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No Such Thing As Too Much Fun!

Love Is... in the eyes of a puppy

February 4th 2007 8:09 pm
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Hi pals, peoples and all Pups.. I have had a fun week, but between all the pups, pals and peoples i have met at home, in town and at dogster..what pup couldnt have fun..besides i live with some of the funnest doggies ever created.. 20-7, thats 20 hours a day 7 days a week.. FUN.. I think when Pop's relaxes and lets me wrestle with the big pups, all growling at them and nipping their chins, now thats fun..and i think thats one way he shows he loves me,..By letting me have some fun. I think maybe i see love through theyes of a puppy and they see different than Pop's, but some things he lets me do is cause he loves me..and somethings he doesnt let me do is cause he loves me.. Now i pupsonaly think i should get to do what i want, but till i figure it all out i will trust that his love is to give me a chance to grow old enough to figure it all out.. It valentines time and love is a word that pops up all the lets see what we all think love is... I think love is belly rubs during working hours.. I think Love is hugs even though i somtimes wee on the carpet. I think Love is kisses from doggies.. I think Love is kisses from peoples. I think Love is hurting in your heart when you sense another doggie is hurting in their body or heart. I think Love is looking for a lonely pup to say woof woof to. I think Love is trying to make a sad pup smile. I think Love is sharing your treats.. I think Love is you mess up a whole house and still get to stay there. I think Love is when someone or pup makes a mistake and i dont make them feel worse.. I think Love is being allowed to play in the mud. I think Love is not being allowed to eat it.. (Rascal Disagrees) I think Love is ..making as many pups as possible know that you would like to play with them.. I think Love is making my mistakes and saying i am sorry with puppy kisses and snuggles. I think Love is probably cheesburgers cause my pop's sure acts all silly and googoo eyed when he sees one.. I think Love is biting a big doggie on the tail and they just roll ya over on your back and say now quit that little one..instead of eating you.. I think Love is a place to sleep that is soft.. I think Love is a place to sleep that safe.. I think Love is a place to sleep that is your own.. and if the situation is right and possible for a pup, I think Love is getting to snuggle with your Pop's.. I think Love is when you need a snuggle and your parent turns the tv off just for you.. I think Love is when a peoples takes us for walks when ya know they would rather be eating another Cheeseburger.. I know im a pup, and i probably am wrong...again, but i bet each of you can think of 10 more things that Love is 2 you.. I'm going to go give big puppy breath kissess to my pops cause I think Love is worth sharing. Well, dont just sit there go give kisses to someone or thing..heehee.. Ok I am all mushy gushied expect a little Joker in my next entry.. Woohoo I dig You.. Joker


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