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The Life and Times of Kea

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I'm A Diary Pick Today!!!!!!

May 21st 2009 7:36 pm
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Wow, Mom was able to check e-mail and Dogster for me today and saw that I was a diary pick!!!! So, since my last entry we've left San Antonio and we're en route to our new home in Charles Town, WV. We left San Antonio yesterday after the movers packed up all Mom's stuff. She took Darius and I to stay at Dr. K's place while the movers were there so we wouldn't get too upset. Then we drove to Mt. Vernon, TX and got in really, really late so we didn't even get on line. Then this morning we got up early and started driving. Lots of driving but also lots of breaks and walks!!!!!!! Tonight we're in Knoxville, TN and tomorrow we're gonna be in Charles Town. The movers should be there on Saturday to deliver our stuff and then we can settle in for a while before we move to our NEW home that's being built. It's been a long day so I'm gonna get some rest for another day's drive tomorrow. More to come as I become a Mountaineer Dog!!!!!!!


We're Here!!!!

June 3rd 2009 5:14 am
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Well we finally made it to our new home in West Virginina. Of course this one is only temporary until we get our REAL home that's being built. Right now we have a nice place on about half an acre. This house has stairs and I've never been in a house with two stories before but I'm getting to be a pro going up and down them. We even have a basement, but it's just for storage. Our new house will have some of the basement finished where we'll have the TV and lots of space to play in. I can't seem to get used to all the activity around us. It isn't as quiet as our house in San Antonio and Darius and I have to make sure that nobody surprises Mom so we let her know when anything makes a noise. Hopefully Mom will understand that we're gonna need some time to settle in too.

West Virginia is nice, cooler than Texas so far, but they tell me that it will get warmer and be kinda like what we left during the summer. They also mentioned something called snow. I'll have to see what that is all about and let you know what I think.

We've been getting walks most days since we've been here since Mom doesn't start her new job for another couple of weeks. We want to get out of the subdivision but Mom has been busy unpacking (not everything just essentials) so we haven't been out and about too much yet. I'll bet that changes this weekend (or at least I hope it does)!!!!

More later as we adjust to our new surroundings --



Noises, noises, noises

June 5th 2009 3:38 am
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While I'm really likin my new digs, all the noises are makin it hard for me to decide what I should tell Mom about and what is o.k. I wish it were as easy as our old house!!! Anyway, I think that we're all finding life here in WV fun. Its so green and there are so many more birds in my back yard to chase. Not as many deer, possums, or racoons, but I have seen a bunny or two. Those rascals are just too quick for me to catch up with before they get to the fence. I can't say that the dog in the next yard is very friendly. He barks at me all the time when I'm in my yard. I go over to try to talk or play with him and he just barks some more and tries to go through the fence into my yard. No fun at all!!!!!! I'm keeping my paws crossed that it stops raining so we can go walking today cuz Darius really won't go walking in the rain.



Oh No, Mom's Gonna Start Working Again

June 12th 2009 4:52 am
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It's starting to look like Mom's gonna start working again real soon. She's spent a couple of days away from the house and Darius & I have had to be in our kennels. I know we're here in this sorta strange house, but come Mom, you can trust us. We won't do anything bad we promise. I just hope that when Mom starts working again for real that we'll still get time for our walks. They are so much fun and I'm getting to be a really good walker. I listen more to Mom and try to ignore all the noisy dogs that bark when I walk by - Don't they know I'm just passing through??



New Places to See

June 13th 2009 2:58 pm
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Ooooh I had such a wonderful day today. It didn't start out so great cuz I had to stay in my kennel while Mom talked to the landlord of our rental house but after that I was fantastic.

Mom got our water bottles and the doggie disposal bags and we headed out. I thought we were going to walk around the hood but we got in the car and went for a drive. We ended up along the Potomac River near a place called Sandy Hook. Mom said we were gonna walk along this thing called the C&O Canal Towpath.

We walked for a while and Mom let me swim in the river for a little bit. Not very far cuz she was worried bout the current, but I had so much fun swimming. I wasn't even hot and I got to get in the water. We kept walking and I saw lots of people walking and riding these things with two wheels. Mom called them bikes. I was trying to be a really good girl - I didn't pull on the leash, go up to strangers, or even bark at the bikes. I just couldn't help myself when these big four legged things with people on their back came up from behind us when we were stopped to take a break. I tried to sit so still but I just had to bark cuz these things might have hurt Mom, Darius and me. Mom told me that it was o.k. and that these were horses and they wouldn't hurt me. It was just so hard, I wanted to follow and chase them away and I just kept barking. After they left we walked some more and when the horses went by us again I was much better. Just a little pulling and a small bark!!!!! Mom told me how good I was and gave me a special treat.

On the way back I got to swim some more and I even cooled off Mom when I tried to shake the water off my coat. We were gone for over 2 hours!!!! That's the longest walk we've taken in a really long time. After we got into the car Darius and I just went to sleep and rested till we got home. I sure hope that we get to go back again some time. It was lots and lots of fun.



More New Creatures

June 15th 2009 4:46 am
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Boy, I'm really likin' living here in WV. We went walking again yesterday at the same place we were on Saturday except we went in the opposite direction. This time I saw these big birds swimming in the water near the shore of the river. Mom told me that they were geese. I wanted to go swim out to them and I almost pulled Mom over cuz the river bank was all muddy. Mom wouldn't let me go play with them cuz she said that the current was too strong and I might get swept down stream and lost forever. I guess I'll just have to wait to play with geese some other time.

Later on after we turned around to head back to the car there was this big furry thing that sorta ran across the trail. I started barking and wanted to run after it but Mom wouldn't let me. She said she thought it was a woodchuck but she'd check when we got home. I guess Mom hadn't seen this animal before either. Sure enough when we got home mom showed me the picture on the computer and it was a woodchuck.

I've got to get Mom to take the camera with her so she can take pictures of us on the trail. She doesn't get it when I tell her that I wanna show everyone all the neat places that we've been. Besides, Darius and I need to update our photos with some more action shots.

Here's hoping for another long walk today.



Another Day Another Hike

June 16th 2009 5:08 am
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Boy I'm really likin' havin' Mom home. We got to go for another long walk yesterday. Not as much river time, but still lots of fun. We went for over three hours and hiked over 7 miles. The trail was really muddy and at the end we got to swim in the Potomac River for a little bit of time. We were so muddy from the trail that Mom was glad that we decided to get wet . That way we didn't need to be "washed" when we got home. I was so tired that I just curled up and went to sleep on the way home and then when I got home.

Later that day Mom brushed me. She said that my undercoat was getting long and I needed to get rid of some of it. Mom doesn't seem to understand that I don't mind the undercoat, even if it does come off and fly all over the house. Maybe this undercoat thing will go away soon so I don't have to spend 30 minutes getting brushed. At least she didn't trim my nails. I HATE pawdicures.

Oh well, let's see what today brings.



No Fun

June 19th 2009 4:26 am
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Hey what's up with the lack of walking. Mom's been leaving us behind when she leaves again. I wish she would spend some more time walking with us. We're just getting used to all the new and fun stuff around here. Course it was rainy for a couple of days so I can understand that. Darius hates the rain and Mom wouldn't want to make him walk when he isn't having fun, but heck, it was nice yesterday and today has some promise. Maybe we can get some quality trail time today.



Comany from Florida

June 22nd 2009 6:40 am
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Oooh boy. We had company over the weekend. Jack and Irene came all the way from Florida to see us. We didn't get much walking in but we got lots of love and attention. The only bad thing is that Irene brought this noisy thing that trims nails. Mom tired it out and said that she was gonna get one to do my nails. I hates to have my nails done, but I think it is a little better than the clippers.



Pawdicured Again

June 25th 2009 5:35 pm
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Rats, I thought Mom would be satisfied with one pawdicure in a week. Just my luck she figured out how to use the Dremel to do my nails. Doesn't she remember how I HATE to have my feet messed with. Of course it is lots better than the nail clippers and the best thing is that I get treats after she finishes each foot. Kinda makes it worth it. Maybe I'll get used to it and my nails will be nice and manicured. I just hope she doesn't put any polish on my nails. A trail walking outdoor dog like me doesn't need nail polish.


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