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A Day In The Life Of A Pug.

Big Mean Snakes Brother.

August 13th 2007 12:19 pm
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I guess the big yellow snake was scared away by me, Pudge the big bad watch dog, so he sent his brother who is a big long black snake with a yellow stripe. He was waiting in the grass by the kitchen window. Momma says she is gonna have to see if there is a exterminator for snakes. I told her I was brave and would get them, but she says no, so I guess I will let her have the snake man come. I isn't afraid of no snake. PUDGE


Big Mean Yellow Snake

August 11th 2007 2:36 pm
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Last week Momma went outside to water her flowers and I went out to play. She turned the hose on and was spraying the grass near the hose waiting for the water to get cold. All of a sudden this big ol snake jumped way up in the air and tried to bite Momma. He had his mouth wide open and had big fangs. Momma screamed and jumped out of his way, so he didn't get her. He went right back down in the grass and disappeared. Momma grabbed a shovel and looked for him but he had run off. He was about two or three foot long, about as round as the hose and was bright yellow with a bright orange stripe running down the length of him. We had never seen a snake like that before. Momma was so scared. I let her handle it cuz she looked like she had control of the situation. I could have grabbed him, shook him around and tore him into pieces, but she looked like she was handling it. This big brave Pug will get him if he comes back, unless Momma wants to.


My doggie Daddy Prairie Pudge

June 3rd 2007 6:36 pm
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Today we found out that my real doggie daddy Prairie Pudge went to the Rainbow Bridge. It is sad, but he can play with lots of puggies and other doggies now. My momma Jill still lives in Broadview Montana about 3 hours from me. She is retired now, and so she doesn't have puppies any more. There are pictures of them on my page. Bye Daddy Pudge


Day in the park with the mean swans.

April 14th 2007 12:34 pm
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Today my hooman brother Jesse, my hooman sister Jenny and Jesse's girlyfriend Laura took me and my lab brother Bailey jake into town to Gibson Park It is a big park, with a huge pond in the middle full of ducks, geese, and mean swans. I just wanted to see what those ducks and geese smelled like and if they tasted good, so I wandered on over for a sniff and a taste. They kept flying away from me, so i spotted a big tasty looking white one(mean swan). I wandered on up, and she turned on me and started chasing me real fast and making this real scary hissy noise. I was so scared and tried to run, but I tripped and she bit my curly tail. I screamed and she ran off. The hoomans laughed and thought it was funny, but me and the momma didn't. My tail is okay, thank goodness. Thats my pride and joy. Momma calls it my cinnybun. It is sore and a little swollen. I isn't going back to that park no more. Bad Swan!! I think someone should BQ her for dinner. Love Pudge


Pig Ears, and Cow Hoofs

February 11th 2007 8:17 am
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My human brother Jesse, and his girlfriend Laura went to Pet Co, and brought me and Bailey jake back a pig ear and hoof each. When the momma saw this, she said oh no, those things are gross, and they stink so bad. What's she talking about, they are yummy and smell good to me. For three days we have been munching away, and the momma is not pleased. She said if it wasn't for the deep snow, we would have them outside. She caught me on the couch with the pig ear this morning, and I didn't understand the words she said, but I had to get down. The last straw was when I jumped up on her lap, and out came a really bad stinky(been going on for days). She said, thats it, the pig ears are history. She put us outside, and when I came in, I looked for my piggie ear, but can't find it. Hey Bailey Jake did you eat it? xoxo Pudge Anydoggie got any spare pig ears? Don't tell the momma though.


Bad Pug

January 16th 2007 7:58 am
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Today I got into trouble . This morning dad opened up a strip of beef jerky(um I can smell it now), and he gave me and Bailey Jake a little piece each, and then set it on the table next to his recliner. Awhile later, I was taking a nap, and when I woke up, no one was in the living room. I stretched, and looked around, wondering where everyone was. Then I heard a little voice saying Pudge, Pudge, look over here. I looked around and it was the beef jerky just calling my name. It said, come on over, and have a little bite, you know you want to. I just couldn't resist. I slowly got up on the recliner, and had a good look around, and still no one. I put my front paws on the table, and reached for it, and the lamp flipped, and everything else on the table hit the ground. I did get the jerky. No one came in the room, so I huried up and had my snack. So Gooood. Then I went to look for the family. As I was in the back of the house, I heard my mom yell, and she was mad. She yelled,Pudge. How did she know it was me? It could have been Bailey Jake, but I guess he was outside. I tried to look innocent and give her kisses, but she told me Bad Boy, and put me outside. Later it was Okay though, because she let me in, and gave me a kiss and told me she loved me. I guess I'm not a Bad Pug after all.


Sad Day

January 11th 2007 7:03 pm
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Today was a real sad day for me and my brother, Bailey Jake. When we go outside to play, we always make the rounds of the fence , and stop to visit all our neighbor dogs and have a chat. Our neighbor dog Trixie hasn't been out in quite awhile , so we were quite worried about her, and missed her alot. My Dad went out today, and was talking to Trixie's dad. Trixie passed away. My poor little heart is broken. Trixie was 14 years old. She just got old and went to the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss her terribly. Good Bye Trixie, my dear friend. We will never forget you. Love Pudge and Bailey Jake. My mom is real sad too, and she said God Bless you, and To Rest In Peace.


It's Snowing

January 6th 2007 1:54 pm
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I am so excited to have my dog site up and going. Mom showed me all my pet pals, and my cinamon bun (that's what mom calls my tail) shook so much. There are some pretty girls on there. I went outside a little while ago, and IT'S SNOWING!!! I am so happy. When mom read in the book she got on Pugs, it said we don't like cold or hot weather, but maybe I'm the odd pug. I love the snow. I go out and roll in it , run in circles, and make snow puggie angels. I also like the hot weather. I go outside and sit on the patio swing and sun bath. Mom isn't so thrilled with the snow when she has to drive in it, but other wise she likes it. Mom says this week it's suppose to be -15 degrees. She keeps talking about getting me a sweater, and snow boots, but I don't think so.

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