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That's MR. Momma's Boy to you!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

September 6th 2011 6:05 pm
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It's supposed to rain for like 40 days and 40 nights this week. Booo!!!!

My paws were wet. My coat was muddy. My mane was a fro. We were not happy in the rain at camp.

So, we packed up and came home. We are spending vacation at home this week. We are gonna crock some beef stew and bake cookies! WOOHOO! I'm pretty excited, but I much prefer chilling and grilling at camp. Especially when mom drops MEAT when she is grilling.



August 31st 2011 6:07 am
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OMD! Yesterday was mom's last day of work until SEPTEMBER 12!!! She's on VACATION! Dad is still working until Friday and then he is OFF too until September 12. We don't know what we are going to do yet, but we are going to have FUN! I'm pretty sure that we are going to hunt squirrels, eat MEAT, take naps, go for walks and take lots of poops. All my favorite things!

Mom says we might even go to the beach tomorrow to chase sea gulls and go clamming! OH! My favorite!!!!

Before we have any fun, Mom is leaving me today to go to the groomer. She's going to get her hair cut and visit with her Nana. After that, we are off to have adventures!


Because *I* Am a GOOD Boy!

August 27th 2011 3:58 pm
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Pups, we are expecting a hurricane/tropical storm right here in good old New Hampshire. Hurricane Irene is coming up the east coast and is headed right for us! We went to camp yesterday and brought everything in that could be brought in. And we tied down what couldn't be brought in.

This morning, me and mom ran a whole bunch of errands. We went to get gas, groceries, batteries, Dunkin Donuts and all the other essentials. So, of course, we went to the pet store to stock up on kibbles!

Since I am a good boy, I went in with mom and got to pick out my kibbles. Of course, I chose Taste of the Wild, as I do every time. When I was sniffing away, some lady came up to mom to tell her how handsome I am. And she said that she had a golden Chow and knows that I likely don't want to be patted. She was right. She and mom had a good laugh together.

We went up to the front to pay and there was a LONG line! We waited and waited and waited. I was the only pup in there but there were all kinds of pupless people stocking up on kibble. Once we FINALLY paid, we went to go find our truck. Mom parks WAY in the back since she is not so good at parking dad's huge brand new truck yet.

As I was walking past all the cars in the lot, I noticed a whole lot of pups sitting in cars. There was an Eskimo dog, a Heinz 57, two labs, a beagle and two other pups. All IN their cars! They were barking at me and staring at me. I just sauntered right by them with my tail held high and said "I get to go IN the store because *I* am a GOOD boy!"

They were SOOO jealous!



August 13th 2011 9:09 am
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Pups! Mom is going to an airshow today to watch the Thunderbirds. They packed a cooler full of picnic and our chairs and our canopy and we are ready to go. Then guess what happened? You will never guess.

Mom said "Chippy, go in your crate. You are not allowed to come with us."

What?!? Not allowed?!?

The airshow is outside, no?

So, are squirrels invited? Yes.

Are the wild turkeys invited? Yes.

Do the deer get to see the show? Yes.

Are the groundhogs banned? No.

This is discrimination at it's finest. I think I might sneak out and organize a protest.



August 9th 2011 1:24 pm
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Pups, I went to the groomer today. I know, I know, the groomer is not a good thing. But you pups don't know my groomer. He's great. He's liberal with the cookies and not to invasive "down there". He's the only one in the shop that can touch me because he just gets me. I love him.

Anyways, it's been a while since I last saw my groomer. I didn't think I needed to go because everyone at camp was all "Oh, how handsome!" or "What a good looking dog!" or "OH! He's so cute!" and whatnot when we were out on walks.

So, imagine my surprise when I overheard the following conversation:

Groomer: I'm surprised you didn't want a full cut for him today.
Mom: Yeah, everything is a little out of control, but I think a neaten up would be fine.
Groomer: With some conditioner and blow drying and a lot of brushing, we should be able to whip him into shape and get him looking good again.
Mom: Yes, but please leave his mane and ear floofies. When he's cut with short hair, he looks too cute and people and kids want to pat him.
Groomer: Oh no! We don't want that! We don't want him too cute! He would hate that!

And they both laughed!!!!

And yes, they were serious. I did not get a full hair cut. Just a trim and neaten.

Can you believe it?!?! They are stifling my handsomosity!(Thanks for the word steal, Maxwell and Ella!)


Family Time

July 31st 2011 2:29 pm
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Pups! We have been at camp for ELEVEN days!!!! We left last week and we just got home today. There is no internet at camp, but mom had her phone. Since Dogster is so slow these days, we were unable to check in. If we missed any woofdays, gotcha days or any big news, we apologize. Mom kept up with some pups on Facebook, but that's about it.

Anywho, back to my vacation. We didn't do much all week. We lounged hard core and walked around camp. We went to Wagon Hill for a nice long walk. We had camp fires, BBQ's and more! It was fun and all, but I was with mom and dad for ELEVEN DAYS! No breaks! OMD! I didn't get any 9 hour day naps or ANY alone time. By Thursday, I was sick of them. I started to give mom the old Chow 'tude. I admit it. I flashed mom my teeth when she told me to go in my crate, BOL!

One would think that would be enough to convince them to leave me alone, but no. Mom said "This means Chipper needs MORE family time!" So, we cuddled on the couch and watched movies, BOL! I FINALLY got some alone time on Saturday when mom's uncle came up to visit. They were out on the boat all day, so I took a nap in my crate. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take on the night! Me and mom went for a walk and the whole camp was Halloweened up! Costumes and decorations and CANDY! Kids everywhere! It was so exciting that I needed another nap, BOL!

Now it's Sunday and I am back home. I am sleeping on the couch and counting down the minutes until mom and dad go to work tomorrow. I need my beauty sleep, BOL!



July 17th 2011 3:44 pm
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This weekend, I discovered the joy of the hammock. It's been in my camp yard for two years now and I have resisted. This weekend, me and mom lounged in the hammock and I LOVED it! Mom put a blanket down and we lounged HARD in the shade with the hot air and the breeze blowing off of our lake. OMD. It was perfection.


How do you spell RELIEF?

July 9th 2011 7:02 pm
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M. O. M.

Oh my dog, pups! Mom left me alone for three days! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know dad was here with me, but he's no MOM! Anywho, mom dropped me off early Wednesday morning and went and picked up her Nana. Mom and Nana went to our camp for a few days by themselves for some lady time. BORING! I stayed home with dad. We chilled, we grilled, we drank beer and ate all kinds of good stuff. But you know what I didn't do?


That's right pups, for THREE DAYS I did not POOP! Dad tried and tried. He took me out a whole lot. He stood in the yard with me. He moseyed around the yard. He walked me up and down the road. He took me to see the neighbor horses for inspiration. Nothing.

Late last night, mom finally came home. I was BEYOND excited! I jumped, I woofed, I cried a little. She gave me lots of pats and kisses and hugs, but I just wouldn't stop crying.

Dad told mom the story of my back up and mom said "Quick! Take him out now!" and dad said "Oh, yeah, now that you're home he's all relaxed!"

Out the door we went and there was no stopping the old poop shoot! Three poops in two minutes! WOOHOO!!!!

I came back in the house, ran to mom and give her a big kiss. Now THAT is how you spell RELIEF, BOL!


Daily Diary Pick, Wedding, Graduation and Father's Day!

June 20th 2011 5:37 am
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OMD! What a weekend! Friday was a sad day. Mom woke up at 4:00 AM and checked her e-mail. She kissed me on the forehead and said "Congrats Chippy. You are a daily diary pick today!" WOOHOO!!! I started to make all kinds of plans; long walks, naps, lots of treats... but then mom got up and out of bed and started her work morning routine. Can you believe it?!? She went to work on my big day! THEN, to make matters worse, she came home at 4:00PM and went right in the shower. Mom and Dad put on their fancy clothes and left me home alone all night! I spent my whole big day ALONE! I was so sad.

Thank you all for sending me rosies and paw mails to celebrate! My pals are the BEST!

Saturday, mom made us breakfast in bed. We all had scrambled eggs and toast. Deelish!!!! Me and dad hung out for the rest of the day and mom went to her cousin's graduation party. She was gone for a long time, but then she came home and we watched a movie together.

Yesterday, was father's day. I woke dad up at 8:00 AM and gave him my card and his present. I gave him a wicked cool little cooler for when he plays horseshoes up at camp. He was looking kinda lame walking up there with his beers and water in his pockets, BOL! Then, me and mom ran a bunch of errands in the big truck and we went and bought Papa a big HUGE picnic table! Three guys helped mom load it into the truck. I barked a one of them, but the other two were cool.

Once we had the picnic table, we drove down to Nana's house and we had a Father's day cookout for Papa. We had lots of chicken and steak and potato, pasta and cucumber salad. It was delicious.

I hope everybody had a great weekend! What did you do to celebrate Father's day?


Dental Exam

June 13th 2011 3:54 pm
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Pups! Wish my vet some serious luck! She's going to check out my chompers tomorrow, BOL! And, she *claims* that since I have been a good boy, she's not going to knock me out for the exam, BOL! She's going to stick her fingers into the jaws of death! Hahaha!

Why? Well, let's not focus on that. Mom is a hypochondriac and thinks that I may have a broken canine tooth or something. It's not looking very healthy and mom wants to see what's going on with it. But that's not the point. The point is that I am going to have some yummy vet fingers for dinner tomorrow night, BOL!

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