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Fun and Adventures With the Tater Tots!

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Thank You To All Our Pawsome Furiends!

January 12th 2010 1:22 am
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We'll start off by wishing everyfur and their families a very Happy New Year! We wish each and every one of you all of the very best during 2010, including good health, prosperity, peace and lotsa LOVE!
We want to express our loving and heartfelt gratitude to the many, many dear furiends who shared our happiness in being honored as Dogster's Dog(s) of the Week during the week of December 21st to 28th, 2009.
We were completely humbled and bursting with pride and happiness at receiving such a furbulous honor! We were also showered with many gifts and kind words and we want to thank everyone who pawmailed and sent pretties for our page. :D

It's taken our typist some time to help us sort it all out, but by george, we think we've got it! bol
The following list is in no special order and each and every kind word and gift and expression of cheer is equally special and means more to us than we can express.

We received congratulatory pawmails, rosettes, special gifts and furever gifts from the following furiends.....



Lady Macenzie Grace



The family of Flicka, Lucas and Cleo (In Memory)



Dale Bo

The family of Sophie Claire CGC and Harley Davidson CGC Therapy Dog


The family of Jazz, Mojo and JoyBelle


The family of Georgie Girl and Daisy Mae

The family of Pippin and Petey

Ziggy Moonbeam

Tinker Belle

The family of Buddy, Maggie and Peanut

The family of Kobe, Kiki and Olive Grace


The family of Little Bit, Lyle, Spring and Maebe

Tinker Bell Forever


The family of Lilly ANGEL, Tessie Rocks Pugster and Talloulah

The family of Walker, Alexandria, Molly, Pookah, Edwina (Eddy), Emily, Nelly~Bell~May, Morris, Cleopatra~Grace, Nekko, Itsumo, Jerry and Tinkerbell

Preeti Cassandra

The family of Sugar and Buster


The Bush Furs

The family of Angel and Lexi


Mr. Duffy McDuff CSE

The family of Flash, Sunny, Miss Bashful, Sweet Angel J.D., Copper and Mary Jane (In loving memory)

Mads, Ace, Walli, & Sam (MWGS)

Isabella Blu Heart

The family of Snapper Mullethead Miller, Sweet Tweek Louise, Elsie Bella Puddin' Pie, Marley Bob Miller, Angel Odie Lager and Hanna Banana

The family of Ciao-Li, Jean Louise "Weezer", Sheba (In Loving Memory), Katie (In Loving Memory), Arlo (In Loving Memory), Junie Moon Brossart, Megan Brossart, Liam Brossart, Madison Brossart, Emilio (In Loving Memory), Sneakers (In Loving Memory), Sluggo and Bizkit

Edie, NPC

The family of PITA~CGC Award, Layla, Teddy and LALO (Service/Assistance Dog)

The family of Biscotte, Crouton and Tippy NPC


The family of Paco and Kimba & Squeaker

The family of Cindy Sue and Cowboy

The family of HoneyBunny, RemoTheRed, WINston XXLP, LuckyLucy, Perky, Dixie blackPearl, Burt BlackPearl, OzzyCat, Harry and Moonshine


Lexus aka Lexi, Dino, Monnie and Buddy (Baby Kisses)

The family of Arthur furever wiggling, Frosty Paws and Damon

Nebraska Pack

The family of WESLEY, Dekker (in loving memory), Smudge, Smokey (in loving memory), Sunny and Sissel

The family of Rocky and Sarge

The family of Lucee, Rikee and Rubee


The family of Ginger, Maxie and Chloe

The family of Nikita Sophia, Armbruster, Angel Runt, Sweet Angel Candy, Brandi and Montana Skye

The family of Scooter PAWS, Mrs. Trudy, Floppy "Floppy Girl Angel", Faith *Bridge Angel and Spirit

Bailey NWD

The Festive Five

The family of Gibbon and Mia



Sassy NPC

The family of Ringo, Webster and Dusty The Puppycat

The family of Mica -the wonderpup, Mirra and The Purple Girls of Oregon

The family of *Zoe* and Cece

The family of Georgie PSD, Jackson TBK and Tippy (Furever Loved)


George Underwood

The family of Hansome Jack and Zoie

The family of Hambone, Stinky Pete, Otis Bubba, Emma Rose and Mewstache

We also say a special "thank you!" to the family of Flicka, Lucas and Cleo (in Memory) and their Mom Pam for the beautiful Award Plaque they made for us, and to The Bush Furs for the wonderful keepsakes they made for us which we proudly display on our page.

We have the most pawsome furiends that anyone could ever hope for and we love you with all our hearts. Thanks for being our furiends!

Woofs, wuf, Purrs and Taterhugs, Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue, Link and Rosie (and Mom D'Ann, too!)

Paw. S. Rosie ( she's a Tater Tot!, too! ) is one of the very few, if not the first ever, cat to be named Dogster Dog of the Week! Woof-woof, Rosie! ;)


A Wee Bit Better!

January 9th 2010 1:01 am
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Momma very cautiously tells us that she thinks Rosie Paws might be doing a teensy bit better tonight. She's definitely been vomiting less. In fact, only twice today (Friday) and not all all tonight! That probably means there is not so much fluid built up around her heart. The meds are doing their job. :)
She's still coughing alot but less than the past several days.

Our family thanks everyone who has been purring and pawraying and sending Power of the Paw. Your love, concern and support makes such a difference! It's a great blessing to have furiends who care.
So, let's all keep purring, pawraying, and praying for our beautiful Rosie Tot!

Woofs, Wuf & Taterhugs, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi Sue & Link


Purrs For Rosie Tot.

January 8th 2010 1:59 am
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Rosie hasn't been doing well for about the past 5 days.
Her meds have been increased. Mom's been staying by her side and crying and saying lots of prayers. She and Rosie have been together for a long, long time.


Hey, Ma! Look Who's Dog of the Week! *struts- pawroudly*

December 21st 2009 10:55 pm
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Well, it's been quite the year for our family and thanks to Dogster and our pawsome pals, it's ending on a happy note!
Link stopped by Fancypants Cafe this afternoon to spend some time with his true love, Nina, and a bunch of other furiends and when he got there everywoof started congratulating him for us being dubbed Dogster Dog(s) of the Week!

Not having heard a woof about it until that moment, Link scratched his head and thought to himself, "Whaaaaat???!!"

Sure enough, when we looked at our email, there were two emails from HQ informing us that us li'l, ol' Tater Tots! have been chosen as Dog(s) of the Week and will have our picture featured on Dogster's home page all week long!

So, then we ran as fast as we could to look at our pawmail box and we found a pawmail from our dear furiend, Flicka, congratulating us and he included a beautiful plaque which will be pawroudly displayed on our page furever!

Next we hurried to our Rosette, Star and Special Gift History Archive and saw a whole bunch of pressies with happy woofs, purrs and warm wishes from several of our pawsome pals! Momma, being the sentimental fool that she is, actually had to wipe away tears when she read them to us!

You see, we think of our Dogster and Catster furiends as family. You have been here for us through many very happy, and a few not-as-happy, times and we hold you all very dear to our hearts. Reading your loving messages and hearing your happiness for us in your words has touched our hearts more than we can ever describe.

Being honored as Dogster's Dogs of the Week is a huge deal to us and we are very pawroud and humbled. And somehow, receiving this honor for the week of Christmas, makes it all the more special.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the Big Dogs at Dogster HQ and to all our beloved pals and we thank you for always being here for us and for being the very bestest friends that anyone could ever hope for. ♥

Woofs, wuf 'n great, big Taterhugs, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue and Link

*doing their Happy Dance, tails wagging furiously*


A Very Merry Christmas....

December 7th 2009 12:29 am
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Can you believe another year has come and gone?! And don't we say that every year? :)

And still we are waiting, hoping, striving and praying for peace throughout the world..... for an end to world hunger..... for a world where no living being feels fear or pain.

While we're deciding what to buy for little Johnny or Auntie Gert, we will keep in our minds and in our hearts the idea of what a true gift might be..................

We wish all of our friends a very merry Christmas, joyous holidays, good health and lots of peace and love throughout the year ahead. We love you and cherish your friendship, each and every one.

Wuf 'n Taterwags, Penny Ann, Zelda Marie, Teddi Sue, Link, Rosie (and Mom D'Ann;) )

So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
And so this is Christmas
For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones
The world is so wrong
And so happy Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let's stop all the fight
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
And so this is Christmas
And what have we done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young
A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

War is over over
If you want it
War is over

~John Lennon & Yoko Ono


The Really Bad Day - Or Was It a Really GOOD Day???

November 15th 2009 9:41 pm
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It started out as a regular, typical, run-of-the-mill, lazy-day Sunday here at The Tater Tot Ranch.
We were all just hangin' out, after our Sunday walk. We were busy answering pawmails and voting frantically in The World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show to earn our zealies, when our neighbor, Bud, came knockin' on the door.

Bud came to tell Momma that Sarah (she's our furless brofur's bestest girl. We loooove Sarah!) called him because she couldn't remember our phone number. Well, right then Momma knew she didn't wanna hear what Bud was going to tell her. (Sarah furgot our number, but she remembered our neighbor's??!)

Sure enough, Bud brought us the news that Austin had wrecked his motorcycle, riding it home from the repair shop, going 50 MPH on Highway 99. O M D!!! Mom's legs turned to jello but she kept her cool pretty well.
Bud didn't know many details, but he told Mom that the paramedics were checking Austin over and Sarah was going to send the ambulance away and drive him to the ER herself, in order to avoid a huge ambulance bill. It made Mom feel a teensy bit better to know that the paramedics didn't grab Austin up and scoot away with him lickety-split.

At this point, Mom was already thinking about what method she would use to beat the tar outta the bike mechanic who had just "repaired" the bike.
The same mechanic had been working on Austin's motorcycle for several months to get it all safe and ready for Austin to ride.
About 5 weeks ago, Austin went and picked the bike up from the shop and attempted to ride it home. Well, he made it almost home when he went to make a left turn and the brakes locked up. Austin and the bike went down on the pavement. Austin was scraped up pretty good, but didn't need to go to the hospital. Some antiseptic and bandages and some Advil and he was good to go.
Mom was furious with the mechanic, wondering how he could have had the bike for so many months and then the brakes lock up and cause Austin to wreck after being ridden for less than 3 miles. Austin wasn't upset with the mechanic. That's just the way Austin is. He always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He told Mom that the guy couldn't have known the brakes were going to lock up, it was just something that happened. Mom's thinking "Uh, yeah. Okay, Austin." But really she still blamed the stupid mechanic. Anyway, Austin took the motorcycle back to the same mechanic again to have him fix the brakes. Today is when Austin got it back. So you can see why our peace-loving Mom might just wanna throttle the You-Know-What outta that "mechanic"! bol

After the doctors examined and ex-rayed Austin, it was determined that he has a broken left index finger, a sprained wrist, 9 stitches in his left arm, lots of bruises, cuts, road rash and pain.
The bike is wrecked up pretty good. Mom says "YAY!" fur that. Any momma who is okay with her baby (no matter what his age) climbing on a motorcycle, has got to be lacking in maternal instincts. Oh, and Austin's new IPod is now toast. That didn't phase Mom a whole lot, but it sure seems to be a major bummer to Austin.

Now, this story gets even better! A few minutes after Mom's first call to Sarah, her cell phone rang again. It was Aunt Maggie. She had just put Uncle Doug in an ambulance because he "felt really strange" and his heart was racing. *YIKES*

The doctor gave Uncle Doug medicine to slow his heart and it worked. He's okay. Now just waiting for test results to find out why his heart rate was 197 instead of 70 like it should have been. *YIKES again*

So, it turned out to be anything but a regular, typical, run-of-the-mill, lazy-day Sunday for us!
When Mom catches herself thinking what a horrible day it was, she reminds herself how much worse it could have been.

Austin is hurting and bummed about his IPod, but the car that was driving directly behind him, at 50 MPH, didn't hit him, and he will be just fine.... in a couple of weeks or so. And he told Mom that it will be a long time - if ever - before he climbs back on a motorcycle. *high paw ;) *
And Uncle Doug is doing well. His medicine worked and he is on the track to finding out the cause for, and treatment for, whatever is wrong with his heart.

Instead of being all upset and sad about the very unfortunate and scary events of the day, we are thankful that angels were watching over Austin and Uncle Doug and that they are both resting safely in their homes tonight. :)


The Happy Tail of Tess!

October 21st 2009 10:59 pm
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Another happy tail goes down in the annals of Tater Tot history! This is the happy tail of Tess, a 14 year old American Dingo who lives in our fair city, Eugene, Oregon.

It was Sunday afternoon and Momma was gathering our leashes and collars to get us ready for our walk. Penny Ann took a peek out into our back yard through the big glass door in our dining room. She started barking so, of course, the rest of us came running to see and join in the barking. We have a very important job keeping our home and family safe from intruders and, by golly, we do a mighty fine job! bol

With the four of us barking our little heads off, Momma came to see what all the excitement was about. She expected that, as usual, she would see either one of the many neighborhood cats roaming around or a squirrel sitting on the fence or the deck teasing us.

Well, what a surprise she got! It wasn't a cat or a squirrel at all, but an older looking, golden colored dog!
Daddy went out to investigate and the stray dog took off running out of our driveway and into the street, across the park and onto another street.
Momma ran outside with the car keys and yelled to Daddy, "Come on! She's old and she's limping! She's headed for River Road!" River Road is a great, big 40 mph (but most do 50), 5 lane, busy road. It is definitely not where a doggie should be out running off leash.
So Mom and Dad drove and caught up with the dog. Mom jumped out of the car, dog biscuits in hand, and tried to coax the dog to let her get close enough to give her a cookie. No way! That ol' girl wanted nothing to do with letting a stranger get near her and she took off running again, with Momma huffing and puffing along behind her.

Finally the dog crawled under a motor home in someone's yard and she collapsed from exhaustion. When Momma started to crawl under and reach her hand out, the dog growled, so Momma decided not to push it with her. A neighbor lady brought out a big bowl of cold water and a little dish of cooked chicken breast pieces and placed them under the edge of the motor home. The dog wouldn't budge to go over and get a drink or eat. She was very, very tired and very, very scared. So, after a few minutes, Momma tossed a piece of the chicken over near the dog. And what a perfect aim Momma has! The chicken landed right under the dog's nose and she gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow. So, Momma threw a bunch more pieces and the old girl ate 'em all right up. She was hungry!

So, now there's the dog under the motor home in a yard of someone who wasn't home, Momma and Daddy and some other neighbors- a lady named Amy and her husband. The dog had no collar on and the people were thinking that maybe someone had dumped her off in our neighborhood. That was a sad thought. So now it was time for the people to decide what to do.

The ol' girl would have to have someplace safe and warm to stay while the people tried to find out if there was a family looking for her. When the lady who owned the motor home got home it was decided that she would let the dog stay at her house until this coming Friday at the longest. If nobody had claimed the dog by then, she would have to go..... somewhere. None of the people could bear the thought of taking the old girl to Animal Regulation Authority (The Pound ) so everyone was ready to do whatever they could to find the owner or to find a good home for the dog.

Today when Momma got home from work and checked Craigslist again, she saw a very familiar face! Yup! There was an ad saying that "Josh" was looking for "Tess" who had wandered out of their yard on Saturday. The ad said that Tess was a beloved family pet and that she was greatly missed.

Well, Momma just about jumped for joy! She was about 98% sure that the dog in the picture was the old, stray girl who was under the motor home! So, Momma called Josh and he came right away to see if it was indeed his Tess. And it was! And she was one happy, little girl when Josh drove up in his pickup truck! Josh was happy and Momma was happy. Amy wasn't home and neither was Motor Home Lady, so Momma wrote notes and left them on their doors letting them know that "Tess" was safe and happy back home with her daddy, and thanking them for helping to look after Tess and not being too quick to take her to The Pound.

The amazing part of this whole story is how far Tess was from her home. She was clear across town. Not only was it a long way, but she had to have crossed several very, very busy, multi-lane roads and even a bridge. She was out running for over 24 hours before she ended up under the motor home. She is deaf, also, and somehow managed to avoid getting hit by a car. That was quite the adventure for any dog, let alone a 14 year-old, deaf, limping dog who was very scared.

So, we missed our walk this past Sunday, but we'd give up our walk every day if we could trade it for helping a lost or hurt furiend.
Tonight we all sleep happily and soundly in our own home, with our own people, in our own beds! And so does Tess! :D

Tonight we'll remember, as we do each night, to include all the lost and homeless furs in our prayers.

Woofs, wuf 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi Sue, Link & Rosie ♥


Seven Facts About Us. Tagged By Ebony!

October 4th 2009 1:41 am
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Our pawsome pal Ebony Tagged us! Those little Schipperkes are quick! BOL So, it looks like more fun for us! *tails wagging furiously*
Here's how it works: We list 7 facts about us, then we go Tag 5 of our furiends and they do the same, etc... Oh! Don't furget to let your furiends know they're being Tagged by sending them a pawmail or a rosette telling them.

Okay, here are our seven facts:

1. Of the 5 of us, one is a kitty (Rosie) and three (Zelda Marie, Link & Teddi Sue) are real full fur siblings.

2. Each of us pups has our own little trick that Momma makes us do before we get our treat....
Penny "whispers".
Zelda "sits".
Link gives her a "high five".
Teddi Sue "shakes" her hand.

3. We all love to swim and play in the water.

4. According to Daddy, we can make enough noise to "wake the dead" when someone rings our door bell.

5. We all missed Teddi Sue when she was stolen away from home for 8 weeks and we remembered her and ran around like crazy and had a big pawty when she came back home!

6. During the days when Momma and Daddy work, Teddi Sue goes with them and Penny, Link & Zeldy stay home with Rosie.

7. We all love to nap on the floor near the woodstove when it's cold outside. At night we all sleep under the covers with Momma. (Yes, she and Daddy have a king-sized bed! bol)

That's all about us! Here are the furiends we're going to Tag.....

Ravan NPC
The Barkett's
Lalo (Therapy Dog in training)


We Got Tagged By Damon! *chases tails*

October 3rd 2009 9:01 pm
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Our dear furiend Damon Tagged us! Yippeee! There's noting we love more than playing with our furiends!
We're supposed to answer these questions and then Tag some furiends, (Oh! And don't furget to send your furiends a rosette or a pawmail to let them know that you're Tagging them! bol,mol) so here we go.....

What color is your collar?

Penny Ann: Orange and black. Howl O Weenie colors! bol

Zelda Marie: Purple.

Link: Black. Simple, yet elegant.;)

Teddi Sue: Red.

Rosie: I don't even have a collar!

What kind of food do you eat?

Dogs: Rachel Ray's Nutrish. The chicken & veggies flavor. YUM!

Rosie: Purina Healthful Life Balance.

What is your favorite treat?

Dogs: Hmmm... that is always the toughest one to answer. We love ALL treats! If we have to choose just one, we will say tuna. It's extra-special because that is what Rosie gets for her treat almost every day. Once in a while, Momma lets each of us pups have a little taste! Mmmm-mmmm, GOOD!

Do you have a Valentine or significant other?

Penny Ann: Yup. MOMMA! Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, boys! BOL

Zelda Marie: Oh, YES! My handsome Kiko is my boyfuriend! We've been together for almost 3 years! *swoons*

Link: My beautiful fiance, Nina and I are engaged to be married on March 6, 2010. *swoons*

Teddi Sue: The most wunnerful and han'some pup I've ever met in my life, Spanky, is my husband and my Furever Valentine. *swoons*

Rosie: The handsome and gentlemanly Zipper is my Valentine and very special furiend. Unfortunately, Zipper is no longer a Catster member. I miss him with all of my heart and soul.

Do you get table scraps?

Nope. Only at Thanksgiving and Christmas, Momma fixes each of us our very own plate with a tiny bit of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn. And just a tiny bit of each, but boy, do we love it! BOL

What is your favorite toy?

Penny Ann: I'm not much into toys, but I do love my "toof pick". It's a NylaBone chewy that looks like a bone on each end, but has a blue, rubber, nubby thing around the center. I chew on it to clean the food out of my cheeks after I eat. :)
Once in a blue moon, I grab a stuffie and shake it and throw it around a bit.

Zelda Marie: I have two that are almost identical. They are plastic, squeaky, bar bell-shaped. One looks like a basketball and the other looks like a soccer ball. Actually, Momma says I look like the soccer one! bol

Link: I absowoofly LOVE anything that squeaks! My very favoritest is the monkey that Gramma got fur me.

Teddi Sue: I don't play with toys much. Sometimes I grab a squeaky and squeak it and then Momma tells me what a good girl I am and how smart I am. :)

Rosie: I don't play much anymore. Sometimes I'll bat a pen around the kitchen floor, or hide in paper bag. I used to wrestle with Zelda Marie. There's nothing quite as satisfying as body-slamming a Chihuahua! But in my golden years, I'd much rather sit and look out the window at my yard or curl up fur a nap by the woodstove.

When is your Birthday?

Penny Ann: December 27, 1998. I'll be 11 this year.

Zelda Marie: May 21, 2006. I turned 3 this year.

Link: December 12, 2006. I will be 3 this year.

Teddi Sue: December 12, 2006. Link and I are "womb-mates". We'll be 3 this year.

Rosie: November 17, 1993. Do the math! MOL

How many times do you get to eat?

Dogs: Twice. Morning and evening. Plus a treat in the morning before Momma and Daddy leave for work.

Rosie: My dish stays filled and accessible 24/7. And I usually get a few tablespoons of tuna once a day. :)

What is your favorite color?

Favorite color???? Do furs have favorite colors??? *scratches heads*

Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?

Sure! If they have time and want to play. It's always fun to learn new things about our furiends. :)

So! There ya have it! Now, here are the furiends we're going to Tag....

Sissy Skye
George underwood

So, there ya have it! Have fun everyfur and thanks fur playing with us!

Wuf 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi Sue, Link & Rosie


Aahhh! The Woodstove!

September 30th 2009 12:00 am
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After a long, chilly, rainy Fall day, Daddy lit a fire in the woodstove!

It's our first woodstove fire of the season and boy, are we lovin' it!
Especially Rosie and Zelda Marie. Rosie loves it because all cats love radiant heat. Zelda loves it because she thinks she's a kitty!

It's hard to say goodbye to the summer, but it's real nice, in a comfy, snuggly sorta way, to welcome Fall - and the woodstove fire season! :D

Woofs 'n Taterwags, Penny, Zeldy, Teddi Sue, Link & Rosie

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