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Doing better

February 12th 2013 2:44 pm
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I have been doing better the past couple days. Over the weekend I had 3 syncope episodes and one fainting spell but since late Sunday there haven't been any more. It really does seem more and more likely that these will never really be able to be controlled but hopefully more managed than anything else. My cough is much better too so tomorrow mom plans on going back to once a day for that but will continue the higher dose of the vasodilator to hopefully prevent the cluster of syncope episodes.

I also overheard mom telling dad she stopped at the store to pick up some fresh ground turkey to make a shepherd's pie on Valentine's Day. I'm not supposed to have much protein but mom says it is a special day and she doesn't think breaking the rule once in awhile will set me back. I might not even eat much but it is nice mom is thinking of us.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Muah! Muah!


Brrr, it is cold again

February 19th 2013 7:10 pm
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I am so ready for spring and can't wait for warmer weather. Today we only got to 6 degrees but tomorrow will be a little bit warmer. By Sunday, we may even hit 30 degrees. With March approaching spring fever is definitely in the air.

I have been doing OK the past few days. I still occasionally have a syncope episode every once and awhile. I had one Sunday and again on Monday but today has been good so far. Tweaking the meds helps but it seems we cannot 100% prevent these. I have remained fortunate enough to recover from them quickly.

My Gotcha Day is on the horizon. In October mom worried whether or not I could make it to Christmas, yet alone my Gotcha Day but we are nearly there.

All in all I'm making due and looking forward to warmer days.

Thanks for continued prayers



It's a big weekend

February 23rd 2013 5:43 am
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Mom and dad are going to pretend my feeding tube has been removed and only feed me and attempt to give me my pills the old fashioned way, BOL! My appetite has been fair and everyone would love it if the tube could be removed. I would also like it gone, it is itchy and I am tired of wearing a bandage to hold it up and t-shirts 24/7. I just want to feel normal again. Hopefully the try will go well this weekend and if it does, mom wants to call the vet and see if they agree that it is time to be removed.



Successful weekend

February 25th 2013 8:55 am
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This weekend was a success! I ate pretty good but best of all I took all my pills. Next step is to talk to the vet about possibly removing the feeding tube. We won't rush it and give at least a week but with any luck maybe it can be removed before my gotcha day.

Thanks for the love and support, it means so much. I've had this tube for 4 months now and I'm so ready for it to be gone. You've all been my rock during this hard time.



Woot! It's March!

March 1st 2013 4:37 pm
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It's March first and that means spring is just around the corner. It also means my Gotcha Day is near. Hope I get a good pressie from mom.

We talked to the dogtor about having the feeding tube removed and they are very pleased I have been eating and as long as it continues for at least a few weeks then we can talk about having it removed. So, there will not be any way it can be removed before my Gotcha Day but perhaps soon. I haven't used it for a week now and I have been taking my meds like I should :)

All in all, I have been pretty good lately. I love good runs and they make mom happy too. So weather is improving and I am doing better, too. Knock on wood and lots of prayers that it stays that way.




Gotcha Day and Thank You

March 6th 2013 9:25 pm
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Thank you all for the wonderful pressies and wishes for a wonderful Gotcha Day! Mommy and I drove home on this day 8 years ago from Indiana so even though I was adopted a couple weeks earlier, this is the day I came home to the family and so we call this my gotcha day.

I'm overwhelmed by all the love of my family and friends and for the grace of God to let me here to celebrate.

I have started having episodes again but not in the clusters they have come in before. Mom has decided to keep the feeding tube in place because when an episode comes, I don't want to eat. I do recover and will eat later but it puts my medication schedule behind so the tube needs to stay in place for meds. I'm disappointed but I guess it is for the best. We will still discuss this with the vet but it seems more likely that will be the way to go. I am eating very well for the most part.

For my Gotcha Day, I spent the day with mom and I got a bully stick. My diet can't vary much but I did get some little pieces of chicken in my dinner.

Also, mom and dad are looking at a house to buy tomorrow. They say it will have a lot more land. I don't take much space so I'm not sure that matters but they seem excited. Mom has been wanting to move. Keeping my paws crossed that if they like this house, the move goes well. Mom does really want to make a move this summer so if not this house, she hopes to find one very soon.



First day of spring my paw :(

March 20th 2013 8:35 pm
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Whoever said today was spring is a liar! I woke up to 2 degrees with a -14 windchill. I wouldn't call that springlike. Tomorrow will at least make it in the 20's and then the 30's come back. Normal high should be in the low 40's though and that isn't any time in the near future.

I am also sorry I haven't posted any pupdates lately but in all actuality that is a good thing because it has been quiet. I have been doing pretty good. Today I was a bit off and didn't really eat but I took my meds. To celebrate the first day of spring, mom made shepherd's pie. Yuki ate mine because I didn't want it. I did share some yummy ice cream with mom though :) It might not be warm out but I still love my ice cream and don't get it often so it was a real treat.

Hope my pals are having warmer weather than we are.




ER visit but I'm fine

April 6th 2013 6:23 pm
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Mom rushed me to the ER today because I was a wee bit naughty and pulled out my feeding tube :(

She got me there in just over an hour from the removal but it was too late for them to replace it. To put a new one in now will require another surgery. The good news is, I am still eating pretty well. The bad news is, if it comes that I need it again I will have to go through the operation again.

I wanted it out anyway so there mom! I always get my way. BOL

There is a couple things we need to watch for and one is an obstruction from the piece of tube still in the stomach (it should pass naturally) and the other is the stomach wall leaking. If either of these occur I have to go back to the vet but she feels it should actually heal OK on its own.

I told mom I was just making her weekend a little more pawciting!



Been a week

April 14th 2013 6:02 pm
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It's been just over a week since I yanked out my feeding tube and so far so good. Mom has been on poop watch but still no sign of the missing piece of tubing. She thinks she must have missed it because it should have passed by now. Since I seem to be acting fairly normal we are thinking it should hopefully all be good now. I am also still eating fairly well.

The weather is horrible. We recently had a major snow storm and temps are only in the 30's. We do have some 40's coming in the next week but they are low 40's. This is unseasonably COLD. It is also damp and my cough is starting to come back a bit. Mom has been giving me the hydrocodone to help keep it from getting severe.

Chester and Yuki could use a few prayers. Both are doing pretty poorly. Yuki has to go back to the vet Wednesday for an exploratory ultrasound to see if there is any sign of cancer that might explain his weight loss. He has also not been eating very well the past few days.

Chester's cancer progresses and he struggles. He falls quite a bit, mostly just trying to go too fast and he has been bleeding a bit from the sores in his mouth. He still loves his food but his body is really struggling.

I'm relatively stable lately. It has also been probably a month since my last episode. Mom hopes it is because we finally got the right medication combinations. Knock on wood it lasts. It is incredibly hard to see mom struggle with all our illnesses at the same time. I think FRAZZLED might describe her right now.

I hope spring is more spring-like for my Dogster pals. It sure is absent from MN at the moment.

Take care everypup and sorry we haven't been on much. House hunting and taking care of us has been a bit overwhelming lately.



Awww, I missed it.

April 23rd 2013 10:46 am
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I was a diary pick and I missed it.

There has been a lot going on here lately. Some good, some not very good at all.

The pawrents found another house they want to see so they are doing that on Thursday. Mom is so picky, this is only the third house she wanted to actually see. BOL!

Mom and dad are also extremely sad. The past few days have been very bad for Chester. They have decided it was time to help him cross over and they plan on doing that on Saturday. Warm weather is finally approaching and Friday is supposed to be very nice. They want him to be able to enjoy at least one more warm day. We have been so cold all spring and only in the 30's and if we are lucky the 40's. This Friday though it is supposed to be 60 degrees! It is nice to see spring finally arrive but it comes with the heartbreak of knowing we are losing a family member.

Yuki really isn't doing much better but we are still hoping he will start eating better and gain a bit of strength. The hardest thing for the pawrents has been to have three of us sick at the same time.

I'm still pretty stable and haven't had an episode for 6 weeks. I go back to the U in a couple weeks for a check up and mom hopes the blood work is remaining stable.

I also want to say a prayer for my pals Peek A Boo and Lola who aren't doing well. Hugs to you my dear furiends.


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