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The Life and Times of Kea

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Almost Done

February 6th 2008 5:50 am
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Boy did I get some good news -- It seems like I only have one more trip to see Dr. K and the staff for my bug problem. I'm soooooo happy I could BOL all day long. Mom is relieved since my hair is coming back and she says that I look "like a real dog again". I always thought I looked like a real dog, but just a little less hairy. I have so much hair again that mom is starting to find some of it around the house, just like before. I guess that means more brushing each week to keep some of the hair down.


I'm in Trouble

February 18th 2008 5:24 am
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I don't know what got into me. On Friday night Mom went to get her haircut after she came home from school. I had been a little bit bad while she was gone because I chewed up a pen. But when she left on Friday night I couldn't help myself and chewed up the case to her glasses. I didn't hurt her glasses, but the case is history. Mom told me she doesn't understand because I have all my toys. I just hope Mom isn't TOOOO agry with me.


Confined to the Bedroom

February 21st 2008 5:53 am
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Well I was a good girl yesterday, or so Mom said. She put up the gate and kept Darius & I in her room for the day. I guess she doesn't want me to eat amy more of her stuff. Maybe if I'm good I'll get to run around the whole house again when Mom's gone. If not I guess her room is good enough. She does (oops, I have) that nice king size bed to sleep on.


I'm Being Good

February 22nd 2008 5:59 am
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Boy am I trying to be good. I haven't chewed on anything for the last FOUR days. I don't know why I'm wanting to chew on Mom's stuff lately but I am. I just hope that I can keep my jaws under control for the rest of the day. Maybe after a couple of weeks I'll be released from bedroom detention.


Bath & Nails

March 6th 2008 6:52 am
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What did I do to deserve a bath on Monday and getting my nails done yesterday. I know that I have a bout with mighty mites earlier this year, but I thought that when I didn't have to go see Dr. K anymore I wasn't going to get a bath once a week!!!! I try to stay clean and it hasn't rained so there isn't any mud for me to play in. What gives these days!!!! Oh well I guess Mom just wants me to be beautiful.


On Vacation

March 9th 2008 2:22 pm
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I've been on vacation since Friday. Mom will be back next Sunday. I hope that she's having fun. I'm still tryin' to figre out wat's gonna happen. I get people givin me tenshun every day. Dis isn't as bad as Darius thinks. I still wan Mom back but dis ain't so bad.


Gifts from Foxy

March 14th 2008 7:27 pm
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I got a present today from my buddy Foxy. She and her mom made me (and Darius & Yoda) pictures. I like mine best, but I know that Mom cried when she saw the one Foxy and her Mom made for Yoda.


Home At Last

March 17th 2008 9:10 am
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ARROOOO, I'm home again. Mom came to pick up me and Darius yesterday. While the resort was fun it wasn't the same as being home. Darius & I were next to each other but could only play through the fence. Mom didn't want us together since he gets a little grouchy because I surprise him some times since he only has one eye. I couldn't wait to see Mom. I was moving so fast that the nice lady who had my leash had a hard time keeping up with me. I'm sooooooo glad to be home again.



April 4th 2008 5:51 am
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I'm hoping that if the weather is good when mom gets home tonight we can go for a walk. This week I haven't been able to go for any walks because mom is busy with work and she likes to watch this thing she calls hockey. I personally don't get it, but mom seems to really like it. She does funny things when her team does something special. She jumps up and comes to give Darius and me a big hug and says something like " the good guys scored!!!!" Some times I just can't understand her but I love her anyway.


Diary of the Day!!!!

April 9th 2008 5:31 am
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ARROOOOOOOOO!!!! My diary is listed as one of "Today's Picks" for diaries. I'm so happy. My bud Pippin sent me a congratulatory note so when I checked I saw my diary listed!!!!!! I' know that Darius was listed as a pick last summer, but this is the first time for me. I'll bet that Mom will bring home something to celebrate tonight. She always does for special days and this is a special day for me. I'll just have to let Darius know so when the extra special treats come home tonight he'll know why. I'll bet if it's not storming we'll even go for a long walk with Mom (she knows walks are my most favorite thing). Maybe Mom will even get my pool ready for summer (since summer has alreaady arrived here in San Antonio). I can't wait!!!!!!

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