into the competition with the tag:

fantastic pup

you do this by going to your account page & then clicking on 'manage photos'. Once there you will see all your photos, all you have to do then is select the most appropriate photo and then in the box marked 'tags' (its written in orange) please type or paste:

fantastic pup

Now to see if you are entered or to simply have a look at all the other 'fantastic pups', simply type:

photo tags

into the search bar at the top right corner of your dogster page!
this takes you to a google style on the first link.
the next page that appears is a photo tag box, this is where you type:

fantastic pup

and where you can also view all the other doggies entered!

You are now a competition Guru!


I've been 'Summer Love Tagged'!

August 4th 2007 4:36 am
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I was tagged by my friend’s Cindy BabyLove & Xena,NPC . They are such super cool doggies, just check out there dogster pages to see how much fun they are, plus both are Sooo Friendly, if you aren’t already pals I can definitely say you should send them a PPR right away!

Summer love tag RULES!

1) The rules of the game are simple. Make a diary entry, giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself.

2) Then choose 5 pals to tag and list them.

3) Post the rules of the game. Send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tag.

5 facts and tag 5 friends (Simple).

Five Mr Bubble Head Facts !

1: On August the 1st Mr Bubble Head turned 1 year old, and not only did he get loads of rosettes & stars from his friends on dogster, and a bubble maker from his Mummy & Daddy, but he also learnt to talk (his daddy showed him how)?!?!
Check out his new video if you don’t believe me!

2: Mr Bubble Head is a bit posh…not only does he have a miniature ‘Queen Ann Chair’ (second hand, but don’t tell him that),but he likes to listen to Opera while sat in it! We only discovered his liking for opera when he stopped to watch the TV ever time the British Airways commercial came on. We later found out from his Breeder that she used to listen to opera all the time! We have since bought him a Madam Butterfly CD!

3: When Lou Lou (his Aunt by defalt…she really has no time for him) came to stay at the house for a week, she taught him how to look out of the car windows. Now he won’t drive anywhere unless his ears flapping about in the wind!

4: When guests come to visit the house Mr Bubble Head will insist that they remove their shoes & socks…I’d like to say it was part of that posh thing discussed in fact 2, however I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s more to do with a foot fetish!

5: Mr Bubble Head has become renowned in these parts (well family gatherings really) as ‘The Stink Fairy’, because of his unique way of fragrancing a room (Poof), as of yet no air freshening companies have contacted us!

Here in no particular order are the Doggies I would like to tag!

1) Spivey my BFF , well I couldn’t play a game with out tagging my best buddy, there really isn’t enough good things to say about him…He is just great!

2) Bailey , she is just fabulous, everthing I have ever read about her is true, she is so kind hearted & Lovely!

3) Misha , she is great fun & soon enough we are going to host a competition together, don’t worry though we intend to post to all are friend to keep them informed :-) !

4) Lucky Star, PLEASE check out this doggies page it’s SO CUTE, she is from Japan so you know it’s going to look extra special!

5) Odie, he is such a good friend, truly kind hearted & if you want a pal to rely on or confide in he is just the best!

5.5) Greedy , I couldn’t not include my pal Greedy! It was his 6 month anniversary about a week ago, but we all know that doggies over rainbow bridge love to pal tag too!!!!

Licks n Slurps
Mr Bubble Head X


It's my Birthday!

July 31st 2007 3:17 pm
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"It's my Birthday, tra-la-la lar...I't's my Birthday de-de-da-dee"!

Hello to all my friends out there, if you haven't already guessed 'it's my BIRTHDAY'! My mummy tells me I have hit the big 'zero one', and before I know it I'll be trumping & snoring even more than I do now! Anyway although I'm celebrating a little early (officially my Birthday isn't until the 1st August), I couldn't help but tell you about the new present my mummy & daddy gave's a 'Bubble Blower', & boy did it wear me out! Although it frightened me a bit at first, in the end I was popping the bubbles with my paws & jumping to catch them in my mouth... I can't wait until tomorrow !

Licks n Slurps

Mr Bubble Head X

P.S. Just in case any of you were wondering, the ceramic cake in my photos is the pot in which my treats are kept...I think I should get the lot today ;-) !


I’ve been “Love Tagged” … I am Loved!!

July 16th 2007 3:12 am
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Wow, I came back from my holiday at my Nana’s house to find out that I’ve been ‘love tagged’ by my friends Odie & Tawni. They are just the best’est pals for picking me…I’m so honoured!

Odie is such a sweetie, he is so generous to others here on dogster as he always corals his friends when he sees newbie’s in need of friendship…he is the spirit of Dogster!

As for my friend Tawni, she is such a super cutie; you really need to check out her page! She is so adorable & her site is just the ‘bees knees’!Licks n Slurps to you both!

RULES OF THE GAME:It’s a new Dogster tag game – “You are Loved”!You pick three Dogsters that you think are fantastic and tell a little about why! Don’t forget to let them know how much they are loved with a p-mail or a rosette!Wow it is so hard to pick just 3 of my friends…but here goes!

Firstly I choose my BFF (best friend forever) SPIVEY, he is such a fabulous friend & we have such a good time swapping ideas about all sorts of things. He is the best fun…plus his dogster page is fantastic!

Secondly I choose my pal Greedy, although he is already at the rainbow bridge I know I will always have a friend in him. His story is so compelling & although he is missed terribly he still provides much joy to those whose lives he has touched!

Thirdly I choose my friend Simon Pieman, he is such fun and although he is relatively new to dogster he got straight into the spirit of things…he is such a cutie, how could anyone deny him anything!

Licks n Slurps to all of my all deserved to be love tagged!


Introducing Lou Lou (A Toy Poodle)!

July 12th 2007 2:45 am
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Hello to all my friends here on dogster! Guess what, my mummy has just added Lou Lou to dogster! She is my Granny & Grandads Toy Poodle..."I just love her to bits", but she has disliked me from the moment she first saw me! My mummy & daddy say it is because I am a 'hooligan', that makes me so happy to know that, I was beginning to think that there was something wrong with me to make Lou Lou dislike me so much. Mummy & Daddy say Lou Lou is an Old Lady & I should count myself lucky she has no teeth! Oh well it doesn't stop me from trying to make friends with her, and besides she will be coming to stay with me in October...I cant wait!!!
Licks n Slurps
Mr Bubble Head X

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