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Ho Ho Ho!

December 23rd 2010 5:37 am
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Oh my dog, pups! Christmas is in full swing right now! Me and mom wrapped a whole bunch of presents last night! They are loaded in bags to go to Nana's house tonight and some are in a pile ready to under the tree tonight. Mom says that we will put them under our tree later today after she cleans all the nasty dog fur off the tree skirt. What's that supposed to mean? I finally got my spot just right :(

We have a few more gifts to wrap and then we are going to bake magic cookie bars (sounds delish, right?!?) and then we are going to Nana's house for a bit. I can't wait to open my presents tomorrow! I've been sniffing my stocking and it smells like COOKIES!!!

I hope all of my pals have a very happy holiday, whichever holiday it is that you celebrate. I hope that every pup has a very happy and healthy new year!


Sunday mornings

December 19th 2010 7:00 am
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I love Sunday mornings. Once the peeps meander out of bed, they don't make it very far, BOL! We all plop on the couch and cuddle for most of the morning. Right now I am snuggled on the couch with mom. She's laying on one end and I am on the other end next to her legs. We are joined by a red fleecey blankie. My head is poking out of one end of the blankie and mom's is poking out of the other end, BOL!

The heat is on, the coffee and cocoa are being sipped, the Christmas tree is aglow and life is good.

Happy Sunday morning all!


Doggy Abuse!

December 18th 2010 7:46 am
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Mom made pupcakes for breakfast this morning. Buttermilk pupcakes. The griddle was sizzling and the pupcakes were cooking. They smelled DELICIOUS!

Mom and dad sat down at the table to eat them and I strategically placed myself on the floor in between their chairs. I watched...

One pupcake down the hatch for mom.

One pupcake down the hatch for dad.

No pupcake for me.

Two pupcakes down the hatch for mom.

Two pupcakes down the hatch for dad.

No pupcake for me.

I got a little restless. I admit, I may have given mom a quick little reminder woof.

Then I noticed...they moved on to pupcake #3 each! No pupcakes for me!

I got mad. Really mad. Usually I get at least one pupcake, if not TWO. This time...NONE!

I admit it. I barked at mom. "Gimme a pupcake! Gimme one now!"

Mom looked down at me and made a funny face. She gave me a big kiss on my furrowed brow and said "Chippy, I'm sorry. You can't have any pupcakes. I made them with chocolate chips and you can't have chocolate. Sorry bud. You are going to have to sit this one out."

WHAT!?! What kind of dog abuse is this? Chocolate in pupcakes?!?

Ella! Call the SPCA or the Humane Society! I'm being abused!


My new pal

December 18th 2010 7:30 am
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Check out my new pal Ethan! Isn't he the cutest? He's new to dogster, so let's give him a big welcome. Please go send him a pup pal request! He's a diary pick of the day!



December 13th 2010 3:53 pm
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Me and mom went to the pet store today. I got two cans of food, a new Kong, holiday cookies and a HUGE bag of bully sticks! Mom stuffed some other stuff into the bag when I wasn't looking. I don't know what it was. Mom says that I will find out on Christmas day. Hmmmm...seems that I have some sniffing to do around this house....

When mom was paying, something caught my eye. There, in the front window was a DOG! A black fluffy dog, likely a Chow mix! I stared. He stared. I stared harder. He stared harder. I moved closer. He moved closer! I growled. He did not growl, but made a mean face. That's IT! Nobody makes mean faces at me! I woofed my fool head off. He woofed his fool head off, but I couldn't hear him. I could only see him.

That's when mom stepped in and shushed me. She said "Chippy, sshh! That's not another dog. That's your reflection!"

Oops. My bad.


This is why people need dogs

December 12th 2010 2:41 am
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Massachusetts has lost a lot of soldiers recently. Three soldiers from Massachusetts have been killed in battle in the last two weeks. Yesterday was one of their funerals. Mom was watching some of the footage this morning and became all leaky eyed. All the people who attended the funeral were walking to the grave site. There were hundreds. They were led by the solider's father and the soldier's puppy. They showed footage of the dad burying his son and giving a speech and he said "It's funny how a dog, who I who I thought would be such a pain in the butt, has become such a source of comfort during the hardest time of my life."

That's what we are for. I hope that puppy holds that man tight during this very difficult holiday season.


Mr. Popular

December 10th 2010 6:17 pm
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Christmas Card Tally:

Chipper: 5
Mom & Dad: 2


I got cards from Ebby & Ceeley, Maxwell & Izzy, Flicka & Lucas, Dylan Ty & Jia and Rusty & Pepper! WOOHOO!!!

Mom & Dad's cards came from Dad's parents and Dad's grandparents. I say those don't count because they HAVE to send cards to Mom and Dad. I think it's the law.

REAL Christmas Card Tally:

Chipper: 5
Mom & Dad: GOOSE EGG!

Thanks pups for your awesome cards! We love them all!



December 9th 2010 6:39 am
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I'm going to the vet today. Ugh. I have to get my cough rechecked. It's pretty much gone, but I'm still on Prednisone. The doctor is going to listen to my lungs and see if we can reduce the dosage of Prenisone even more. If my lungs are OK (which I am sure they are!), mom said that I'm going to get THREE shots! EEK! They have been holding off on my vaccinations until the cough was under control and now they have all aligned so I have to get them all at once!

Mom did something weird today. When we went out for my first potty break, she brought a cup and a zip loc bag. When I lifted my leg for my first pee, she shoved the cup under me and caught my pee in it. Then, when I executed a class 2 download, she picked up a piece in the zip loc. She brought them inside and put them in the fridge. What the woof is that all about?!? She's so weird.


The Holiday Spirit

December 5th 2010 5:33 pm
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That's right pups, I am getting into the holiday spirit! I posed in front of O Tannenbaum with my reindeer antlers, my Santa Paws outfit AND my Santa Paws Red Sox hat! I was a good boy, but that's because mom was feeding me cheese, BOL!

We were HO HO HOing and jingle belling and having a grand old time! I hope everyone is ready for Chipper's Christmas card 2010! It's going to be a doozy! Let me know if you want one! I'm making my list and checking it twice!


Spreading Christmas Cheer

December 4th 2010 1:27 pm
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Me and mom just went to Kohl's. While mom shopped, I sat in the car and barked at all the old ladies and scared the bejeesus out of them. Merry Christmas! BOL!

Anyways, mom bought all the stuff to turn our house into a winter wonderland! You know, because the FIVE Rubbermaid bins that me and dad dragged out of the attic are not enough.

Mom bought new table cloths, a Christmas shower curtain and some other stuff. The two most exciting purchases...

New Christmas Stockings with all of our initials on them! I got one with a big C on it. C is for Chipper, Claus and COOKIES! I hope I get lots of cookies in my stocking!


A hot air popcorn popper! We are gonna have movie night tonight after we decorate and mom's gonna pop us lots of popcorn! WOOHOO!

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