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The Life and Times of Kea

Meeting New "Friends"

February 15th 2007 12:34 pm
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Boy is it tough learning to be a non-city dog. I've been with my Mom and the rest of the pack since late August 2006 but I came from a city where I didn't have the chance to meet many new "friends". When I first went to live with my ohana outside of San Antonio I was amazed at how many other living things there were for me to befriend. I tried to make friends with these tall four-legged things, some of which have horns and some smaller ones that had spots. Mom said they were called "deer". I tried to play with them through the fence, but they just ran away from me. I then tried to get to know these little furry things that Mom called squirrels, but they just ran up the trees and yelled at me for trying to play with them. When we were walking around the neighborhood I kept trying to meet and play with deer and squirrels as well as some birds that sang pretty songs to me, but no one was interested. Just yesterday I was out for my morning potty break and I met a small black and white furry animal. I went closer and it didn't run away so I thought that it might want to play with me. At the time, I couldn't understand why Darius and Yoda didn't want to come play with us. When I started to play more with my new "friend" it suddenly turned around and I thought it was going to walk away so I barked at it to stop. Then it hit me -- literally. My face started to burn and my eyes were all watery. There was this terrible smell too. I called for Mom and when she came out into the yard I went running to her. I didn't expect Mom to be unhappy with me, after all it was Valentine's Day!! Mom said I had met a "skunk" and that they weren't very nice to play with. I had to get a bath and drops in my eyes. Mom still doesn't want to get very close to me becuse she says that I still smell like the skunk. I guess she doesn't like that smell very much. According to Mom even Darius smells a little bit so he doesn't get to sit in Mom's lap right now. I don't know if I'll ever meet Skunk again, but I hope if I do he is nicer the next time.


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