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Still feelin blue... too much purple... not enough green

September 22nd 2008 8:42 pm
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Last time I wrote about feelin blue, it was just sorta like a fun thing, I just wanted to write a lil song and I din't have any bones, so there ya go.

But now I am really feelin blue, cuz I see some awful sad stuff goin on with some other dogs. There is this thing called IMHA that dogs can get and it is a real bad thing to have... sometimes it just takes a dog's life right out from under em in a real short time. And even the lucky ones live their whole lives bein scared of what will happen that day, or the next day... just think of what that would be like.

I got a friend named Angel Mica, well, ya probly know her already, she is known as "the Wonderpup" and she has about a bazillion pals. If ya go look at her page, go down the right side just under her bio text stuff, and ya see a nice picture of a whole bunch of dogs. And if ya look real close, ya see that some of em got a purple star and a lot of em have a green star. See, what that means is that the dogs with the purple star are livin with IMHA... or else IMHA has already taken them away from their families. And the ones with the green stars are tryin to help stop that from happenin to more dogs, by givin some money to help the dogtors find a cure or a way to keep it from happenin at all.

The thing that has got me feelin blue is that even though I am not as good at math as my brother, I can still figger out that we are gonna need a whole lot more of them green stars to keep them purple stars from multiplyin.

It would be pretty cool if ya could go check this stuff out... go read Mica's diary for September 19th and see if ya can't help out a lil bit. Ya don't have to be some rich dude or dudette, just do what ya can and ask some of yer pals to join ya. Like I said, I'm no math whiz but I do know that a little times a lot is a lot... and there are a whole lot of us dogs here.

Could ya help out... please?

Angel Mica - the Wonderpup (Dogster ID# 504880) (**HQ APPROVED**)




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