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Proportions Whole Food Challenge!

July 19th 2010 9:48 am
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Proportions has selected members of the Dogster Community, including Lucy and myself, to participate in the Proportions Whole Food Challenge.

We will receive a FREE two month-trial of Proportions Whole food canine nutrition delivered to our home, and will be required to use the product and provide feedback about the pet food on Dogster, in the Proportions Group on Dogster and in Lucy’s Diary. Each whole food meal is custom-made, with pre-measured portions based on Lucy’s specific needs (breed, age, weight, activity level, etc.).

Lucy's Transition Starter Kit was delivered to our home last Wednesday. I LOVED the Basset Hound sticker with her name on the box--nice personalization! Only later did I learn that if I add her photo to her profile on Proportion’s Web site, that future deliveries will include a label with her actual photo-PAWSOME!

The box contained 10 days worth of meals, along with detailed instructions about transitioning into the whole foods program. Unfortunately, I did NOT follow instructions and started Lucy with days 7-10; I was so drawn to the beautiful packet of dehydrated fruits and veggies included in that I didn’t bother looking through the entire box until later in the week. **blush**

The first three days, I was supposed to reduce her normal food by a third and pour the Chicken Stew on top. Lucy had finished all of her regular food, so that wasn’t an option anyway. Today is Day 5 and she is eating the Crunchy Blend and Chicken Stew.

I am very impressed with the quality of the food. The Chicken and Brown Rice Senior Dog Formula Kibble lists chicken meal and brown rice as the first two ingredients. The Harvest Mix is a beautiful mix of dried and freeze dried fruits and vegetables; carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas, apples, blueberries, bananas, and the Chicken Stew has CHUNKS of hand-carved white chicken meat in a thick pumpkin soup.

Lucy has never been a food-motivated dog. I can fill her bowl up with her usual kibble, Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Senior Dog Food, in the morning, and she may or may not eat it until much later in the afternoon. I usually fill up her bowl a couple of times each day, but her bowl usually has some food in it at all times. Well, that has all changed with the introduction of Proportions!

On Day 1, I opened the Chicken Stew, and Lucy stood in the kitchen and started barking at me; the food smelled so good! When I walked over to set the bowl down, she literally RAN to it! She stuck her nose in the bowl and ate and ate and ate. She came up for air only once! I’ve posted a video, documenting her first Proportions meal, on her Pet Page!

Her enthusiasm for the food hasn’t wavered and I am met each morning and evening in the kitchen with her “feed me NOW’ bark!

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