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Mia's Memoirs

Spending the night at the ER

October 2nd 2012 1:09 am
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Mia asked to get off the bed around midnight so I set her on the floor. A moment later she collapsed and her eyes were rolled in the back of her head. She was weak and couldn't move and for a moment I had thought we lost her. We picked her up and rushed her the the closest ER vet which is actually around 40 minutes away. I was crying, it was a terrible ordeal to witness. By the time we got to the ER she was a bit more stable. The vet believes she may have had a seizure (which was way more serious than the mild little ones that Dragon gets). She was also a bit dehydrated so they have her on IV fluids.

She is staying overnight at the ER and tomorrow they will let us know if she is stable enough to come home or if she needs to be transferred to our regular vet. Please keep her in your prayers.

Chester was already scheduled for a dental cleaning in the morning when this all happened so he will also be at the vet. They could actually both use prayers since he will be under anesthesia for the dental.

Barked by: Abbie (Dogster Member)

October 2nd 2012 at 4:41 am

Keeping both of you in our prayers.
Barked by: Mia Muah! Kisses from Heaven (Dogster Member)

October 2nd 2012 at 8:03 am

TY Abbie! Chester is at the vet for his dental and a tissue biopsy so he won't be home until this afternoon.

Mia was released and is now at home but still looks terrible and is quite lethargic. They did say she ate some food this morning and she was hydrated overnight with the IV fluids so we're just hoping her body is still taking it all in and she will get stronger throughout the day.

We really appreciate the prayers
Barked by: ☪ Sweet Angel KJ (Dogster Member)

October 2nd 2012 at 8:17 am

How scared you all must have been to see your beloved Mia like this. So glad she was a little better by the time you got to the ER. Sending lot of PoTP and prayers for both her and Dragon.

Lots of love & hugs,
KJ & Family
Barked by: Demon Flash Bandit (Dogster Member)

October 2nd 2012 at 8:44 am

Sending prayers and power of the paw!
Barked by: Jenny 4/14/97-12/20/2010 (Dogster Member)

October 2nd 2012 at 9:09 am

Mia, Momma is crying. It isn't time for you to come here yet. You need to get better. Your family needs you. You get better, you hear!


Mia Muah! Kisses from Heaven


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