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Mia's Memoirs

Transformation to a princess. My true love story

February 13th 2009 9:23 am
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Wow, it was around this time four years ago that I was found by animal control. I was lost and scared and didn't know what my fate was. The kindly staff at the shelter really liked me and let me stay in the office with them most of the time. I heard them say I was already on hold for a family that was interested in me. I wasn't in great shape back then. My hair had been shaved (very poorly might I add) and my skin was super dry and flaky. I also had what appeared to be a clipper burn on my rear. This didn't matter to the folks who wanted me, so now I just had to wait until my time was up to see if my owners came back or if I was going to a new family. It was a long wait for the family that had me on hold, I heard they called all the time to see if I was still there. Finally the day came and I was up for adoption, I wasn't sure if this was good news or bad. The family that wanted me lived really far away so they sent someone to take me in so that I could get spayed and then they were coming to get me. So off to the vet I went but when they opened me up, they found out I had already been spayed but that the previous vet left part of the uterus that was now getting necrotic. It was a good thing I had this surgery because that would very likely have caused cancer later in life. So now the original spay was fixed and I was ready to go home to the family from MN. They came and got me and the lady said I was just beautiful (she's my mom now)! She loved my personality and my markings. She took me home and I went to see their vet. I was microchipped and treated for tapeworms. Yuck! Those things were gross! So I was now vaccinated, on a great diet, worm free, and ready for recovery. I was doing great and my coat was getting shiny and silky, but I still had the problem with my teeth so after a little time with the new family I had my bad teeth fixed and ended up losing many. :( Now, fast forward to present time and I am healthy, happy, and as mom says - just gorgeous! She let me grow out my hair and have a traditional Shih Tzu look. So, from a street urchin to a loved princess is my true love story for Valentine's Day. You can see the transformation in my pictures from when I first arrived to now. I really wish all strays could find loving homes to become a prince or princess in. Muah! Love and kisses to all those pups in need.



Mia Muah! Kisses from Heaven


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