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That's MR. Momma's Boy to you!

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January 24th 2011 11:57 am
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It is COLD here today! I do not want to go outside at all! Mom insists that I *must* go outside to do my business. Dad kindly shoveled a patch for my business out back. As soon as I am done, I run right back in the house! In the two seconds that I am outside, my beard has frozen TWICE! Brrrr!!!

Mom is home with me today. We are crocking a big fat chicken! The house smells AWESOME! I am napping on the couch all wrapped up in two blankets. Mom is with me and we are cuddling to stay warm. I can't wait to eat that chicken when it's done! It smells sooooooo good!



January 16th 2011 1:29 pm
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I love pizza. It's the best. I love when the peeps share with me. The crust is my favorite. I'll do anything for pizza. Yesterday, my love for pizza was taken for granted.

I went to the groomer to get a hair cut. I like the groomer himself, but being groomed is a stressful process. My groomer has been trying to make things a bit easier on me. So, after my bath and blowdry, but before the dreaded nail clipping and haircut, he....ORDERED ME A PIZZA! A real pizza! All the groomers took a break and had lunch and they let me come out to the front break area with them. My groomer made sure to share his lunch with me and gave me his crust! Deeeeeelicious!

When mom came to pick me up, I wouldn't leave my groomer's side. I told mom to go back home and leave me at the groomer. Mom was a little surprised and asked what they did to me and they told mom the pizza story. Mom BOLed and said "Well, the way to his heart is through his stomach. Nice going!"

Now, today, we are snuggled up on the couch waiting for the Patriots to come on. Mom is going to order..yes, you guessed it...PIZZA! Pizza two days in a row! WOOHOOO!!!!



Three footer

January 14th 2011 6:10 pm
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So, last time I was at the pet store, mom let me pick out a treat. I chose one of those GIANT bully sticks! It's three feet long! I love, love, love it! But I'm not sure what to do with it.

With normal bully sticks, I will lay down on the carpet, place that sucker on it's end between my paws, put the kung fu grip on it and go to town gnawing away.

But this sucker...this sucker is three feet tall when it is on it's end! I can't reach it with normal bully stick protocol.

So, I've had to get clever.

I've asked mom to hold one end while I chew the other. That worked for a bit, but I needed more freedom.

I stood up and tried to free chew. That was too much freedom and it kept slipping from the jaws of death.

I tried to stand up and stand on the bully stick to keep it still while I chewed. But I got a little rug burn on my snout.

I tried to lay that sucker on it's side and wedge it between my paws using the far paw as a leveraging wedge. But I got a crick in my neck reaching for the free end.

Now, I think I have figured it out. I took my bully stick and wedged it in between the couch and the blanket chest. I laid down three feet away and pushed the bully stick in the air approximately six inches, making a little bully triangle. Now I can lay on the floor and chew my bully stick without any paws at all, BOL! PERFECTION!


Uh oooohhh....

January 14th 2011 9:47 am
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Long old man ear hair
Clickety clackety claws
Poofy pantaloons
Grinch feet
A house full of tumblefurs
That just perfect doggy aroma
A trip to the groomer for Chipper tomorrow!



Don't tell anyone...

January 10th 2011 7:48 am
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But I think I have a "friend". We have lived here in this house for almost two years now. We live upstairs and neighbor labby lives downstairs. He's a very happy go lucky pup and he's HUGE! I'm pretty sure he's part lab and part rhino. He is only about two years old, so in labby years, he is just coming out of puppyhood.

Anywho, he likes me. He always runs up to me and tries to get me to play. I don't wanna. I don't play. So, we sniff. For a long time, I would growl at him and show him my teeth. A couple of times, I admit that I tried to bite him. I was very put off by his persistence at being nice. No matter how grumpy I got, he came back for more smiling his stupid labby smile. Also, he was a rude sniffer. He would stick his big noggin under "there" and because his head is so big, he would push me over or lift me up off the ground. RUDE!

Well, neighbor labby is growing up a bit and he's not quite as jumpy and forward. So, now we meet like gentlemen. We have seen each other four times in the last week or so. He comes barreling down his drive way to see me. BUT! Instead of plowing into me, he stops BEFORE he gets to me and we sniff. I sniff him and then he sniffs me. Then, we go sniffing together in the yard.

I haven't growled, barked or shown teeth in the last four or five visits with neighbor labby. Mom's excited about this for some reason. She should be. I worked HARD to train neighbor labby to sniff like a gentleman!


It's only fair

January 5th 2011 3:49 pm
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Dear mom,

If you won't let me eat the kitty, it's only right that you let me eat the kitty poop.

They purposely leave their little kitty poops in the garden right next to our front door for ME.

Let me eat them. It's only fair.

Thank you,


Works for me!

January 5th 2011 9:23 am
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I love mom's new schedule. Mom started a new job back in December. She now works 12 hour days. This means that when she is gone, she is gone for a LONG time. BUT! It also means that she gets a LOT of time off!!! Mom now only works 7 out of 14 days in a two week period! AND! Two of those days are on the weekend, so dad is home with me on those days! WOOHOOO!!! I am only home alone on 5 out of 14 days! YEAH!

Luckily, my peeps know that I like to nap and they are nice and quiet when they are home with me during the week. Mom says not to get used to this because when spring and summer come, we will be out and about on her days off. She even said that maybe we will spend a lot more time at camp this summer because we can go up there on her days off. WOOHOO!

Also, mom's been doing a lot of errands on her days off instead of doing them after work like she used to. That means that I get to go with her! I get lots of stuff when we do errands. The Dunkin Donuts lady always gives me munchkins and the bank lady gives me doggy bones. The CVS lady also gives me bones when we go through the drive through. And, we always go to the pet store when we do errands and they give me LOTS of cookies! I LOVE errands!

I love mom's new schedule. So far, it works for me!


Serves you right!

December 30th 2010 2:23 am
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Mom was taking a nap on the couch. She woke up and was a little afraid to open her eyes. She felt someone looking at her. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw me. Nose to nose with her. I was just standing there. Staring.

Mom said "Morning Chippy. What are you looking at?"

I just stared.

Mom scratched my head. I pushed her hand away.

Mom said "Chippy, what's wrong, buddy?"

I shoved my nose under her head a bit.

She lifted up her head and there on her pillow was MY BULLY STICK!


Mom forgot that she took my bully stick away before she laid down on the couch. Somehow it meandered from her sweatshirt pocket to her pillow. She slept with it wedged between her cheek and the pillow!

So she had to walk around for the next hour or so with a big bully stick imprint on her cheek, BOL! Ahahahaha! Serves you right woman! That will teach you!


Christmas Part II

December 28th 2010 5:40 am
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Sorry I didn't update everyone with the rest of my Christmas adventure yesterday. Me and mom were super tired from all of the Christmas happenings that we slept ALL day yesterday! OK, so mom *may* have done a whole lot of laundry and cleaned the house a bit while *I* slept, but whatever.

I forgot to tell you a little tidbit about Christmas eve. When Papa was getting ready for Christmas eve dinner, he defrosted a bag of shrimp for shrimp cocktail. Turns out they were a bit freezer burned and he determined that they were not cocktail appropriate. He looked at me. I looked at him. He tossed me one. I ate it. I determined that they WERE Chipper appropriate! Papa put them in a bag and told mom to feed them to me over the next couple of days. WOOOHOOO!!!!!

Anywho, as you may remember, we were out way late on Christmas eve and I was forced to eat my dinner way late and rush to get to bed in time for Santa. Well, next thing I know, the alarm clock went off at FIVE O'CLOCK AM! Ugh! As it turns out, mom had to work on Christmas day. We got out of bed and checked our Christmas tree. Santa came! All kinds of gifts under the tree! But we were too tired to open them. Mom went to work and I went back to bed with dad. I was too tired to open gifts.

Dad woke up a bit later (10:00 AM!) and he got ready to go to his mom's house. I decided to stay home and rest up. I also thought I should stay behind and guard the gifts.

When mom came home at 7:30 PM, we all opened our presents. I got LOTS of presents! I got a tug-a-jug, a new Kong, LOTS of treats and cookies, FOUR new stuffies and a new tug leash. I also got a whole TON of wrapping paper to tear up. Boy do I love doing that! There were paper bits all over this house, BOL! I am a lucky, lucky dog.

On Sunday, mom had to work again, so me and dad stayed home and played with our presents. It took a LONG time to put them all away, BOL!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!


And on to a happy new year!

December 26th 2010 6:14 pm
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Oh boy pups! I had an AWESOME Christmas! Let me tell you all about it.

On Thursday, me and mom wrapped a TON of presents! OMD, they were overflowing the house! The we put them in the car and we went down to Nana's house. We slept over so we could spend all day Christmas Eve with Nana. We had pizza and the crust was flying baby! Papa loves to feed me, so I got all of his pizza crust. Mom was not happy. I was ecstatic.

On Christmas eve, we hung out at Nana's house. Mom made Italian cookies and since there is very little chocolate in Italian cookies, I got to taste a lot of them. Have you pups ever had pizzelles? OMD. They are the BEST! While mom was cooking them in the little press machine, Papa "accidentally" dropped two of them on the floor while they were still a bit warm! I scooped them right up! Deelish!!!!! I also got to taste maple brown sugar breakfast sausages. Oh. Wow. Delicious!

When we were all taking our after lunch naps, Nana decided to sweep the floor. She swept near my face when I was sleeping and I got scared and I bit the broom. Nana screamed, and I got scared again and barked. Mom calmed me down, but I couldn't settle. Two minutes later, my uncle came in and I barked my big dog bark at him. Mom decided it was time for a real nap, so I went in my crate for a bit while the peeps opened presents.

After presents, we packed up the car and went to mom's uncle's house. I waited in the car while mom and dad went in to wish everyone a happy Christmas. When we came home, it was super late. I ate my dinner at 11:00 PM! Whoa! I didn't even care though, because I had to go to bed by midnight so Santa could come.

Whoa, that's enough update for now. To be continued tomorrow when I have more time to tell you about Christmas day!

I hope every pup had a wonderful Christmas!

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