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A Day in the Life of a's ruff!

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March 19th 2007 11:26 pm
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Ok, so I mentioned that that horrible, bad dog that attacked me followed mommy and I up into our building....We didn't see her when we left just a few minutes later to go to the doggie doctor. Mommy had to leave me there because they had to make sure I was ok enough to operate on, and that I didn't have anything wrong with my spinal cord. Ok, so mommy gets home, and what does she see??? SHE SEES PEOPLE PLAYING IN THE HALL WITH THE DOG THAT TRIED TO KILL ME!!! She really freaked out I guess. Someone told her that they had called the people at the pound, but they said they were really busy. Mommy told them to keep an eye on that dog and then called the police who connected her with the doggie police. (Animal Control) Mommy doesn't believe in taking animals to the pound, but this was defiantly a different situation! Luckily someone had a cage and so the dog waited there in the pool area waiting to be picked up.
Mommy went to check and make sure the dog was still there in the cage, and much to her surprise, those kids that were playing with the bad dog before, let it out of the cage, and it was playing having a good ole time! (While I was waiting to have surgery!!!)
Mommy says she was mad! They were going to let that dog go!!! She didn't want it in our home, but she didn't want it running around free so it could hurt another doggie either! She brought the cage inside our home so she could make sure that the bad dog had a 1 way ticket to the pound!!! She didn't have to wait long either!
Mommy was still worried about me...they had told her that they wanted to keep me there overnight, and that she could pick me up the following morning. The only problem was that they weren't there 24 hours! She didn't want me there at night by myself!!! She was afraid for me, and couldn't image me waking up at night and being all alone...and what if something happened and no one was there to notice??? She called to find out about transferring me to a place that was open all night. Even though it would have been several hundred dollars, she was going to do it...just for peace of mind!
The great news is that she didn't have to! When she called at 6:30 like she was supposed to, they told me that I was ok to go home, but she had to come right away because they were going to close! She was sooooo happy!
So I got to go home the same day, and the bad dog was gone, and I was going to be ok!!!
Ok, so I'm doing lots better! I got lots of stitches and a big ole bandage around my neck! I get the bandage changed tomorrow, and the stitches out in about a week or so! I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent their warm wishes, tail wags, body wags, kisses, and of course prayers for a speedy recovery! My mommy said that it was so good to see that people care so much!!!


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