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The Life and Times of Kea

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Walks, Walks, Walks

October 21st 2008 11:34 am
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ARROOOOOOO. I've been going for walks almost every day. Mom hasn't had to go to her work and all of us have been going for walks. I even got to go to Canyon Lake and go swimming after one of my walks. Mom's even told me what a good girl I was after I didn't get all excited when we passed deer or other dogs. I guess that everyone doesn't want to be my friend!!! One day at Canyon Lake I got lots of love from a wounded soldier. He and his father were there and since he LOVES dogs and misses his I did my best to cheer him up!!!!! It was so much fun and his smile was so big I just wanted to jump in his lap. Course I couldn't cuz I might have hurt him and that wouldn't have been a good thing. I'm just hoping that we keep walkin' more and more. I know it's good for Darius' TPLO rehab but it's even better exercise for all of us!!!!!


Thanks Toto

October 27th 2008 5:47 am
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Arrooo, I now have some great new pics. Check me out!!!!! All thanks to my buddy Toto!!!! There are some pretty talented moms & dads out there in Dogster land.


I've Been Tagged

November 10th 2008 7:46 am
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My good buddy Toto tagged me on Friday and I need to list 7 things about myself and then tag 7 of my pals. Here goes with the 7 things about me:

1. I survived Hurricane Rita and that's how I came to be a rescue dog in Houston, Texas.

2. I HATE to have my toe nails trimmed (AKA my pawdicure).

3. I love to go for long walks with Mom and my bro Darius.

4. I love to ride in the car and smell all the new smells.

5. I think that everyone loves me (even if they don't).

6. I try to play with all the deer near my house but they just run away when I get close.

7. I give great kisses!!!!

I am going to tag:

3. Kiki
4. Teddi Sue
5. Sissy PAWS
6. Jayden Noelani
7. Piko


Walkin' Girl

December 2nd 2008 5:37 am
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ARROOOOO, I'm a walking girl again. Mom, Darius & I have gone for a walk for the last FIVE days!!!!! I'm even being a good girl when we go walking. I'm not pulling on the leash and I almost never go trying to chase the deer. Mom's wondering if someone stole me and replaced me with a look-a-like dog. Silly Mom, doesn't she know that I won't leave her (at least not on purpose). I didn't even have to get a pawdicure this week cuz we went walking so much that my nails were "worn" by the road and trails. I'd go for walks anywhere anytime but this is just an extra special bonus. I know that Mom has a late night tonight but I'm hoping for a walk tonight too.


My Own Room!!!!

December 19th 2008 4:47 am
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Well Mom has to go visiting for Christmas and she can't take Darius and me with her this time. While we liked our last doggie spa, Mom wanted to find somewhere that we would get a little bit more attention. We came out to Animal House and it seems like a great place. Darius and I each have our own room and they have nice beds with treats on the pillows. They even had our names on our rooms before we got there. Course I had to be me and I went into Darius' room and let him go into my room. I'm sure that the people here won't mind at all. What's really cool is that there is a big yard with toys where the pups staying here get to play during the day. The people here are checking to make sure the Darius and I get along with all the other pups before we get to join them to play. I can't wait to play with all the other pups. This is gonna be a GREAT vacation - course I want to be with Mom, but this is the next best thing!!!


Play Time at Animal House

December 23rd 2008 8:06 am
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ARROOOOO I gets to have some play time wif other pups here at Animal House. Mom had to leave Darius and me here cuz she went to Florida and there is a dog there that might teach me some bad habits. So I gets to go to a doggie spa and have fun with all the pups here. Each day I get to go out in the play yard wif all the other puppies. I get to run and jump and just wear myself out. It's almost as good as when Mom's home and we play in the yard. I kinda miss sleeping on Mom's bed, but I have a really nice bed here and get a treat every night. Gotta run and play some more!!!!!!


I'm Home!!!!

January 7th 2009 6:08 am
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Boy was Animal House a fun place to stay. I got to play every day with lots of other pups during "Play Time". Darius wasn't with us cuz he didn't want to play with the other pups. It was so much fun. On top of all that once Mom came to get us she stayed home with us and didn't go anywhere for FOUR days!!!! We also got to go on long walks and spend quality time with Mom. Course she's back at work now and we have the bedroom and master bath to spend our days in, but it isn't the same without Mom here all the time. At least she's updating our diaries today!!! She may even find the time to check all our mail. I don't know why she can't do everything cuz she's SuperMom!!!!


New Horizons

January 26th 2009 5:39 am
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Wheeee, Darius, Mom and I are going to West Virginia. Mom accepted a new job there. We're a little upset at all the activity in the house cuz we think Mom's gonna leave us behind. She's telling Darius & me that she's just doing cleaning and getting ready to sell the house here, but its hard to not be scared she's gonna sell us too!!!! While I've been AWOL for a while and will probably still be infrequently posting and barking on the different groups until the middle of next month I'm still think bouts all of you.

Bark at ya later,



Whaz Up!!!

March 20th 2009 1:53 pm
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Boy its been a really long time since I've had my personal typist post for me. Way too long if you ask me. Things have been hopping here in San Antonio. Mom got the house ready to sell cuz we're moving to West Virginia. Getting things ready really upset me and Darius, specially with people coming into OUR house and looking around. I might not have been there but I could smell them when I came back in. Well at least it worked - Mom sold the house in just 7 DAYS!!!!!! On top of that she went to WV last week and found a house with a fenced yard to rent until we can move into our NEW house. It's gonna be great - lots of room to run and a nice neighborhood. I just hope that I can learn how to talk to all the pups there in West Virginia (BOL). I don't know if I speak their language yet since I've always been a Texas dog.


Moving Day Fast Approaching

May 19th 2009 4:40 am
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Mom just told me that we're going to be leaving San Antonio some time tomorrow. Now I know why she hasn't had much time to write things for me or help me stay in touch with my dogster buddies. She promises that I'll be able to write more once we get settled in our new house. I guess I'm gonna get to see new places soon.

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