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Holiday Time

December 18th 2007 8:15 am
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It's been a really busy holiday season. It started with Dad taking some new photos and mom spending lots of time putting together Christmas cards. Lots of people coming by the house. Lots of mail for me, Finn, Winston, Molly & Annie. Mom leaving a lot and coming into the house with lots of bags, some of which she's hiding in our drawer....hmmm...if only I could reach it. There are wreaths on the front doors. Mom says we're not putting up the big tree this year because of the boys. Winston has been here about 2 months, and he and Finnegan run & wrestle all of the time. They grab toys and tug at them. Mom is afraid that while she's at work they'd tug at the tree or think it's that new fangled indoor plumbing. She hoping next year they're calmer. I don't know why Santa Paws would leave them anything since they're such Terrieristas! But mom says it's cuz they're boys!!! She grew up with all boys so she knows what I'm going through. Molly & I play a little then go about our beauty sleep & walks without them! Anyway, back to Christmas - mom says she's hoping that no one gets up onto the table and gets the table top tree. When we were getting our photos taken, we used the dining room table. Finnegan hopped up right onto the table to get Winston's treats - OY VEY!!! BOYS!!!

It certainly is a lively time of year around here. Our Annie Angel stops in occasionally just to give mom a little love. Christmas was always a special time for the 3 of us.

Our Schnauzers Rule group is just hopping these days. Lots of new members. New look to our page with all of the holiday photos. We have a Christmas logo that Charley & Fritz's dad designed! A Dear Santa Paws letter contest with some cool prizes that Maddie's mom makes. Samson is trying to keep us updated with all of the new in the Schnauzer Scoop which we need cuz we're so yappy! And we're trying to put together a recap of the year to share in the new year. Maddie's mom is making membership cards. WOW - so busy!!!

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, or just some peace and quiet!!!





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