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The Life and Times of Kea

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Mom's Soooooo Proud of Me!!

September 22nd 2009 1:24 pm
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I can't believe how happy Mom was on Sunday. I wanted to go outside and Mom forgot to look to see if there were any "distractions" near the invisible fence before she let me out. Well there were 4 - count em 4 - deer in MY YARD and I didn't leave to chase after them when they high tailed it outta my space. I was so proud that I chased them away and then came back to Mom. Then this morning when she let Darius and me out I ran all around sniffing. Mom got so worried but I was good and came back to the house after I was done with my business. I just hope I don't forget and do something bad later.





November 9th 2009 3:06 am
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So why do humans call this time of year fall? I hear my mom say it's fall now and winter isn't far behind. She doesn't seem to be falling down and I just don't understand what she means. Yeah it's different here in WV than it was in TX but I just don't understand?? Course if fall means that I get to go for more walks like I did this weekend then I'm all for it!!!!!

Arroooo to all of you,



Play time!!!!!

December 6th 2009 5:04 am
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Wohoooo!!!! I've never had so much fun. There's this white stuff that Mom is calling snow that fell from the sky yesterday and covered the ground and the deck. It was squishy and cold and I just love to roll around in it. It's so much fun that I can't describe it. When I went outside this morning it was still there. I hope that it stays for a while!!!

Woofs to all,



Sad Day

November 15th 2012 7:31 am
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Gonna be a sad day today. My brother Darius is going to go cross the Rainbow Bridge and join Yoda and Rhys. Momma says he's not eating and can't stand up and he needs to be able to keep his dignity. He hasn't been well for the past few months but it is really bad now. I'm gonna miss him!!


Lonely, lonely. lonely

November 18th 2012 2:10 pm
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I never thought I would regret being an only dog. When I first came to live with my Momma and the rest of my forever family I wanted to be the only dog. I would growl and snap at Darius and Yoda and Momma was so patient with me explaining that we were all family now. When Yoda crossed over the Rainbow Bridge I was sad but I still had Darius to play with. When I started going blind Darius was there for me to tell me it would be ok. Now Darius has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I don't like being an only dog. I hope that when Momma is back after her Fellowship that she'll think about getting me another buddy to share the days with. I really miss Darius and Yoda.


Another Walk!!!

November 19th 2012 3:13 pm
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Wohoo. Momma took me for a long walk today. It was great to be out smelling all the smells. While I might not be able to see I'm still eager and ready to go walking. We were out for almost an hour and a half. I wonder if we'll go again tomorrow?

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