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Important Moments in My Life

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That Raccoon!

March 1st 2011 3:48 pm
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This morning and some other mornings in the past few weeks there has been a RACCOON up in the rafters of MY barn. I jump and jump at him but he just stares at Mom and me while she drops me off to patrol while she goes to earn dog food money.

The cats and I don't like this visitor one bit. Those horses don't seem to mind but it isn't THEIR food that Ricardo is after. Ricardo Raccoon is VERY husky. He is probably around 20 pounds. Yes, I know I am bigger. I weighed 101 for the second year in a row at the vet but something about those teeth.....


Exercise Covered for the next.....week...month....

July 19th 2010 6:15 am
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What a weekend. Mom, Gabe (our fast horse),and I went with a friend of hers plus her horse to an Ohio Horseman's Council ride in Morgan County.

Last horse ride was with ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) and when we got there we found it was only a six mile event and I wasn't allowed to go along. I was left at the trailer! The only good thing was that another dog there barked nonstop so I had entertainment. I sat and watched him like doggy tv.

Anyway this weekend when we got there we were both delighted to find that I was allowed to run along with the horses on the trails. Well, we left at 9:30 in the morning and returned to camp around 4:30. Yep, I was one tired pup. I dug into the dirt and laid in the cool dirt whenever they slowed down enough. The horse and I drank from every available puddle or stream. Hot. Hot. Hot. I usually run in the front but I did the drag (riding last in the line) most of this ride.

The next day Mom and her friend took us on one of the shortest loops there and we were out a couple of hours only. One of the trails was under construction and we had to back out. The prickers were up to the horses' heads. The rest of the trails were incredibly nice and very well marked. A scavenger hunt was part of the ride but I just picked up ticks.

Mom and I both took a shower and even after tick shampoo, she pulled off about 5 ticks. So this morning the sheets were washed and I am seeing ANOTHER tick shower in my future.

As for now....I am sleeping. We got home and slept from 4:30 to around 8...stumbled around a bit then went back to bed for the night.


My Very Own Injured Furless One

June 25th 2010 6:13 am
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Well, I can add my Mom to the litany of injured skinless ones. She was using the high powered (looks more like a push lawn mower) weed eater and a chunk of stem came up and hit her in the eye. It was all bloody but she could still see. Anyway, after seeing the doctor next day for a check up already scheduled she was sent to a vision specialist. She has a scratched eyeball and has to wear her glasses until Sunday. These glasses of hers are out of date so driving is very exciting.

We had to go take a saddle to be repaired about a half hour away. I helped point out the directions as much as I could but she had to call the home when we were on the road. We went up and down and up and down the little road. If she had listened to me wanting to get out and visit with a barking dog we would have been next door to where she wanted to go. people. :) THEN when she got out she discovered that she had forgotten to put on shoes since we have an attached garage and got right in the car. :)! What's the big deal! I never wear shoes.


Trash Pick Up Day

June 23rd 2010 10:01 am
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What a wonderful morning. Mom went horseback riding and it was trash pick up day. Joy! I was able to sniff and investigate what everyone was throwing out all down the road until we got to the trails. I left pee mail everywhere I could. I am sure the trash people will appreciate me leaving them love notes everywhere. I own the world....well, at least Outville Road and Goose Lane.


Nighttime Excitement

March 13th 2010 4:35 am
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Mom and I were asleep when we heard bird trouble. Oscar, the parrot, needs a nightlight because complete darkness scares him (not me, I'm brave) and he will fly off his cage to the floor and huddle somewhere. Little parakeets were yelling. Mom has two, Pea and Head.

Sammy Sue, the barn cat, was sleeping inside last night. Might I add here that Sammy Sue is a wonderful hunter. (However, she doesn't point at all before stalking) The cat doesn't bother the birds at all. Oscar is big enough to bite her and is usually on his cage when she is inside. Pea and Head fly well in the light and have no trouble keeping up high.

The power went off sometime during the night. We woke at 2:30 to hear trouble. One camping light was out of batteries and the other had a rusted battery and some on their way to battery heaven. Mom went downstairs to the bird room to see what was happening and to see if Sammy Sue had eaten any of the residents.

The camping light scared Pea and Head so badly they started slamming into walls...flying right into them. You could hear their little bodies or body hitting. (Might I add....they are not the most intelligent members of our family). Oscar was found shaking in the kitchen. He gratefully went to Mom's hand but when she tried to set the camping light on his cage he freaked again. So she got him again and put the light near the cage.

Sammy Sue was escorted outside. I patrolled the grounds outside then came back in to go to bed with Mom.

Yes, I remained calm during this family emergency. You could even call me the hero of the story. Oh, and both Pea and Head were located alive this morning. darn.


It's melted!

January 23rd 2010 6:41 am
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Today Mom found the January 7th newspaper halfway down the driveway. It is January 23rd today. Then while carrying out the bale of hay for the horses, the mud sucked off one of her boots and she stepped ankle deep into cold mud. Yes, THIS is my favorite season. Not my Mom's but mine. Soon I will have some nice brown trails in the house that the nasty carpet shampoo men took out.


Garden Terrors

September 12th 2009 6:19 am
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Chiasso's stainless steel spheres enter my world...

Mom read in the newspaper "Nestle one of amongst the greenery and watch how the light plays." So she ordered it and put it out immediately on her way to get me from the barn after work.

I had just experienced a hard day sleeping with the cats and supervising the horses and THIS is how am I rewarded. Suddenly there was this dog face who came closer every time I tried to creep up on him. I would tip toe through the garden from different directions and EVERY time THAT DOG was there. I would reconnoiter but to no avail. Meanwhile Mom is laughing hysterically in the house and called her Mom to report my activities. Is there no decency left in this world?


Dog Beach

June 15th 2009 5:50 am
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What a wonderful concept! I enjoyed swimming and meeting dogs but I needed to see just how far the beach went in each direction. Mom had to chase me down many times. I might have made it to Miami from Fort Lauderdale if she would let me try. I have been twice now but had to stay on the leash the second time. It cost SEVEN dollars for me to go to the beach and nothing for the humans. You can see the Floridians know who are the important ones.


What Mom Forgot

December 13th 2008 8:50 am
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Mom hit a deer with her car Thursday about 2 miles from home on the way to work this week. Do you know that she didn't put it in the trunk and bring it home to me! Maybe she is going to save it till Christmas for me so it will be nicely rotted.

The side of car looks a little different. And here you can see that she had a tasty treat that should have come home to me. Maybe the insurance guys will bring it home to me.

Oh no, I forgot to tell you the most important part. Instead of paying $5 a day for car rental while our car is in the shop, Mom got a deal. She only has to pay $1.90 a day. She brought in my phone book, showed them my picture and said a celebrity would be riding in the car so could she have a discount. She only asked for a 50 cent discount but got $3 off a day .... ALL due to me. Boy is she lucky to have me.


Good news for Mutts and Shelters in My Area!

December 7th 2008 6:23 am
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On the front page of newspaper this morning there is a picture of people with their dog. The caption says, "Stormi'Rae Lutman, 11, left, Kim Lutman and Jordan Lutman, 9, were in their South Fifth Street home in Newark, on Nov. 23 when Rocky, a 10-year-old mutt, chased away an intruder."

There has been a series of home invasions here with someone cutting the phone lines and breaking down the door to rob people. So now I bet more people will go pick up a mutt to live with them. I am already on duty here for my Mom. I am a mutt too so for sure I will do an extra good job protecting the house.

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